GEICO’s Lisa Loeb “Cracked Windshield” Ad – The Music, Outtakes, and More!

GEICO is running with the “auditions” ad campaign including Dick Vitale, Billy Blanks (click here for more on the Tae Bo ad), and now the music of Lisa Loebe. Check it out, then scroll down for more info!

GEICO has also shared the names of the cast…

Lisa Loeb: Herself
Casting Director Kari: Michole White
Casting Director Evan: Chris Aquilino
Camera Operator Kevin: Michael Strassner

The song Lisa Loeb sings is a variation of her song “Stay (I Missed You),” released in 1994. It reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and was part of the soundtrack for the movie Reality Bites. The music video was directed by Ethan Hawke.

Lisa recently celebrated a birthday, March 11th. She also loves cats, as shown in her Twitter bio: “Hi. I’m a singer/songwriter who loves food & cats.” More evidence… her music video (above) opens with a cat. And did you notice her guitar strap in the GEICO ad?

Outtakes! Who doesn’t love outtakes? Here are the bloopers from this ad…

These ads are directed by Randy Krallman, who I found out directed one of my favorite GEICO commercials, titled “Captain.”

Randy Krallman also did the voice for the E*Trade talking baby ads.

Be sure to follow these fine folks on their social channels…

Lisa Loeb Twitter and Instagram

GEICO Twitter

Randy Krallman director website

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Music from Big Sky episode 15 – Air Date 5/11/2021

Welcome Big Sky fans! If you’re here, you must’ve seen the most recent episode of Big Sky on ABC. Montana’s best/worst villain Ronald is back and better/worse than ever! His crimes are unravelling yet again and it looks as though his girlfriend Scarlet might be just as warped as he is.

But Ronald drama aside, the music in this episode appeared at the end, just like the music in episode 14. Tension builds as Jerrie and Marshal Mark Lindor are closing in on Ronald and Scarlet, a great scene paired with Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”. Listen to the full track below.

Do you like where the story is going with Ronald? How about with the Kleinsasser family? Chime in below and thanks for stopping by!

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Goose Eggs Update!

I got a text from my friend who lives next to the geese I’ve been writing about, and here is what she said… in all caps, so you know it’s important:

That’s right, some of the eggs have hatched!! Two, to be exact. I quickly biked over with my camera because I just had to get some shots of the day-old gosling*. The little family didn’t disappoint. Mom and Dad were still very protective, and baby was as adorable as could be. Here are a few pictures from my visit.

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*we only located one of the goslings, although two eggs hatched. We suspect one might have been in danger from a predator*

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OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together” Basketball Ad – the music, the foul, and more!

Oreo has a new ad out featuring two young men playing basketball. The smaller baller delivers an elbow to the face of his opponent, and, well, see what happens next in the ad…

I will include a higher quality video of the commercial once Oreo uploads. For now, here is some fun info…

The Music. The ad features the first 10 seconds of a song called “Rise” by Gift of Gab. The song was released in 2012. Check out the full track below.

The bruised brother. The older kid who gets a black eye is Arlo Buchanan. He’s an actor with a few notable credits to his young career. Click here for more of his bio.

The shot. Some might be wondering, like I was, did the shot go in? Based on a breakdown of a still shot, my assessment is that the shot did not go in. I repeat, the shot did NOT go in.

The foul. In league play, who would get penalized with the foul? In my experience and with a little research, I would say this was unintentional so no foul called. If there is a foul, it would go against the shooter for leading with the elbow.

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The Fierce Mother Goose

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been posting about a nest of goose eggs. While I haven’t been there every day, when I do go I’m fascinated to see how much the mother and father of the four eggs are so protective over the unborn goslings. So on this Mother’s Day, while I could write about the best human mom I’ve ever known (mine, of course!), I think it would be unfair to you all to brag and rub it in. 🙂

So with that in mind, here’s the best goose mom (and dad) I’ve ever seen.

*Looking for songs with Mom or Mama in the title, click here*