There are more than 2 genders

In college, taking a public speaking class was required and believe you me, I dreaded it. I haven’t really ever felt comfortable with the attention that goes along with speaking in public to a large crowd or any crowd.

This class was not one I enjoyed especially towards the end of the semester. Our last speech was to be written in favor of something most people would disagree with. This was around 2001 and I’m sure I could’ve picked the topic, “There are more than two genders.” The thought never crossed my mind because in 2001, it was a non-issue. Among my friends and the few adults I knew at the time, I can’t remember one conversation about the possibility there is more than male and female. If I gave this speech, it would have DEFINITELY been me defending an unpopular opinion.

My, my, how quickly things have changed. In that same class in 2021, I am venturing to say that if a student were to pick an unpopular opinion in order to defend it in a speech, it would be the exact opposite of the speech two decades earlier…

“There are only two genders.” This title alone would spark much debate and would have support of less than half the class, I have no doubt.

What has changed since 2001? Are we so enlightened in 2021 that the archaic belief of a two-gender existence is simply shrugged off as lunacy? It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the way this particular subject has spiraled into all sorts of controversy. I may be in the minority, at least according to the loudest social justice warriors out there, but I still believe there are only two genders… male and female. We were designed to be together in order to preserve the species. Having more than two just seems excessive and if there’s anything we know about animals in the wild, they aren’t excessive. Overall, it’s about survival and that’s pretty much it.

Of course, we aren’t just animals in the wild, but I use that characterization loosely to ask this: why are we, as humans, acting any differently than any other creature in the made world? Is it for attention? Are we full of ourselves, just a little bit? Are there actually more than two genders, a discovery we didn’t find until after 2001?

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-Out of the Wilderness

Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!

Nissan began making the Kicks back in 2018, replacing the Juke. Right off the bat I loved the way this SUV looked on the outside. Something about it is fun, sporty, and stylishly original. Take a look at a new ad from Nissan showing off the “Limitless Possibilities” of the 2021 Kicks.

The music… featured is the song “Fabulous” by a band called C.U.T. but good luck finding out anything about the band. Searching “Fabulous cut” will only draw up websites about hairstyles. The good news? You can find them on Spotify here (Spotify will open when you click).

Check out the full track below.

Location, location, location. In part of the ad, you can see the store signs for Social Study and Shorthand. These businesses are located in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA. Address for Shorthand is 5030 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Social Study is 5028 York Blvd.

Next location is Spring Tower Lofts, located in Los Angeles as well. Address is 637 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Also notice the mural on the wall, to the right of Spring Tower Lofts. Here is a list of various LA murals, including the one above.

The dog is a standard poodle. Large, aren’t they?

Watching the ad over and over, and paying attention to every frame, gave me a new appreciation for the details. It reminds me a lot of JAIN music videos. Watch it again and notice how the buildings move, the ground moves, color changes, the sunlight shifts in the very first scene. Really cool, and great attention to detail in the editing. Here is an example of the same attention paid in a JAIN music video.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Airbnb “Forever Young” TV Ad

Airbnb has released a series of ads showing off their “Hosts” offering for overnight stays. They’ve had one using the great Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” and another with “Landslide”. Below is Airbnb’s ad featuring a song you may recognize, check it out…

The background… Airbnb shares the story of the folks featured in this ad:

“Adraint was finishing up his bachelors degree and wanted to take a trip with the friends he’d got to know throughout college as one last experience together before they went their separate ways. The group went to Cynthia’s The River Lodge in Wimberley, Texas, USA for kayaking, fun and a weekend to remember long after graduating.”

The music. This song was written and recorded by Alphaville, however the version used in the ad is performed by a band called Firewoodisland. Here is their full version of the song, followed by Alphaville’s recording.

I like your sleeves. They’re real big. Am I the only one that will forever associate this song with Napoleon Dynamite? The dance scenes with Napoleon and Deb are just so memorable I guess. 🙂

What do you think of Airbnb’s series of ads using music that can be so touching and evoke sentimental emotions? Is it working as an ad campaign? Chime in below!

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-Out of the Wilderness

Picking up other people’s litter and giving it back to them

I’ll be the first to admit I can be annoying. The other day it was on display as I did this… (and yes, I have a dash cam, I love it!)

There are probably multiple reasons I did this, but for sure one is because I can’t stand when people are lazy especially when it results in litter. Don’t even get me started on cigarettes tossed out of car windows. <insert VERY annoyed emoji>

Today’s American society is so volatile. I have toned down how I react to bad drivers (like this one or this story where a guy pointed a gun at me), but in an instance like the one above in the McDonald’s drive-through, a cooler head might have been a better idea for me. I could’ve just picked up the litter and tossed it into a can myself. So I’m thankful this encounter didn’t end badly, and maybe the silver lining is that this guy won’t litter again. I know that’s probably just wishful thinking but I rather be wishful than what I am most of the time– cynical about others laziness.

Be a good sport and keep your area clean, please! If everyone was lazy like this guy, our beautiful world will just turn into a smelly trash heap.

-Out of the Wilderness