Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? 

Alec Baldwin’s life (and possibly his career) will never be the same after that tragic death of a crew member on set of a film in which he was star and producer. Alec was holding a prop gun that fired and killed the cinematographer. Although the FBI has concluded that the trigger was pulled, Alec claimed that he never pulled the trigger. With no disrespect to the woman who died, I have a question. 

Why hasn’t the liberal left jumped on this? I mean, Dems (not all, but most) are quick to blame guns when a school shooting happens, so wouldn’t they be pleased as punch that Alec’s case is this the first where the gun actually pulled its own trigger? They should be having a field day blasting gun manufacturers while no one on the conservative right can say “guns don’t shoot themselves!” Well, partner, yes they do! At least, according to Alec Baldwin. 

Or could it be true that the FBI’s findings (which any logical person could’ve determined) are accurate? I’ve actually never heard of a gun going off by its own free will. Well, except I have an irrational fear (because of movies, I guess) that when a gun is dropped it’s probably definitely gonna go off. I was also in a car accident at the age of 13 and I desperately and hastily got out because I was sure the car was going to blow up. Thanks a lot Hollywood movies! 

But back to Mr. Baldwin’s gun. If it went off on it’s own, that’s either a terrible job by the prop master / firearms expert or the best weapon, pardon the reference, a Democrat can use in their fight for gun control. 

What do you think? Is Alec just trying to cover his own butt for the possible court case where he has to defend himself against a manslaughter charge? Or did the gun go off without the trigger being pulled? Chime in below. 

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Because of drug use, can Anne Heche’s organs still be donated?

Among all the questions from Anne Heche’s car crash last week (like is there a conspiracy? and did she try to get off the stretcher?) was one regarding her designation as an organ donor. First of all, signing up to donate your organs is a great and thoughtful thing for someone to think about in the event of his or her death.

“How can I do some good in the world even when I’m not here?”

“Can someone benefit from the body I leave behind?”

These are unselfish questions so we should all remember that about Ms. Heche. She made sure that one of her last wishes was to help others. Moving right along, the question that arose for me is this: Can someone who is apparently on drugs still donate their organs?

Well, the simple answer is yes. If doctors weren’t able to use her organs then she wouldn’t have been kept on life support for the handful of days after she was declared brain dead. As for which organs, that’s something I don’t know specifically but in a few articles (for example here and here), it’s stated that organs from a person who died of an overdose (or they had an addiction) were just about as functional in the recipient as organs from someone who passed away in a different way (head injury, etc).

So apparently the cocaine that was reportedly in Anne’s system didn’t disqualify her from being a donor. Had she suffered from something like cancer or HIV, though, she couldn’t be a donor. Well, that just about clears it up for me! I read that the doctors found recipients for the various organs from Anne. This kind of raises up another question to ponder. If you were in need of an organ, how bad would it have to be for you to get over the fact that the organ you’re getting is from someone who had a drug addiction? It doesn’t seem to make a difference, but I think it would be something I wrestled with if I were in that situation.

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Anne Heche… is there more to the car crash story?

The details of Anne Heche’s final days have been unfolding daily, and if you’re like me, you might have some questions. For instance, why did she frantically sit up on the stretcher? Was she recently working on a human trafficking documentary? Is there a conspiracy going on? I’ve asked these same questions and come up with answers for each. Let’s start with the stretcher question first…

Why did she break out of a body bag on the stretcher?

First, check out the video of this bizarre moment and my initial reaction to it here. Everything I’ve seen and read so far is that with a serious accident (car crash, brain injury, burns, etc) the body can do some funky things. It’s about adrenaline, perhaps an extreme fight or flight reaction. She had such severe injuries that what was happening seemed almost involuntary… just a biological and natural response to a traumatic event. I also read that with the type of head injury and smoke inhalation she suffered, it would take hours or days for the symptoms to show up. In her case, brain swelling and a coma that set in hours after the accident. So she very well could have been somewhat coherent (relatively speaking) for a short time after the car accident. Also, comments have pointed out that she wasn’t in a body bag, but more likely covered in a type of burn blanket. That is consistent with reports about her suffering burns from the car and house catching on fire.

Folks have asked why the firefighters were so quick to shove her into the ambulance, and were they acting suspiciously?

My best guess is that the first responders have dealt with people that are “out of their mind” after such a catastrophic event and weren’t surprised nor deterred in carrying out their jobs as firefighters/EMS. They probably knew the best care she’d get would be in the ambulance and at a hospital so their top priority was to get the person to the hospital as quickly as possibly, no matter how the person was reacting or behaving. After all, if this ISN’T a conspiracy, I doubt they’d even know the person they were rescuing was famous, much less who the famous person was in the moment.

So is it a conspiracy? Was more going on that we don’t know about? My answer to this addresses her involvement in a human trafficking documentary and related conspiracies. The truth is this: Yes, she was working on a story about human trafficking (a movie, not a documentary) set to premiere on Lifetime later in 2022. According to this article, they’re done shooting and the movie has a green light to move forward as planned in spite of Anne passing away. Her involvement in the movie and the public’s heightened concern about sex trafficking (because of the Jeffery Epstein case, most likely) has people wondering if her death might have been part of something bigger related to human/sex trafficking. I’m just a blog writer so I honestly have no idea except to say that I hope the well-known phrase proves true… “the truth always comes out.” So was she being chased? Is that why she was driving so fast through the neighborhood? I think we’ll know more as time passes. But based on the Ring doorbell video clip, I don’t think she was being chased. Otherwise there would have been a second car showing up in the video after she zoomed by… right? 

My conclusion is based on a glass half full mindset: It was a tragic accident that took the life of a woman who had a tough life, but made the best of it in the best way she knew how. Maybe I’m just naive, but I don’t suspect foul play or that conspiracies will bring to light any other truth besides her being caught up in unhealthy things and for a brief moment those things got the best of her and brought her life to an untimely end.

Please share your thoughts below. What do you think happened and are we being told everything about this story? 

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Anne Heche tries to get off stretcher?

I’ve been fascinated by the Anne Heche car accident situation. First of all, it’s just so sad. She was in a wig shop earlier in the day and by the day’s end, she’s gone. Or to be more factually accurate, almost gone. She was declared brain dead a few days later but being kept alive for possible organ donation (can someone with a drug addiction be an organ donor?). I watched a video of her speeding through a neighborhood, recorded on a Ring doorbell camera.

And then there’s the helicopter footage capturing the confusion mixed with the work of the EMS and firefighters. The house she crashed into is mostly obscured by trees but soon the paramedics emerge with a body on a stretcher. Obviously at this point in the story no one (or at least just a handful) knew it was Anne, especially those in the helicopter (why the narrator says “he” instead of “she”). It’s like a scene from an action movie, so there’s the fact that most of us are desensitized to this horrific type of situation. But then my heart rate immediately went up when the person laying on the stretcher being rushed into the ambulance pops up dramatically. Here’s the helicopter video…

I was creeped out the first time seeing this. Now, after a few days of processing and watching it again (and reading many comments about it), I think she’s in pain. She sits up and reaches to her legs/feet, possibly because they’re hurting. The response, as stated by some comments on YouTube, etc, is a biological reaction to a traumatic event. Evidently this is common after major accidents and when drugs are involved, who knows how the body will react.

Side note: There was a YouTube comment addressing how trivial the situation is with Will Smith (and his apology to Chris Rock) in light of this much more serious situation and it dawned on me then… who cares about the Oscar drama from that childish slap? The comment was spot on. Also, there are Anne Heche conspiracy theorists popping up everywhere. More on that here.

Ok, so here are my closing thoughts about the Anne Heche car crash and death. Her final moments, especially the scene on the stretcher, will stick with me for awhile. We aren’t promised tomorrow and every day I’m alive, that fact sinks in more and more.

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Kia Commercial – The Bear, The Eagle, and the Music

Wasn’t Kia a brand that people used as the butt of jokes about 10-15 years ago? I swear they were but look how far they’ve come, at least in regards to their style. The fleet of vehicles they’re manufacturing is simply beautiful and the Kia Sorrento fits right in. Check out an ad with the SUV, a bear, and an eagle.

A breakdown. I’m not going to say the eagle ruined this guy’s fishing trip but it definitely stole the thrill of the hunt from him. And what did the bear contribute? A whole lotta nothin’! This guy was trying to get away for a few hours and now there’s one less fish to waste time catching. Soon enough he’ll have to go back to normal life so the big bird kinda stole some solitude from the guy, too.

Can we talk about the awkwardness that is sure to happen after the fish was dropped at the guy’s feet? The eagle and the bear are just sitting there staring. Now what? Do they join him while he’s fishing? Does he offer them a few bites of the fish? I’m sure they don’t hang out together often, this bear and eagle, so do they quietly go their separate ways? What’s this guy supposed to do now, say “thank you”? It’s not like the bear or eagle know English, anyway. I guess the ad is saying that KIA makes a good man. How, you might be asking? Well, it’s all about the music…

The Music. The soundtrack of this commercial is a song called “What Makes a Good Man?” by The Heavy. Here’s the full song…

The Heavy is an English band probably most well-known from their song “How You Like Me Now?”

Follow them on Instagram here: @theheavy and you can find more of their music on YouTube here.

Do you like the commercial from Kia? Have you ever notice their new logo isn’t perfectly designed? Chime in below…

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