American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5

WARNING: This post might spoil who got eliminated from the top 7 so read on, if you dare.

Last night’s episode was full of good performances. At this point–with 7 great singers– there isn’t a single contestant that would be an obvious elimination. Here are the songs that were performed by each singer:

Leah Marlene – “Electric Love” (BORNS) and “Sanctuary” (Nashville TV show)

Huntergirl – “You Broke Me First” (Tate McRae) and “Like My Mother Does” (Lauren Alaina)

Nicolina – “Alone” (Heart) and “Light in the Hallway” (Pentatonix)

Fritz Hager – “All My Friends” and “The Ocean” (both original songs)

Noah Thompson – “Painted Blue” (Sundy Best) and “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac)

Jay – “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston) and “A Song For Mama” (Boyz II Men)

Christian Guardino – “Lonely” (Justin Bieber) and “Dear God” (Smokie Norful)

Christian and Jay were the bottom two, so they are waking up as non-contestants this morning, although both of them have incredible talent. Here’s how my updated rankings look since the top 14. I’m holding out hope that Noah will be in the top 3 and the highest ranking country singer, but I also still think a woman will become the American Idol winner.

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Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?

Not too long ago during the NCAA basketball tournaments, Buick sort of went out on a limb (I guess?) with an ad promoting women’s sports. How they went about it was the potential risk and you can read my review of the ad campaign here. In a nutshell, though, the ads were ironic and a total air ball. Or how would you say that in hockey, a whiff biscuit? I don’t know, I can barely skate much less do something else WHILE I’m skating. Anyway, here’s one of the ads in the series, this one about women’s college hockey…

During a Nashville Predators NHL playoffs loss there was another Buick commercial that’s less of a disaster than those “See Her Greatness” ads. Here it is…

The commercial is basically a 30-second “Dad joke” because of how the father is doing the whole Alexa thing. The kids aren’t having it, and neither is the wife. But it’s all jovial and clearly drives (pun intended) home the idea that the Enclave can come with Alexa built in.

Does this ad make you want to buy a Buick or does it complete miss the goal/end zone/ hoop/net area?

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Zillow Home Hopping in New Commercial – The Music and More!

Zillow has a series of ads featuring couples touring homes (or pools, like this commercial) and then we find out they’re actually touring the homes through the Zillow app. Folks already like Zillow, but it’s the music that makes these ads really memorable. Take a look at this one then scroll down for the info…

The track in the ad is from decades ago, 1970 to be exact. It’s called “Love You” by The Free Design.

It’s been used in a handful of other commercials, as well. Here’s one from DC Shoes, and I actually like this one a lot more. It gets my adrenaline going and makes me want to go outside and accomplish some kind of athletic feat!

How do you feel about the Zillow commercial? Does it compel you to get on their app and start home hopping?

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Zillow Splashy Swimming Pool Ad – The Music

Zillow, who is also responsible for all the personalities of Susan in this ad, shows off a bunch of pools in a recent commercial where a couple is searching the app for homes. Check it out then scroll down for more info!

The Music. Playing along as the soundtrack to this ad is a song called “Free” by Angel Olsen. Here it is in its entirety.

The song is 10 years old off the album called “Half Way Home,” which is another connection to Zillow (a site that helps people find homes). If you’d like to find out more about Angel, here site is or find her on Instagram @AngelOlsenMusic

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The Amazon All-Female Delivery Commercial – The Women and the Music!

In this post covering Popular TV Ads Amazon is highlighted with an ad conveniently airing in conjunction with Mother’s Day. It features a delivery crew comprised of women, some of whom are mothers. Take a look at the extended commercial below…

The Music. It’s a man’s world, but men ain’t nothing without a woman! So goes the soundtrack of this commercial, it’s “A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown.

The Women. Amazon used a production crew of mostly women to direct, shoot, and edit this ad. It’s quite a big deal for the women who are doing this delivery work in India, so highlighting it for more of the world to see could inspire change a lot of people would like to see.

Behind the Scenes. Take a look at a behind the scenes video from the commercial shoot.

For more about Amazon’s work in India, you can read a note from the Amazon staff here.

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