The blue and black dress that might be white and gold

It’s so interesting how the dress has taken the internet by storm. The nation was divided on whether the dress is a combo of blue and black, or white and gold. Yet, I haven’t come across any article or comment to offer up blue and gold, which is what I see. Take a look.

via swiked on Tumblr

via swiked on Tumblr

This article breaks down the arguments quite well, when the reality is that it’s probably just a poorly-taken photo. Maybe the dress was under a yellow canopy, giving the black a golden hue. Whether everyone just needs to agree to disagree or not, I think we can all agree this guy will soon be saying what they said on Arrested Development all the time, “I think I made a mistake.” Yeah, that’s a tattoo.
tattoo-Out of the Wilderness

Fun facts about the Nate Ruess song Nothing Without Love

I’m so happy about the music I’m hearing this year already. First it was “Uptown Funk” (technically released last year but that’s ok), and now a new song from Nate Ruess (that unmistakable voice you remember from the band Fun.). The band is currently on a hiatus while they each pursue solo projects, and Nate hits a home run with his first nate-ruess-single-cover-artsingle “Nothing Without Love.” The video is great, too. Music videos are a risky business because people listening to the song have already formed images in their mind for what the song means to them. So when an artist makes a video, they run the risk of creating something the listener doesn’t enjoy, and possibly making the song less likable. But in this case, the video makes the song better, and that’s a major win for any artist. Check it out! I also uncovered some fun facts about the song and video:
1. features background vocals by Lykke Li and riffs from Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.
2. the lyrics are about what was going on with his life at the time, specifically his relationship with designer Charlotte Ronson.
3. Reportedly the road he’s on is the same road part of the movie “Her” was shot.
4. The water tank he’s swimming in was also used for scenes in Titanic. Nate said, “It was freezing, and after 4 hours in there, I too was about to sink.” I guess he needs a huge door to float on, too.
5. The girl in the video is actress/model Frankie Stone.

Rihanna and Mark Ronson, wilding to the top of the charts

Two of the top 5 songs on the iTunes list of top sellers are Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” The most curious link between the two songs is the use of the word “wilding.” Most sites list Ronson’s lyrics as “whilen” and Rihanna’s as “wilding” but based on the Urban Dictionary definition of “whilen”:

1) to express erratic behavior
2) to act outside of societies normal behavioral standard

And the definition of “wilding”:
the practice by a group of youths of going on a random spree of violent criminal activity

I’m gonna go ahead and assume they’re both referring to the act of wilding. Now, this has been around since 1989 after the Central Park 5 were arrested in New York City. Evidently some teens were out wilding and it got them into trouble. Like, years in prison trouble. The group of teens, now adults, were released from prison after some other guy confessed to the crime. So their convictions were vacated, which basically is another way of the city saying, oops. But since a documentary was made a few years ago about the trial and convictions, wilding has become a thing. No surprise it’s now used in music as a way to say, I’m about to get my crazy on.

-Out of the Wilderness

What’s up with Michelle Pfeiffer in a couple of new songs

You ask why, I ask why not Michelle Pfeiffer? She’s becoming to music what Betty White was to TV and movies a few years back. Michelle’s name is in two popular songs and at first I was going to write this fantastic piece about the why’s and the who’s but USA Today already did it here.

The songs are Vance Joy’s “Riptide” and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” And every time I hear her name mentioned I think of her as the kick-butt Marine in Dangerous Minds. What’s your Pfeiffer favorite? Comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness

Pictures of the ice in Nashville 2/17/15

It’s so icy outside, I could barely even walk my dogs down the street without falling down. If only I had 4 legs, too! On the way back I noticed beautiful icicles in a nearby tree. Then of course, a few pictures of my icy-eyed dog. I would have pictures of my beagle, too, but she was off exploring with her nose.