Mixed reviews for Powerade and Liberty Mutual TV commercials

I was going to write about these two ads separately but it seems my feelings for the Powerade ads matches the mixed reviews for the Liberty Mutual ads. Before we get into it, here are both commercials.

Powerade. When I first saw one of these ads (because there are a series of ads in the campaign), I was immediately confused. Why, you ask? As you see in the ad above, a purchaser of the drink is advised to buy the bottle with your number on it. The message: this drink gives the wearer of that number power to win. But the commercials I watched on TV had a completely different message. Those ads recommended buying drinks with the number of your opponent on it. The message: This drink gives you the power to overcome the wearer of that number.

It’s odd that I can’t find any of those ads, did they take them down? Now the only ads I can find online promote the message of buying the bottle that has your number on it. Mixed messages make for a messy ad campaign, Powerade.

Is this series of ads too specific? What if a middle-aged woman, with no jersey number, wants to buy a Powerade simply because she likes the flavor? Or a dad wants to buy one with his child’s number on it but that number isn’t in supermarket cooler?

Liberty Mutual. Liberty has a series of ads at this location, with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Some are funny. Most are just outright hilarious, and that seems to be a trend with insurance ads these days. Just take a look at any ad from GEICO or Progressive. This “wet teddy bear” ad leans more towards odd and outrageous which some people will appreciate. Others, though, not so much. Is there a punchline? No. The humor is meant to be in the random use of teddy bears doused with water.

Did you laugh at this one? Or just think it was an attempt at humor that missed the mark? More importantly, would you buy a wet teddy bear if you were hungry enough?

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-Out of the Wilderness

Wildlife and more at Radnor Lake – Nashville, TN

An early start to a random weekday here in Nashville, and I’m so glad I made my way over to Radnor Lake. It’s an area where pets have to be leashed, and those pets aren’t allowed on trails (they ARE allowed on paved walkways). Nashvillians love this area for it’s peacefulness, and I kind of forgot how nice it is over there. Here are a few shots from the miles walked.

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-Out of the Wilderness

2022 Acura MDX commercial music, classic cars, and more!

Just when you think you’ve heard all of Queen’s music– not THE queen, more on her family here, but I mean the band Queen— a TV ad comes on and you wonder what song is playing as the soundtrack. Check out the new Acura commercial highlighting the 2022 MDX.

The song is “Tear It Up” by Queen. Here’s the full track.

The song appears on their 1984 album “The Works.” Other tracks I like from this album are “Radio Ga Ga” and probably my #1 from the record, “I Want to Break Free.”

“Tear It Up” is a great choice for this ad, and the editing matches the tone of the song. I appreciate how they incorporated a few of their “classic” sports cars in the ad, giving the MDX, while it’s an SUV, an element of speed and sportiness. Other models they flash back to are as follows…

1990s Acura NSX…

Early 90s race car…

Acura Integra Type R…

Acura NSX newer model…

and a matte black version…

I’m assuming this is the reputation they want to create for the 2022 MDX, one that is rip-roaring, fast, and fun.

What do you think of the ad? Does it make you want to go into debt to buy an MDX? Comment below!

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Nashville’s stormy weather last night

Last night was a real doozy in the south. A line of storms moving west to northeast brought tornadoes, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and hail. Usually I’m a fan of storms when they’re just thunder/lightning but after what happened to my house last year, hmm, not so much a fan anymore. In fact, last night was very reminiscent of the Nashville flood in 2010.

The dogs and I just stayed indoors, only peering out the windows to see flashes of lightning, rain and hail pattering against the glass.

Thank God it passed by my and my neighbor’s homes without uprooting trees and causing drama. But that’s not the case around Nashville. I was driving around this morning, only a few hours after the rain ended, and various streets were blocked due to flooding. In fact, on one street near my house I could only barely see the rooftop of a sedan. Crazy stuff. I would’ve snapped a photo but there were other onlookers and vehicles trying to get by so I didn’t want to stop.

But I do have SOMEthing more than just words for you. In my travels around town today, I stopped to record water coming up from a sewer. Not sure I’ve ever seen this before so I thought it was worth recording. Take a look.

I’m grateful my house was spared from any damage and today, Sunday, is sunny and warm so anyone who needs to get work done (rebuilding, etc) has the opportunity.

Stay safe out there, y’all, it’s the Nashville way!

-Out of the Wilderness

GEICO’s motorcycle ad music, actors, location, and more!

GEICO touts their motorcycle insurance by using “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations as the soundtrack of their commercial called Repair Shop. Here’s the full 1968 track…

The woman riding the motorcycle is stunt rider Ashlei Tave.

Her boots look like the Harley Davidson brand. A similar style can be found here.

The motorcycle is a Royal Enfield, Continental GT 650.

The motorcycle woman singing in the repair shop is played by Aja Alvarez.

The woman behind counter is Teri Jo Rask.

Location. The location appears to be Beartooth Highway, which winds through Montana and Wyoming.

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