About Me, the Author

In the summer of 2015, I threw caution to the wind and began working on an idea for my first book. It was one of those ideas you sit on for a while, but are keeping in the back of your mind, know what I mean?

So, how did the idea come about? I guess I took a page right out of a Nashville songwriters handbook because the title of the book came to me out of the blue, much like song lyrics are hastily jotted down on a restaurant napkin. I thought the title might be good for something, but didn’t know much more about how or what because 1. I’ve never written a book, and 2. I was busy with the activities of work and living. But I believed, and still believe, Big and Small, God Made Them All has a place in this world, even as simple as the story may be.

Cover for GoodReadsKeith Urban once referred to his songs as his babies and now I know what he means. This book is something I’ve seen go from a random idea to an actual book I can hold in my hands and the entire process has connected me to the book on a deep level. I want it to be accepted, to help make people smile, to have children learn about a big God that is responsible for so much goodness we see every day, even in small things that might get overlooked sometimes. This book is my baby, and now I can proudly say that you can find it on the websites of Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon (clicking the links will take you right to the book).

More info is on my website, here!

-Out of the Wilderness