How you can win my almost brand new children’s book

I don’t normally cross promote between this blog and the one I use for my book stuff, but I’m just too excited not to right now. As some of you may know, I published my first children’s book last January. You can find it on Amazon here.

But today, this very day, I’m announcing my second book… The Brave Bamboo and well, the excitement level is just bubbling over, I can’t help it.
So to tag along with going public with The Brave Bamboo, I want you to have a chance to win the very first signed copy. Now, it won’t be out till early 2017 so for the entire month of this month, you can enter as many times as you want to the drawing which will be held the first week of January. All you gotta do is purchase my first book. See what I did there? Shameless promotion of both books!🙂 But in all seriousness, I value anyone and everyone that buys my book because hey, it’s your money and if you’re willing to take a chance on something creative I’ve done, well that just makes me so happy inside and out. It’s a big deal.

So for every one “Big and Small” book you buy, you get one entry to The Brave Bamboo signed copy drawing. Buy two books, get two entries. Three books, three entries… and so on. Feel free to comment with any questions and most of all, have a super Christmas season! Here’s the video promo about this…

-Out of the Wilderness

Something scary happened last week

No, this isn’t a post about the recent U.S. election. If you’re somehow still hungry for that sort of thing, just scroll your Facebook feed and you’ll be plenty satisfied.


photo from

This post won’t be as heavy as all your friends’ opinions on the impending doom/bright future of the United States. Not as heavy, but SO MUCH MORE SCARY.

Have you ever ventured out to an estate sale? If you haven’t, you must this very weekend. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll still be glad you went, once you get past the possibility that you might be BUYING A DEAD PERSON’S BELONGINGS.

Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

That’s not even the scary part! We’re getting there…

Estate sales can be full of entertainment, wonder, and insightful conversations. Chat it up with someone there, or the people running it, and they usually know a lot about your city, items you see in the house, or they somehow know your cousin. Funny how even big cities can feel like small towns sometimes.

Get to the point, man! OK, sorry, once I get to talkin’…

Over the years I’ve seen some extremely unique, eclectic items. The most recent that I picked up was this lamp.
1.jpgCool, right? But unfortunately, for every amazing discovery, there’s a frightening one. Now we get to the scary part!


Behold, exhibit A.
img_20161111_111234244.jpgNeed I say more? This was from a recent estate sale and no, I did not ask anything at all about it. I even tried to avoid eye contact.

I’m sure there’s a cute and harmless story about it and it’s not a Chucky-like doll that, when the night falls, turns into a freaky, big-foreheaded,chaps-wearing, plaid-shirted, killing machine.

Also, hey, you gotta share this post within 24 hours of reading it or else the doll will show up at your house TONIGHT!!!

-Out of the Wilderness

For old times’ sake

Florida is the state that holds the most memories I have of growing up, although I lived in a handful of other states as my dad followed orders in the Coast Guard. He was born and raised a small town outside of Tallahassee, Florida called Monticello. On summer vacations, we were shuttled between his parents house there and my mom’s parents house in Tallahassee. The best summers.

My grandparents house in Monticello had (and still has, as you see below) a white fence between the neighboring house. My sisters and brother and I saw it as an easy way to compete. So we walked up and down the fence many, many times.

I had the chance to swing by the old house last week when I was in Tallahassee visiting family and reading my book to a classroom full of kids, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to walk the fence again. Not quite as easy as it was back in the day, but I still managed. Glad the owner of the house didn’t think it was weird, or at least he didn’t say anything out loud🙂

Here’s to doing things for old times’ sake!

-Out of the Wilderness


Yes, it’s true. I have plantar fasciitis… again.

pfDeep breath. Sigh. Long sigh. I hope you’re sitting down like I am. The PF monster is back, and unlike the other PF, this is a “judgement full zone”! I’m hating on this diagnosis right now. Totally judging it.

It was a couple years ago when I first resolved my issue with plantar fasciitis. It required a doctors visit, custom orthotics, new shoes, and time. Actually, back then I thought whatever pain I was having in my heel (didn’t know it was PF at the time) would be with me for life. That was, until it got a name and then ultimately, a solution.

The doc said I had a couple choices… 1. the custom shaped insole, or 2. a steroid shot in the heel. I didn’t foresee the steroid shot being a good long term fix, so I went with choice #1. It worked!

But in the last couple weeks the pain came back. I’m sure it’s my own doing; I love being barefoot or wearing flip flops. And my arch is just too high for that, I guess. The thing is, I have the Turkey Bowl flag football tournament in about a month so getting my right foot back to 100% is a must.

I’m now on a mission to make things right. I recently picked up cushioned arch supports from Target. I’m swapping them in and out of whatever shoes I’m wearing at the time. I’m icing my foot (twice today). I have 1 more day of adult league sports, which will definitely be working against any progress. I’ll take it easy during my last soccer game, though.

I absolutely cannot have this PF be an issue for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday Turkey Bowl. I’ve played in the one day tournament for quite a few years, and it was 3 or 4 years ago that I tried playing with PF. I was ok the first game or two. But after that, I was hobbling around like the hunchback of Notre Dame. It was so painful.

I’ll post updates as tournament day approaches, until then feel free to leave comments with any home remedies that you’ve tried!

-Out of the Wilderness

If I had a superpower…

I wouldn’t wish to fly. I wouldn’t want to be invisible or have superhuman strength. Night vision, telepathy,immortality, and jumping really high would all be at the bottom of my list.
The superpower I’d want every fall season is to be able to predict the future. Can you imagine how my fantasy football season would go then!? I wouldn’t have 4 losses, I promise you that! I may allow 1 or 2 losses as to not draw attention to myself, you know, look like a regular team. But man, if I could only know the future, I wouldn’t have so much heartache every Monday morning… in the fall.

Here’s to a win in week 8!

-Out of the Wilderness