Follow up on my assault story

Trying to pick someone out from a police lineup is the ultimate game of memory. Remember memory? Turns out a game like that might actually help you later on if you’re ever in a scenario where you need to remember something or someone.

I sat with the police investigator and he showed me a page full of faces. Now, in my defense I only saw the person who pointed a gun at me for maybe 1 full second (for more details of this encounter, click here). But after all was said and done sitting at a small desk in a well-lit room, the official report will have “no ID” as the lineup results.

I’m mad at myself for not remembering better. I’m upset that the case might go nowhere. It bothers me that the person who did this might never be accountable for his actions.

But with all that said, I’m thankful for Scripture that promises “vengeance is the Lord’s.” I’m thankful the situation wasn’t worse. I’m thankful to learn from it.

-Out of the Wilderness

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