Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss

Washington, D.C. — A few days into his last term as President, Joe Biden has released the White House physician who’s served under both Obama and Trump. To make things official this morning, the newly elected President set up a virtual press conference where he announced who will take over this important position.

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“Laughter is the best medicine, right,” Joe quipped, “so today I’m promoting one of my favorite experts in the medical field, Dr. Seuss.” His announcement was met with a roar of applause, many members of the press repeatedly pressing the ‘like’ button and openly weeping with joy.

Greg Thornberg of ABC News aptly said, “When we were sick as children, wasn’t it Dr. Seuss we all turned to?” This sentiment is being echoed by Democrat voters all over the nation who aren’t yet ready to admit they’ve made a colossal mistake. Others have pointed out there is a kindred spirit between the two: they’re both prone to making up words– one for children’s books, the other for debates and speeches.

Republicans, as a party, haven’t released an official statement, reportedly waiting to make sure they’re not part of a stunt from the TV show “What Would You Do?” hosted by John QuiƱones.

Meanwhile, pictures have emerged of giddy Democrats in Congress huddled in circles quizzing each other on the 25th Amendment.

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My 3 Favorite & Least Favorite TV Ads Out Right Now

I’ve been writing about commercials lately. I guess I love the research and finding out information that viewers are curious about. Check out my TV Commercial page for a lot more info but now let’s get to the list for today’s post. Here are my 3 favorite ads followed by my 3 least favorite ads airing now on TV and streaming devices. Do you have any you’d want to add to this list? Comment at the bottom (especially if you love this Taco Bell ad topping the list of favorites)…


Taco Bell “The Craving” – I love when the actor says, “You don’t consume me. I CONSUME YOU!” His delivery is amazing and funny and we should expect nothing less from Joe Keery.

GEICO “Billy Blanks Audition” – Billy Blanks stars in a tae bo flashback advertising how easy it is to save with GEICO. He does great, and his long-time fans are sure to be happy to see him in this enthusiastic performance, but viewers may also have their eyes drawn to the fitness assistants. I love the intensity and concern of the female assistant, so I love seeing this ad on TV. Plus, the clip of the guy running camera while sipping a drink is pretty hilarious. [click here for more info about this ad]

Jeep “Easy Mountain” – I thought this would be something where the ending was predictable… “It’s a cold, tough world out there…” yada yada yada. But then they have a good twist with the voiceover. Immediately liked!

Least Favorites

Peloton – These are easily my least favorite of the bunch. With annoying/trendy words and phrases like “slay,” “savage,” “halo with me,” I’m more inclined to buy a Peloton just to throw it out the window and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces. That would be a fun workout.

Toyota “Sienna Life” commercials – The first one of these I saw, I thought it was some type of talking car situation like the movie Cars. For some reason these really, really annoy me.

Kars4Kids – I’ve only heard this on the radio and for the following x amount of hours I was singing, “1-877-Kars-4-Kids…” I know the point of advertising: to stick in people’s minds but this one made me want to donate rabid cats. I’m a terrible person.

Least Favorite Honorable Mention

Vivint Security “Guard Doggs” – This one barely made my “did not like” list and here’s why it. I didn’t understand it the first time I saw it. I must’ve seen a shortened version because all I saw were 2 people NOT showing me how to install the smart security system. Now, watching the full commercial, it makes sense. Perhaps the misunderstanding was on my end, but I still must include this on the list for other viewers who may not have understood it at first either.

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Is a President really responsible for COVID deaths in the U.S.?

In the last half of 2020 it was impossible to get through a day without someone blaming President Trump for the deaths caused by COVID-19. Not China’s fault. Not local leaders faults. Not anyone’s fault, except Trump and Trump alone.

My question today is this: Is the President really responsible for COVID deaths in the United State4?

President Biden has been in office for 4 days now and I have yet to come across anything (TV, internet, etc) that blames him for the COVID deaths since noon on January 20th. According to this COVID tracker there have been 12,000+ deaths since Biden took the oath. Is he as responsible for those as Trump was for the deaths in 2020?

A friend of mine on Facebook said this…

One of the most disingenuous parts of this election was the dishonest shameless politicization of COVID. It was so disappointing to watch, I was sure nobody would exploit a pandemic. But I was wrong, so go politics I guess.

…and he’s right (thanks CF, for the comment!). It’s unfortunate the crisis became political and Donald Trump didn’t do much to keep that from happening. I’m not saying he’s to blame for all of it becoming political but there was definitely an opportunity for Americans to unite in a singular cause, and have that cause championed by the President. One thing he cannot be accused of: killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Contrary to what the big media tech companies are/were telling us, we don’t have to blame the President for something of which he’s not guilty. Joe Biden hasn’t killed 12,000 people. Donald Trump didn’t kill 396,000 people. But as biased as the mainstream media was in 2020, they seem to have doubled down in 2021, likening Joe Biden to a deity come to heal and save us. Just check out the montage below and you’ll soon realize how ludicrous things have become.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it fair for Trump to be accused of this during his presidency, but not Biden? Chime in below and let’s chat!

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Kamala Harris Secretly Slides Transfer of Power Slip into Executive Orders Biden is Signing

Washington, D.C. — It’s Day 3 of the Biden/Harris administration serving as President and Vice President and Joe Biden has hit the ground running, signing more than a dozen executive orders. Among the stack of directives were plans to halt border wall funding, lifting the travel ban, and a handful of orders related to the coronavirus.

This will indeed please the Democrat base who voted for Biden and running mate Kamala Harris who both promised to undo many of the so-called “accomplishments” of former President Donald Trump. At a recent Q&A with the Vice President, a member of the press asked Harris about the mood in the White House as the executive orders were being signed. With a peculiar wink, she nodded and said, “Everything is going according to plan.” Asked if she could explain what this meant, Kamala Harris winked again, saying, “The situation is under control.”

What she meant became much more clear when a source close to the VP revealed that while Biden was hastily whipping through the orders, he unknowingly signed a permission slip granting Harris the Presidency of the United States.

Biden has yet to comment on the stunning turn of events but has been caught on White House security cameras turning in circles repeating, “Who’s the President? You are, Robinette.” As if it were pulled directly from an episode of “Saved by the Bell,” it appears Harris has successfully performed the ‘Morris Maneuver’ — a trick Zack Morris often used to get his parents to sign for things like detention, a new car, or ownership of Belding’s house.

The White House Press Secretary was quick to point out Kamala Harris is Catholic, and that “we have bigger issues to worry about at this time.” She might be referring to deciding who tells Biden he’s no longer President, or more importantly, who will find Biden– reports coming in that he was last seen wandering aimlessly down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Treadmill was a bad idea

The other day I made it over to the gym for a leg workout. Those are fun.

What I didn’t know is that working out my legs wouldn’t be the most difficult part of the gym visit. After finishing with weights, I hopped on a treadmill for a mile run. Still, not the hard part of the workout, even though running on a treadmill is one of my least favorite things in the world. My gym has about a thousand treadmills but, of course, the few people using them near me were hot women.

You might be thinking, “So what’s the problem?”

I know, I know… hot women are hot, but I’m trying to limit temptation in my life. Certainly there’s enough of it in many other areas of life (TV, movies, etc), and women at the gym are usually wearing tight clothes so that definitely adds to the attraction, whether they know it or not.

So as I’m running in place, I mention that now would be a good time for God to somehow get me out of this, while I’m staring straight ahead and trying not to glance in any direction towards the hot women.

The moral of this story is this: when you need God to come through, just talk to Him about it. And turn up the speed on your treadmill, metaphorically. I believe prayer works, but it’s also a two way street. While I was waiting for a way out, it was important for me to run faster so I could complete the mile and get out of there. My brother mentioned something to me a long time ago that has stuck with me…

Pray as if it all depends on God. Work as if it all depends on me.

So to sum up: Men, it’s best to find a gym that only has ugly women. You’ll be better off.

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