Public toilet seats, to cover or not to cover?

If you’re like me, sitting on a public restroom toilet seat is kind of gross to think about, much less, to do it! I guess that’s why women hovering over the seat is an actual thing they do (I think?). But even as a man (as if we’re more tough or something?), I cringe at the thought of sitting on a toilet seat in a gas station, rest stop, restaurant… OK, let’s just say any toilet seat that isn’t my own. Side note: I have a bidet and it has…




There ain’t no bidets at the local Conoco, I’ll tell you that! Even if there was, can you imagine spraying gas station toilet water on your bum?

I digress. So how many of you do this when you are using a public toilet?


If there aren’t covers provided, I tear toilet paper into strips to make my own seat protector. There are certain toilets that I just can’t touch, you know?

Best case scenario: seat covers are provided, like this.


I’ll admit, sometimes I throw caution to the wind and sit directly on the seat but that’s only when some of these things are true:

  1. The building (restaurant, gas station, etc) is pretty clean
  2. The bathroom is REALLY clean
  3. There are less than 4 or 5 handwritten messages on the bathroom walls
  4. I’m OK dying of gonorrhea

Truth be told, the chances of catching anything from the seat are very, very small according to WebMD. So I guess now I’ll just go ahead and do this: I dare you to sit on a toilet seat the next time you have the chance. Do you accept the challenge?

Look at the bright side… by not using a cover, you’re helping reduce environmental waste 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness


Train graffiti art, pt 2

Stopped at a railroad crossing, I decided to take photos of the colorful art passing in front of me. Take a look, and if you missed it click here for the first half of the photos I posted yesterday. Do you have a favorite? Thanks for stopping by!

















-Out of the Wilderness

Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” and 13 country songs about things you wear

Taylor Swift surprised everyone with a new album (Folklore) during quarantine and the first video to come from it accompanies the song “Cardigan”…

Inspired by the the comfy cardigan she finds by the piano at the end of the video, here’s a list of songs about clothes you can wear. Update: This is a list of COUNTRY songs about clothes you can wear. There are just too many songs to not narrow it down. So next time you’re on $10,000 Pyramid, you should be able to knock this category out of the park!

13 Country Songs About Things You Wear… and 1 About Things You Don’t Wear

Keith Urban “You Look Good in My Shirt”

Jake Owen “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”

Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Were Made For Walkin'”

Jon Pardi “Dirt On My Boots”

Miranda Lambert “Smoking Jacket”

Brooks & Dunn “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”

Randy Houser “Boots On”

Kelsea Ballerini “Stilettos”

Dolly Parton “Coat of Many Colors”

Jennifer Nettles “Drunk In Heels”

Chris Young “Gettin You Home (The Black Dress Song)”

Johnny Cash “Rock and Roll Shoes”

Shania Twain “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?”

Honorable Mention: Kenny Chesney “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” (even though this is actually about clothes you’re not wearing)

Thanks for stopping by! Also check out a list of 10 songs that no longer apply to our lives: Covid-19 edition

-Out of the Wilderness

Did Joe Biden actually die in 1988?

News broke recently that when Joe Biden was at Walter Reed Hospital he needed nurses to do a few things for him:

  1. Go to his home to get his pillows
  2. Whisper in his ear
  3. Breath into his nose

I’m not a male nurse like Gaylord Focker but don’t those 3 things sound like something a nurse/loved one would do when someone is about to go up to the great Spirit in the Sky? You want the dying person to be comfortable so you get pillows for them. Family and friends whisper things like, “I love you,” “Thank you for being the best dad, son, brother, etc.” Breathing into someone’s nose would be in a CPR situation, although odd, for sure.

The backstory is that Biden was at Walter Reed in 1988 after 2 brain aneurysms. In a 2007 book, he wrote this about his time in the hospital:

“Maybe I should have been frightened at this point, but I felt calm,” he wrote. “In fact, I felt becalmed, like I was floating gently in the wide-open sea.”

Feeling like you’re floating gently in the wide-open sea?? That’s what someone does when they’re crossing over the rainbow bridge, isn’t it? DID BIDEN BITE THE DUST 1988???? Is the pale man we now only see in videos a ghost, or maybe Star-Wars-style hologram? Has 1988 Joe Biden gone “back to the future” for one last chance to not lose a presidential election? All of this might explain when he’s had some major gaffes over the years, and even possibly wearing a “vest posey.”

Where is Doc when you need him?

-Out of the Wilderness

Train graffiti art, pt 1

I was stopped at a railroad crossing for way too long so I thought, “Why not do something while I’m doing nothing?” …so I took some photos of the canvas passing in front of me. Here are a few of the tags (I think that’s what graffiti is called sometimes?) and check back tomorrow for the rest!


-Out of the Wilderness