About trying to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about applying to be a contestant on a game show. I have another post about considering an appearance on Wipeout, but I have yet to apply to compete on that show. So that would make this application video the first of it’s kind in my world.

I would absolutely love to step up to the wheel and try my best to solve puzzles! Why? Because I try to do it already on weeknights at 630pm… why not try to do it for real! So I sent this video in with my application a few days ago, and at this point I haven’t heard anything back. I read they receive over a million applications in a year, or something like that, so I know my chances of even being considered at all are slim. Trust me, I’m not holding my breath! But man, it would be so awesome to get on the show and use my amazing puzzle-solving superpower to win a Jeep. or a Nissan Versa Note. Or a trip to Hawaii. Or the show minimum, $1,000. ;)

-Out of the Wilderness