Is rapper Tom MacDonald more patriotic than country singer Brad Paisley?

There are a couple of new songs out now, along with accompanying videos. One is from country superstar Brad Paisley and another from a relatively new rapper, Tom MacDonald. They both have guests appear in their songs but you might be surprised who one guest, country singer John Rich, duets with. The other duet includes a current president so we’ve got some heavy hitters in this post today.

Tom MacDonald burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with his many, many tattoos and bold rap lyrics bashing American politics and government in general. In my recollection up to that point in history, calling out the hypocrisy in Washington, D.C. wasn’t a common part of the rap world. It was mostly old, straight, non-rapping white men (much to the disappointment of Katy Perry) complaining about liberal agendas.

Brad Paisley is a well-known country singer who’s been around for decades. He’s married to actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Brad has the skill and ability to sing heartfelt songs that’ll make you cry then turn around and sing a playful song that will restore happiness with some laughs. It’s quite the talent he has!

So in their latest songs, which one brought on a country singer as a collaborator and which invited a sitting president? You’d think that Brad’s song would be ultra patriotically pro-America (it IS country music after all) and the rapper would be pretty much the opposite. But listen to these two songs as the videos play and decide for yourself which musician seems to have caught on to the broken system in Washington. Spoiler alert, Tom is with John Rich and Brad is with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 👋😇🤓🤯🕺

“End of the World” has serious and deep messages and I suppose “Same Here” does, too. But the playful video from Tom MacDonald is the perfect way to offset the heavy thoughts. Brad doesn’t have an official video yet but if he puts one out, you can bet it won’t be lighthearted. It’s surprising to me how different the songs are yet both could be classified as country music. I can’t help but think the writers of Brad’s song are missing something while the writer of Tom’s song is fully aware of what’s going on. Maybe the truth is somewhere between the two sides (liberal vs. conservative) but perhaps we could all agree that most of the politicians claiming to have our best interests in mind, don’t.

… and to answer the question in the title of the post and based on their latest songs, YESSSSSSS Tom MacDonald is a lot more patriotic than Brad Paisley. On top of that, Tom’s is a nice addition to rap (and country music, for that matter) while Brad’s won’t be remembered for anything except being the dumbest country song ever.

See you all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness

If it’s COVID, Paxlovid – A Real Commercial That’s Not Satire

Hi there! I write daily about different things in my personal life (being ghosted, up close with wild bison, living with a sassy beagle) but also public happenings through original satire, or info about the Anne Heche car crash, and, of course, popular commercials. I’ve been seeing this Pfizer COVID ad recently so thought I’d do a little research on it because, much to viewers surprise, it’s not a Saturday Night Live skit. Take a look then scroll down for more thoughts…

Are Side Effects Worse? Some people would rather just have COVID than endure the side effects of this medication. As listed on the commercial, they are: hives, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, yellow skin, yellow eyes, dark urine, altered taste, diarrhea, high blood pressure, muscle aches, abdominal pain, nausea, feeling unwell, liver problems, issues with HIV medicine, and conflicts with birth control. Sounds rather alarming, right? This is partly why it kind of comes across like an SNL skit. I mean, is it much different than this SNL clip?

Among the Stars. Recognizable stars sometimes appear in Pfizer-sponsored COVID commercials like the one with P!nk, Michael Phelps, Jean Smart, and Questlove. This one for Paxlovid includes Jennifer Candy-Sullivan (daughter of John Candy) and actor Michael Rivera (guy playing video games).

I’m in full belief that this ad, and any that come after it using the “If it’s COVID, Paxlovid” tagline, will get stuck in our heads like the SKYRIZI commercials, of which there are many. Unfortunately, at this point Paxlovid comes across like more of a comedy than something to take seriously. Plus, it doesn’t have a catchy jingle like SKYRIZI and I’ll admit I catch myself singing that song at least a few times per week.

Nothing is everrrrythiiiiing…

See you all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness

The iPhone 14 Yellow commercial – The Music and More!

I’ve written quite a few posts about iPhones over the years and today is another addition to the slew of commercials featuring the iPhone 14. Only a couple of times has an iPhone been yellow. Take a look at the new animated ad about the yellow phone then scroll down for more info…

The Music. The French song behind the ad is almost as old as I am. I was born in 1978 and this song was released in 1979 so it’s over four decades old! Here’s the full track called “Le Banana Split” by Lio.

Other iPhones that have shared the color are the 5c and the 11. Here are a couple of videos of unboxing the 11 and advertising the 5c.

Are you on board for the new yellow iPhone 14? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

-Out of the Wilderness

Dick’s Sporting Goods Ads – The Music and More!

It’s March Madness and Dick’s Sporting Goods is playing into the emotions of the wonderful wide world of sports in their latest ads called “Sports Change Lives.” Take a look at one commercial then scroll down for more info…

The Music. This was a great choice of song because it doesn’t distract from the visuals and stories being told by the athletes. In other words, the song doesn’t have lyrics. It’s an instrumental version of “Become A Mountain” by Dan Deacon. Here it is with lyrics…

Dick’s has a series of ads under the “Sports Change Lives” campaign which you can see on their YouTube channel here, and below is an example of a short one…

The ads highlight many sports and those played by guys and girls. It’s a refreshing take on sports without any sort of political agenda. It’s a win where ads like last year’s “See Her Greatness” from Buick was a fail.

Kudos Dick’s Sporting Goods!

-Out of the Wilderness

Amazon Prime Mustache Ad – The Music, the Actress, and More!

*UPDATE: If you’re curious about the jacket or the boots, click on this post for that info!*

Hi there! My name is Ben and I post every day at 1pm central. I wouldn’t say I’m the king of blog posts but today’s post features royalty. It’s a song by Queen (get it!?) in the latest Amazon Prime commercial. Check it out then scroll down for more info…

The Music. I hadn’t heard this song before but if you’re a Queen fan, you’re certainly appreciating the deep cut from Queen’s 1982 album “Hot Space.” The song is called “Cool Cat”…

The Mustaches. The star of the ad is the mustached woman, obviously. But there are a few supporting characters giving her a boost of confidence. Other mustached stars are Eddie Murphy, Frida Kahlo, and of course Freddie Mercury. Not shown in the ad is a star behind the camera, directing was actress Olivia Wilde.

The Actress. Playing part of the mustached woman is actress Morgan Quinn. You can find out a lot more about her by following her Instagram @MorganJeanQuinn. Spoiler alert, she doesn’t have a dark mustache in real life. 😉

Amazon has been featuring women in a lot of their recent ads. For more info, check out my posts on their Medusa Commercial, Robinhood Commercial, and the Little Red Riding Hood Commercial.

See you tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness

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