Putting the RIP in RipStik

So this happened the other day. Right out of a scene from a horror film, right? It reminds me of Scream, or is it from I Know What You Did Last Summer? Either way, this poor RipStik never saw it coming. I take that back. He definitely saw it coming, but with wheels up, there wasn’t any way to roll outta there in time. #RIP

We performed CPR but it was too late. His mom the hoverboard and his dad the skateboard were both notified of his passing. A funeral was held where, in lieu of gifts, attendants were asked to donate ball bearings to ripstiks in need.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Publix’s Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!

At this point, can we all just admit Publix knows how to make commercials that pull every single heart string? They do it time and time again, like this one, that might be the cutest ad I’ve ever seen. Then they created original music for this Thanksgiving ad, it’s a beautiful song called “I Remember This.”

But let’s focus on Christmas, shall we? Here’s the heartwarming commercial airing this holiday season, called “The Attic.”

Who’s the actress? This adorably caring little girl is Wynter Glenn. She’s a young actress represented by Bartlett-Carter Talent Management. Although her acting resume is just beginning, she’s been in a couple of short films and could have a bright future if she sticks with it!

The creativity. The ad was created by by 22Squared, Inc. so a big kudos to them for putting tother a great Christmas spot.

The snowman. We don’t know much about why the snowman is stored in the attic, collecting dust for months and months. The only hint we get is when the neighbor, an older man, flips through a photo album. A picture garners our attention of a man and his daughter. Is it his daughter? Granddaughter? We don’t know exactly but there’s something tying that photo to the snowman. Perhaps it’s just that he became bitter and Scrooge-like until his Christmas spirit is once again awakened by the cookies left on his doorstep.

Publix knocks it out of the park again with this ad. A sweet moment reminding us to, as they say in the ad, “give someone a reason to believe.”

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-Out of the Wilderness

I always hurt you

I had a very vivid dream about an ex-girlfriend recently. This is the first dream I pinched myself, during the dream, specifically just to make sure it was real. It’s just so crazy to me how real dreams can be. She and I were standing in a parking garage and I thought to myself, “This must be a dream but I’m here. She’s here. This is real life.”

I was carrying an egg (because why not carry an egg, right?) and I said something about hearing that she got married. She responded with, “Not yet.” Then I went on to tell her how I feel about her and she responded positively. She didn’t want to marry the other guy and she wanted to be with me.

I thought to myself, “This is my partner for life!” We walked to the main road, out of the parking garage and she ran ahead. It was raining. To have some fun, I threw the egg on the ground in front of her so it was splatter and mix in with the puddles of water around her feet.

Catching up to her, I noticed she had a cut on her finger. It turns out that part of the egg shell broken from the impact on the ground hit and cut her finger. I was so apologetic and she said something like, “Dude, it’s ok.” I responded with, “I always hurt you.”

This had a deep meaning because flashing back to real life (not in the dream), our relationship was hindered by the way I treated her towards the end of it. So when I said the thing about hurting her, it wasn’t about the physical injury from the egg shell.

But she was fine and our future together was in the midst of a new beginning.

Then I woke up.

I guess today is one of those days where I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards. Because she’s married. I haven’t seen her in years. On the day I found out she was married, I laughed. It’s not how I thought I would’ve heard the news, but it was a funny moment between a friend and I over lunch.

Sometimes I wish I could just stay in those dreams a little longer, I guess.

-Out of the Wilderness

Home Depot’s Christmas commercial 2021 is quite jolly

If you come to my blog often, you know how much I enjoy writing about commercials. Typically what interests me is the music used as the soundtrack for the ads – like this one from L.L. Bean or this one from Chipotle. I haven’t written about Home Depot before. That is, until now. Check out their jolly hunt for Santa in this documentary/reality TV-style Christmas commercial.

Until the last 25 seconds, there isn’t music to speak of (except the accidental ringtone) and it’s interesting, too, that the song used is mostly associated with New Year’s Eve celebrations, not Christmas as much. It’s “Auld Lang Syne,” which is a great song, anyway.

Instead of music, I’ll mention a few things about the ad I found interesting.

The location. They reference their location in Fairbanks, Alaska. The address for this Home Depot is 1301 Old Steese Hwy, Fairbanks, AK 99701. On Google maps, it shows the store next to a Walmart and a Lowe’s. Nothing like competition right next door!

Is there a North Pole? Surprisingly, there is a place called North Pole, Alaska. However, the sign in the ad is a bit misleading. Why would it be facing away from the traffic taking the off ramp?

No comments. I wonder if the employees have to sign an NDA because none of them could confirm or deny that Santa shops at this store. Evidence might prove otherwise as the ad goes on to show a few things that sell well in December: reindeer feed, red paint, coal, and tiny gloves. Not to mention that one of the store managers gets a phone call from a suspiciously familiar-looking customer named Nick.

Genuine. The employees in this ad are real Home Depot employees. I think that authenticity really comes through. For a more in-depth look at the folks who came up with the ad and what they had to say about the production and the employees, check out this well-written Adweek article by Samantha Nelson.

Final Thoughts. This ad is great. The use of humor with the “office” style shooting and interviewing to the clever wrap-up (didn’t meet Santa but met people who know a thing or two about giving – the employees), the ad agency that created this ad ought to be proud. So show the Home Depot folks in Fairbanks. All around, it’s in my top 3 favorite holiday ads this season.

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-Out of the Wilderness

All the single lady(bugs)

A few days ago I wrote about ladybugs swarming around my travel trailer home. It was crazy! Here’s the backstory. Dying to get into my house, they were! I mean that metaphorically, of course! No ladybugs were harmed in the writing on that last post, even with me vacuuming them up.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You see, after they made it into the vacuum compartment, I safely released them back into the wild. You might call it my Free Willy moment.

Or one might think of me as a ladybug rescuer. Sure, all they wanted was to hang out with me, but they would get bored quickly so I returned them to the wild, where they’ll have a much better life!

You’re welcome, little spotted ones, you’re welcome!

-Out of the Wilderness