Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I remember deciding a while back that I’m neither a morning person or a night owl. Now, though, from years of having to wake up for a 9 to 5 job, my body pretty much wakes up around 7am every day no matter what. How unfortunate! I still don’t consider myself a morning person but then you’d think that makes me a night owl. Well, maybe in my 20s, sure. Possibly in my 30s too, but now in my 40s I’m pretty much OK if I’m in bed before 10pm. When I was a teenager and in my 20s, I didn’t know old people didn’t give a hoot! I kinda like not giving a hoot.

I had a friend many years ago and even though he was in his 20s, when our group of friends would hang out, at a certain hour of the late evening he’d always say something like, “I”m fading.” Back then, I’d never admit it (even if I was getting very sleepy) so I admired him for telling the truth. But like I said, now in my 40s I turn things down somewhat often if they haven’t started or been going since 9 or 930.

So how about you? If you had to pick staying up till midnight every day for the rest of your life but you can sleep till 9, or you can go to bed at 9 but have to wake up at 6 every day, which would you choose?

I also heard there’s a certain age when a person starts caring about bird-watching. People in their 20s don’t notice birds like people in their 40s and beyond. It’s true for me, too. Two decades ago I couldn’t even tell you there were different types of woodpeckers. Now I get all giggly when I see a pileated woodpecker and a red-headed woodpecker on the same day!

See you again tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness

The Bud Light “On Hold” Commercial – The Music and More

Bud Light has an ad that will definitely endear us to actor Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh…. not to mention the cutest little French bull dog named Bugsy. Take a look then scroll down for more info about the music and the commercial.

The Music. We’ve all been put on hold and what a dreadful time it is to be waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But this elevator music, as some might call it, is a song called “Opus No. 1” by Tim Carleton. Put your phone down or step away from your computer to dance to the full track below!

The Pup. In this Today article, Miles shares a funny moment from the commercial shoot with Bugsy. “They’re trying to give me directions to get Bugsy (to do things) and I was like, this is not ‘Air Bud.’ This is not ‘Lassie,'” he laughs. “She’s a domesticated house dog.”

Bugsy also appears on TikTok in a few videos from Keleigh’s account. Here’s a cute one with her and Miles…

Allegedly, this ad will air during the Super Bowl and even though past years have lowered my expectations, I’m hoping this Super Bowl has great ads we can talk about later this month!

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness

What will she eat next? A beagle story.

By the title of this post, you might think I’m talking about “My 600-lb Life” but no, I’m just a beagle owner. Hi, my name is Ben. My cute, adorable, mischievous companions are Piper and Asia.

Piper, who is a pure beagle in every way possible, loves to eat… and I don’t just mean food! She’ll basically eat anything paper-related as I found out yet again a few days ago. I had checked out a book from the library and left it on the dinette table in my camper. I always leave things on the dinette table so that was nothing new. But then something new happened. I was out of the camper for about 30 minutes and found this…

Oh, you cute little troublemaker! It’s hard to stay mad, though, she’s just too cute for her own good!

Do you have a mischievous pup? I’d love to hear the story if you want to comment below. See you again tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness

RSVP a yes to Shotgun Wedding!

I’m comfortable saying the Amazon Prime movie Shotgun Wedding is my favorite movie of the year. I know it’s only February 2nd but give me a break, it’s an entertaining movie! Here’s the trailer… then scroll down for more thoughts (but no spoilers).

Overall. I thought the plot was put together well and (as is the case with most of my favorite movies) it has a good mix of humor, drama, action, and suspense. If I had to pick my favorite moment… it would be when J-Lo and Josh Duhamel are looking over the scene of something dramatic that just happened (see how I avoided spoiling the movie for you?) and J-Lo is positively hilarious in the way she’s chatting with Josh… and then she’s sees blood (her character is basically nauseated by the sight of it). It’s around the 40-minute mark in the movie. Pay attention or you might miss it and that would be sad.

Other Characters. Even though I don’t love her Old Navy commercials I still love Jennifer Coolidge, and in this movie she’s great. Also great is Lenny Kravitz. In fact, the creators did a wonderful job with the entire cast and characters.

I definitely recommend this movie if you’re looking for something entertaining and adventurous! Content warning: there is some foul language, a mildly inappropriate sex scene, and lots of shooting guns (it does have ‘shotgun’ in the title, after all!).

See you again tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness

Cocaine Bear… seriously!?

I happened to catch a commercial for Cocaine Bear and thought, “Is this real!?” Kind of like what people had to have asked when that song “Friday” swept over the country a few years back. Well, “Friday” is very real and so is Cocaine Bear! Here’s the trailer…

Everybody looks forward to the weekend, right? It’s when we watch sports, sleep in, do stuff we don’t or can’t do Monday through Friday… including going out to watch a movie. Call me crazy, but I’ve made my mind up and I know which seat I’m going to take: upper section smack dab in the middle of the theater.

Maybe this will turn out like Sharknado and just be something silly and fun to watch, but I want time to fly between now and the day it’s in theaters. Who’s with me!?

Today is Tuesday and Wednesday comes after that, see y’all then…

-Out of the Wilderness

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