Things my grandparents used to say

Every time the clock in my house chimes, I’m reminded of the many, many days and nights I spent at Mom-Mom and Pop’s house on South Mulberry Street in Monticello, Florida. It’s because the clock that chimed for decades in their family room is the very same exact clock keeping the wrong time, but chiming faithfully on the hour, in my family room. I can still recall the smell and it makes me miss my childhood, miss my grandparents, but I don’t want to go down that road right now. I’ll get all sentimental and…

my dogs might see their dad trying not to cry. 

But my grandparents, all four of them, used to say the darnedest things. These phrases are a great example of generational differences and trends in communication, and I’m so happy I still can remember a few of them.

Turn it loose …let go of whatever you’re holding on to.

Stop cutting up at the table …when rambunctious grandkids getting carried away at dinner needed to be reigned back in.

Going steady …means you have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Miam-uh …as in Miami, Florida.

That’s just a small sampling of the fun little language nuggets they left behind. I’ll keep posting as phrases come to mind. Both my mom’s parents and my dad’s parents were legendary and I think about them every day! I actually intended this post to be funny, but thinking about these classic lines and phrases has made me nostalgic and wish that I could hear their voices again. What’s cool, though? Some days I do hear their voices as if they’re still in the room. I’m thankful they were around so much that each of their voices still sounds familiar, even when it’s only in my head.

-Out of the Wilderness

What’s your favorite song right now?

jbIt’s a question I often ask myself and to be honest, I don’t know if I currently have a favorite. Let’s take a look at the Billboard Hot 100. The chart lists these as the top 5…

1. Hello Adele
2. Sorry Justin Bieber
3. Hotline Bling Drake
4. The Hills The Weeknd
5. What Do You Mean? Justin Bieber

I guess if I had to pick a song or be tickled for 30 seconds, I’d pick a song. And it would be this one.

Now it’s your turn! Is your favorite song in this poll? If so, vote for it. You can also leave me a comment below. Happy listening! 

-Out of the Wilderness

More about the guy in Adele’s video for “Hello”

By now you’ve heard Adele’s latest song “Hello.” That is, unless you’re not one of the millions who helped it break the record for fastest selling single of all time! And if you’ve seen the video, you might be wondering who the lead character is. Wonder no more! Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.47.51 AMHe’s Mack Wilds (Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is his full name). He got his start in entertainment on the show The Wire but might best be known from his role as Dixon Wilson on The CW’s 9021090210This guy does it all; acts, writes and produces music, performs, however he does not eat cheese (thanks, IMDB trivia!). Must be tough as a native New Yorker with all the pizza there. Might I recommend Daiya vegan cheese? Yum yum!

With all the positive comments I’ve seen about Mack, it’s not surprising Adele would call on him for her latest video. Look for him showing up more and more in music videos, on TV, and on your radio!
MackWilds2 Mack Wilds1-Out of the Wilderness

Can animals sin?

Cute little chipmunks. Big bad bears. Loyal dogs. Playful dolphins.jumping-dolphins-WallpaperDo creatures like these have the ability to sin? I’m not sure why the question popped into my mind yesterday while I was hand-washing dishes. I believe people are born sinners, and God provided a way out because this sin needs to be accounted for. I also believe Jesus was/is the only person who never sinned, but what about animals? I don’t think they even have the ability to sin, which is weird to think about. I take that back, if any animal knows how to sin, it would be my neighbor’s outdoor cat! She teases my dogs almost daily!

All this to say, maybe it’s true… all dogs go to Heaven!

-Out of the Wilderness

This one time, I was a train conductor

As some of you already know, I sometimes write about my dreams (for example, this one or this one). Well, last night was a fun one! I was a train conductor. Chooooo chooooo!
train conductorToo bad it wasn’t a soul train.
soul trainIt was a real train, full of passengers, and I was driving it. But when I took breaks, another driver took over… it was Fred Savage. Of course it was.
fred savageHe did a great job. There were even a couple of old, scary, wood bridges over bodies of water and I remember praying out loud for survival.

I have no idea what this dream could mean! But I definitely woke up relieved it wasn’t real, although hanging out with Fred Savage would probably be pretty cool.

-Out of the Wilderness

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a gift to comedians everywhere

It’s like the perfect storm of random elements coming together at just the right time for comedians. There’s an NFL football player named Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. haha1

And of course, there’s Hillary Clinton who’s running for president. A lot of jokes come from the fact that Ha Ha’s last name is Clinton-Dix, and Hillary is wife to Bill, who had an affair when he was president. So he’s somewhat seen as a ladies man, at least to comedians like Jimmy Fallon. So combining these two elements is almost too easy. 
And here’s another from Key & Peele, playing on the odd names we see in the NFL, even A.A. Ron Rodgers.
-Out of the Wilderness

The Reawakening: Part 13

What do you do?

I’ve heard that question a lot lately and I’m still becoming comfortable with the answer.

I work from home.

Isn’t that type of work reserved for traveling salesmen? Highly sought after consultants? Website designers? Stay-at-home moms or dads, like Joel on Parenthood?

Joel, the stay-at-home dad on Parenthood.

Joel and Julia Braverman, with daughter Sydney.

I don’t fit into those categories at all, and yet, here I am sitting at my computer, working on a movie trailer and coming up with ideas on how to market my book.

It’s pretty cool knowing everything that happens each day is very much a direct result of being laid off back in March. If I were still at that job I most likely wouldn’t have pursued the book thing, I wouldn’t be dog sitting, I might still be editing the trailer, but I for sure wouldn’t have been able to go to Missouri with my brother and nephew (more here and here), or go on a trip here with 2 of my nieces, or been thinking about all the possibilities ahead of me! Of course, failing is also a possibility. Just ask my fantasy football team. I have one win and six losses. It sickens me.

I have Julio Jones, how am I losing every game? 

I don’t mean to get off topic, but come on, man! When I lose to a team named “I’m Josh Gwoban” who had about 35 players on bye-week, there’s a problem. Ok, ok, I’m over it. There’s always next year.

The journey to a new and interesting future continues, thanks for reading!

-Out of the Wilderness