The fitness cast of the Billy Blanks GEICO Commercial

GEICO is known for having memorable ads, like this horror commercial that’s quite funny and effective. Now, they’re back at it with an ad that’s been around for a month or two featuring fitness guru Billy Blanks. He’s flanked by two fitness assistants, a male to his right and a female to his left.

the fitness cast from the GEICO ad

The rest of the cast is listed below but focusing on the fitness assistants, Brian Zo is an actor/model/adventurer based in California. You can find out more about him by clicking these links for his Instagram and website.

Angeline Appel is actor/model who, among other things, appeared as one of the Mob dancers in Step Up Revolution (2012). Here is a screen grab from a well-choreographed container dance scene.

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The rest of the cast of the GEICO commercial is:

Billy Blanks: Himself
Casting Director Kari: Michole White
Casting Director Evan: Chris Aquilino
Camera Operator Kevin: Michael Strassner as Camera Operator Kevin
Male Fitness Assistant: Brian Zo
Female Fitness Assistant: Angeline Appel

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Here are a few outtakes from the GEICO ad to leave you with a laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

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In His First 100 Days, Joe Biden Calls for 100 Million Americans to Sign-Up for YouTube TV

Washington, D.C. — President-Elect Joe Biden is already taking action even before he has officially moved into the White House. In his first 100 days after he takes the oath of office, he is asking citizens to stop clicking the ‘no thanks’ when YouTube asks viewers to sign up for its paid streaming service.

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Coming off a year where subscription rates exploded for YouTube TV, Biden still hopes Americans will unify with a common goal of slowing down the spread of other streaming services. “If we do our part as patriots, the price will come down and we can return to the normalcy we knew in 2019, before the ‘YouTube TV’ service rate increased under the previous administration,” Biden said at a recent press conference.

Asked if he will make this a national mandate, Biden side-stepped by saying that he, along with 3 former Presidents will be signing up for YouTube TV on a live broadcast next week. He then claimed that if you don’t know whether you want to sign up or not, you ain’t black.

Aides quickly rushed the future President off stage and announced a lid on press conferences for the remainder of the week.

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Parker McCollum too fast, too furious in new music video “To Be Loved By You”

When you’re mindlessly watching YouTube today, you might come across a music video from the world of country music. Check it out below then scroll down for the hits and misses of this new offering from newcomer Parker McCollum.

Hits: The Mustang is nice, the anamorphic video looks cinematic and professional with nice lens flares, Parker’s sunglasses are worthy of Elvis Presley, and his voice is mostly not annoying.

Misses: The music video doesn’t do justice to the message of the song. Parker is longing, almost begging, a love interest to tell him what he’s got to do to be loved by her. A sentiment echoed over the years from artists across the spectrum, like Ryan Adams (“To Be Without You”) to Jonas Brothers (“What A Man Gotta Do”).

In McCollum’s take, the lyrics are very earnest and full of questions. When dreaming up a video for this song, one might envision clips of the love interest. Storytelling. Show flashbacks of the pair enjoying each other’s company at a fair, or dinner downtown, splashing each other on a lake shore, romantic dancing while a band plays. Again, storytelling. Why does he want her back?

Record labels have a little thing called a budget and with Parker being new to the national scene, perhaps it wasn’t as high as it will be one day. With that said, clips of Parker in a parking lot, walking under a random bridge, and riding around in a classic Mustang just don’t fit. Not to mention the style of shooting and how it was edited felt like riding in the backseat of a roller coaster without the safety bar in place. It’s not that the cinematography or editing were bad, they were actually done well; compliments on the wide angle and use of light throughout the video.

Final thoughts: Too fast, too furious. Unnecessary shifty camera shots, abrupt Hollywood-style edits, all of it might leave the viewer feeling as if they are fishing from a small boat on the high seas.

Without a doubt, though, fans of Parker love the song and will probably embrace the video along with it. Parker will get another chance, so the glass is half full for his next video including a storyline worthy of the lyrics and heart of the song it accompanies.

-Out of the Wilderness

Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House

Washington, D.C. — Joe Biden and his family have started moving into the White House this week as the outgoing President finishes up removing all personal effects. Staying on course with his message of unity and inclusion, Biden reached out to moving company Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™, a company that strictly hires people who seldom identify as male or female.

Biden commented while taping up a box of items, “Anything a man–or woman– can do, a woman– or man– can do, too. Look, I mean, if a person identifies as a man or a woman– here’s the deal, you are who you are and if you or him or her or they want to do the stuff– you know, just be yourself and I think– no, I know– I believe– you can do this or that. And the previous President was racist. It’s obvious.”

Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™ released a statement of gratitude to the President-Elect, saying in part, “We are very pleased to serve Mr. Biden and his (Mr. Biden identifies as a man) family in this way and we will do our best to deliver on our mission statement,” which is:

We promise to transfer all belongings safely, efficiently, and genderlessly.©

As for incoming Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s new residence is One Observatory Circle NW, she has put all her stuff in a short-term storage unit just a block from the White House.

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My dog ran way… one of the highlights of the Christmas season

I know what you’re thinking: he CANNOT be serious with this post title! Maybe he’s being sarcastic?

Well, you are kind of right and kind of wrong. The story goes that once every blue moon — day — my beagle finds a way to escape. Especially when I visit family in Florida. You see, at home in Nashville the house and yard are pretty much dog proof. I’ll admit though, that the OTHER dog escapes more here in Nashville, but in Florida it’s Piper the Wonderdog who takes advantage of every opportunity to… go wild? Go rogue? Go wildly rogue.

Over the Christmas holiday was no exception. Coming off a previous trip when we visited in the summer and where she escaped for 4 hours, I was really just hoping this holiday vacation would be nothing dramatic. We made it about halfway through the trip and then it happened. The great Beagle-dini disappeared into thin air.

“Where she goes we do not know. She is ruled only by her wandering nose!”

A quick canvasing of the neighborhood came up empty and before I go further I’ll paint a picture for you of what the area looks like. A few houses and lots and lots of woods. What do you have when you combine a forest and a beagle? I don’t know but I’ll tell you what you DON’T have… a beagle. It’s like tossing a fish into the ocean and telling it to stay by the boat.

So after that first look and finding nothing, I was having flashbacks of the 4-hour ordeal months earlier. In that fiasco, my parents were a major part of the search to find her and because of a smart move by my Mom, we were able to reunite with the rascally Piper. This time, so far, I was wandering around on my own and knew this was a fool’s errand if I didn’t find her in the first 10 or 15 minutes.

Guess what? I didn’t find her in the first 10 or 15 minutes. It was on to plan B. Who do you call when you need something done? I pulled out my phone and called Mom. Now, remember this is the Christmas holiday so in the house were 16 people doing holiday things like watching sports, playing games, and who knows what else a small group staying socially distant. I could hear them in the background as I relayed the news that Piper had gotten out and was missing in action.

You guys, my Mom was AWESOME. Within a minute or two she had assembled teams and everyone sprang into action. There were 5 or 6 groups headed out in all directions to track down the elusive illusionist Beagle Copperfield.

Because all hands were on deck, we found her within 10 minutes. My brother-law spotted her a few hundred yards away from the home base and soon after, with the help of my nieces, she was cornered and waving the white flag tail of surrender.

“Until next time…” she thought mischievously.

If it were just me looking, I may have never found her. I learned a couple of things because of this.

  1. Some things you just can’t do on your own. I’m so hard-headed and want to just do stuff myself. It’s hard for me to ask for help. But thanks to my family jumping in, the problem was solved.
  2. Never ever, under any circumstances, let a wild beagle out in the wild without a plan… and a leash.

Sooooooooooo… was my dog running away a highlight of the Christmas season? Well, not exactly… but from this situation I saw my family drop everything they were doing to help me find Evil Beagle Knievel. They rallied quickly and it was just a great feeling to have them help in that way, something I couldn’t have done alone.

My parents, and family, are the greatest.

-Out of the Wilderness