DoorDash Dash Pass Commercial – the Actor, the Hound, and the Music!

What do you get when you combine an adorable basset, a man hard at work, and the convenience of anytime deliveries? Besides a loyal hound, you’d have the elements of a great DoorDash ad. Take a look…

I mean, can you even resist the cuteness of that hound dog? We’ll get to him in a second but first…

The credits. The ad was put together by the folks at Martin Agency, who all deserve a treat and a belly scratch for this great commercial. OK, that would be completely inappropriate, but with this basset starring in the ad, I just couldn’t help myself. So who is this pup anyway? 

Ears for days. The dog in this ad is Roscoe. He is a basset hound, a breed known for their short legs and long ears. I have beagles (also in the hound family, also with big ears) and if you’ve ever had a hound, you know how lovable they can be, but also a bit stubborn, too. So for Roscoe to be such a delight to see on camera, I bet he is well-trained and a great pup.

Roscoe’s loyal companion aka the actor. Co-starring in this ad is actor Jayson Aaron. If all he did was perform as expected, I’d say he did a good job. But there was a moment in the ad where his ability to play the part was taken to a whole different level, making his performance not good, but great. It was in the first three seconds when he glances over at the framed pic of his dog. The way he offers a half smile as if to say, “Yeah, I miss you, too, buddy…” was just perfect. If you have a dog, you know this feeling. So Jayson obviously has a soft side, but if you Google him or check out these photos courtesy of his management, he’s got the tattoos to make you think there is more than meets the eye. Be sure to check him out on Instagram (@Jayson.Aaron), too.

Jayson did a great job as the ad wraps up with him arriving home to rejoin Roscoe the basset. I’m sure it was on purpose that DoorDash ends the ad with the happy reunion, reminding viewers that dogs often give us reassurance that all is right in the world.

The Music. This bluesy track was created exclusively for DoorDash by music house Squeak E Clean. Check out more of their original TV ad music here.

How do you feel about the ad? Does it warm your heart to see a hound dog being such a good boy at home, waiting patiently (and also diligently retrieving the packages, of course!)? 

Be sure to follow Jayson Aaron on his Instagram, and Twitter (@_jaysonaaron), and be on the lookout for him in future projects. If you see Roscoe around town (or any dog for that matter), give them a pat on the head and a belly rub if you can!

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Things that make you go hmmm…

Today’s post includes a few things that might make you glad you’re exactly where you are in life. We’ll start with a career that probably lists “give the overall impression that you’re sad” as a job requirement. Maybe it’s because you’ll have to wear some hideous outfits.

Looking so sad, I bet she got a bonus for this photo shoot!

Next is something I discovered while doing a clutter purge in my house. Do you ever find things you didn’t know you had a million of? For me, it was paper clips and safety pins.

Not quit a million, but why I collected these, I do not know. Because I bet it has been a decade since I’ve even thought about using them for anything.

The next one shocked me. I was making an Uber Eats delivery in a downtown Nashville condominium when I saw a reward posted on the wall.

How much is rent if they’re willing to give you $2,000 off the next month!? I just about fainted.

This last one is my friend’s awesome windshield shade. You think a thief’s going to break into a car with this group charming their way into the thief’s heart? Get outta here!

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The perfect sandwich

I don’t often write about food but felt it necessary today to document a lunch that I have enjoyed since childhood. Of course, there have been meals where I didn’t have this sandwich, but it has been my “go to” for decades. Why mess with the perfect combination, right?

Ingredients are as follows:

Peanut butter.



Need I say more? If you have a go-to lunch meal, share in the comments below and I will fight you if you say it’s better than pb&j!

-Out of the Wilderness

How many photos are saved on your phone?

I’m getting a new phone soon! That’s good news, right? It’s always fun to get a new piece of tech. The deal I got includes trading in my old phone, an LG Stylo 6. Also, side note, did you know LG isn’t making phones anymore? I was informed of this when I went in to get a Verizon jetpack (more on that here) and I was kind of shocked by the news. So basically my phone is going to become a relic. Maybe I should hold on to it to see if it gains some collectible value. But I can’t hold on to it because of the whole trade-in thing. So with that said, I need to go through and either delete or save all my photos! To be totally honest, I kind of enjoy tasks like that. Organizing, sorting, categories, I dig it. 

So now we get down to the serious question… be honest, how many photos are on your phone? I talked with a family member a few weeks ago who shared with me that there are over 10,000 photos on this person’s phone!! My jaw dropped. I don’t have quite that many, so sorting through them in the next couple of days is a goal I can accomplish. 

I’ve actually already started by tackling the smaller folders, like the photos from Instagram, downloads, etc. But today and tomorrow I am diving into the general photos folder, that includes cute pictures like this one. 

Actually, most of my pictures are of my dogs. I had to scroll way, way, way down to find one of myself. I guess I’m not a selfie guy… and I’m very OK with that! Of course, any pic of me is bad*ss, though.

I’m totally kidding about being a macho tough guy. Although I DO like this picture. The whole story is that this fish was so heavy and stubborn my brother in law had to help me. I just got burned out! But don’t tell anyone that part, mmmk?

OK, you’re turn… do you dare admit how many are on your phone? I dare you to share in the comments! 

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When a Facebook Marketplace deal feels more like a shady Craigslist deal

I’ve been selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace like the apocalypse is tomorrow. Everything from cameras to golf balls to yard tools, all of it has a price tag.

Most buyer interactions go fine. They really do. Except for that one guy who drove away cussing me out. That’s a whole other story! Those stories are very few and far between, though. The drama in this story started when someone reached out about an item I listed and wanted to come get it immediately. That’s fine with me, except that it was about 8pm. It just feels different when it’s dark out, don’t you think? I rarely give out my address when asked where I live so I wasn’t about to do that until this person was basically heading out their door (I give them a nearby address so they can at least know approximately where I am). In hindsight, I should have just met in a public place because it was getting late, really dark, and bad things happen in the dark. Anyway, it was a woman I had been conversing with on Facebook. She kept calling me buddy, which might have been the first red flag! She said she was on the way and sent her phone number. I sent my address and then the phone conversation happened. Second red flag, it wasn’t a woman on the phone, it was a man. Supposedly the woman’s boyfriend. He said he was a little over 20 minutes away. The item is one you plug in to power on, so I told him because of COVID that he can’t come in my house but I can plug it in and show him through the door that it works. He was fine with that.

Meanwhile, I had 20 minutes to mentally go through various potential scenarios for how this could go down. In that time, and I won’t get into specifics, but I was able to put a few safeguards in place to protect myself and keep the upper hand. One was clipped to my waistband. The other was a few steps away, and practically loaded. 

The gentleman showed up and I met him outside by the driveway. I met him as he got out of his car, which was a good way to size him up before he would have an opportunity to approach my door. We then went through the process of verifying that the item powers on. He stayed by the transparent storm door, but still got a little closer than I preferred. He was nice enough. The third red flag was that he asked a couple of questions that a pessimist would call invasive. It almost seemed as if he was curious about what else I had in the house, and that didn’t sit well with me. I envisioned what would happen if he made any sort of move towards me.  

In the end, there wasn’t any drama. I wouldn’t say it was “much ado about nothing,” but I’m glad he paid for the item and left without incident. Hindsight is 20/20 so looking back at it now, I could’ve, and should’ve, done a few things differently. I didn’t put myself in a good situation, and in fact, I willingly put myself in what could’ve been a bad situation.

Next time I won’t be meeting at my house and definitely not after sunset. I know there are plenty of good people out there, but why take chances and especially, why make it easy for them? I’ll chalk this up as a learning experience that I’m grateful for, especially that the red flags weren’t a sign of actual danger.

Have you had any experiences like this? How did you handle it and what did you learn from it? Comment below and thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness