Big Sky Episode 3 Music – Airdate 10/14/2021

If you’re watching Big Sky, you already know they usually have great music as the soundtrack for each episode. Here are the tracks from season 2 episode 3.

“Winning” Mpax & Derrick the Director feat. That Chicc

“Expectations” Stacey Randol

“Dr. Feelgood” Motley Crue

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-Out of the Wilderness

Recreational Rampage

I still need to write out the whole story about what what’s going on with my new RV camper van (some of the story is here), but one thing that has surprised me is how I have been on a rampage with Thor (brand that manufactured the RV) and Lazydays RV (dealership that swindled me into a new RV). I got the RV in Nashville but I live in Florida now so communication has been through phone calls or emails.

Rampage. I feel like King Kong going on a city-wide rampage. I am fueled by anger, righteousness, and the desire for fairness. I absolutely will not be a doormat while Thor and Lazydays run away with my money.

It’s been very interesting to see another side of myself because while I can be timid, shy, and non-confrontational, this ordeal has revealed a type A reaction from me…and I don’t hate it.

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-Out of the Rampageness

The scariest dog park in Florida

I visited a dog park in the Tallahassee area this morning and since it’s Florida I went in with some knowledge of the dangerous wildlife. First, I Google mapped it. I thought a little pond would be fun for the pups.

The only thing is, this was a giant pond…and there were 2 ponds, anyway. As soon as I arrived my guards went up. Leashes stayed on and we will not be coming back to this place anytime soon!

Other folks there said alligators have been seen in the park and a snake bite happened in the summer.

I didn’t see any predators but goodness gracious, visiting the dog park shouldn’t be a life-threatening experience! Or maybe I’m just a wimp.

-Out of the Wilderness

Doing the right thing is a thing of the past

I wrote yesterday about the crazy stuff I’m dealing with in regards to an RV I bought in Nashville. While the whole situation is still in limbo, there was a moment on the phone with Lazydays RV, the dealership I got the RV from, that was quite a surprise.

The short backstory is that this RV is a lemon. Nothing that classifies it as an RV is working. No propane. No generator. And water was leaking from the roof and under the sink. When I was on the phone with Lazydays, I said — well, I said a lot of things, but one was that I wish they would do the right thing by taking the RV back.

She responded by saying that the right thing is a matter of interpretation. I just about lost it.

I’ve heard many stories and been part of a few where a company or business cared about their customers. For instance, when something went wrong, the business would go out of their way to make it right. Have things changed or is Lazydays just living up to their name? If so, they ought to add “careless” and “terrible” to their name. While they’re at it, just change the entire dealership name to Matter of Interpretation RV Sales.

The saga continues, next up I might be calling Maury Povich… “Ben, in regards to the RV from Lazydays… You ARE still the owner!” *Ben proceeds to cry*

-Out of the Wilderness

The Curse of the Tellaro

This is not how I wanted to announce a gigantic new adventurous part of my life. It’s the new chapter with a camper van!

Showing the van to my dad

Getting the van was 2 months in the waiting. With a lot of anticipation building, I barely could wait for the day that I drove it home. I guess the first red flag was raised when the dealership wasn’t able to fill the propane tank with propane. Kind of a big deal with an RV.

Since that first hiccup #VanLife has turned into #WorstNightmare. Propane was just the beginning of the spiral into Hades. Details aside, I’ve adopted a new slogan for what’s been happening, and another that sums up my experience with Thor (the brand that makes the Tellaro 20K) and Lazydays RV in Nashville, Tennessee. The first slogan is “I paid for an RV and got a van.” The overriding theme, that second slogan, for my experience is this: what should be an adventure has been a nightmare. If a camper van that works as it’s supposed to is Heaven, then you can guess where I am.

While I couldn’t be more disappointed in the first few pages of this chapter, the rest is still unwritten and honestly, I don’t know how it could get any worse. Of course, every time I’ve said that so far, it’s gotten worse. So comment below with what you think will break next on my 11-day old RV van. Murphy’s Law has nabbed another hopeful adventurer, but I will have the last laugh, I am determined to.

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-Out of the Wilderness