3 little birds perched on my fence post…

Last week I discovered the oddest thing… a bird’s nest INSIDE a fence post!


At first I wasn’t sure if I should step in to help, thinking that once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings would not be able to find their way up and out, especially with those nails. I posted my concerns on Facebook and emailed a bird sanctuary. After having more info, it was best for me to leave it be… they would figure out a way to survive.

For the next couple of days, I made a point to check in on them… lo and behold the chicks hatched! They were so cute that first day. Little pink bodies, gigantic black eyeballs (still unopened), fragile little wings with no feathers yet. They were adorable!


I was excited to monitor their development… until this happened.

One of my first reactions after the storm was to check on the nest. It was under so much debri but I sawed my way in and found the birds and nest scattered in the grass below their home. A couple of them had already died, but 3 were hanging on. I set them back in the nest and snapped a few pictures before putting them in a place where I hoped the mom could find them.

I don’t think mama found them because yesterday I recovered the nest, and tried to honor God’s creation by burying the nest with the 3 little babies in it.


Go fly the Heavenly skies, you little birds 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

10 songs with Mom or Mama in the title

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a list of 10 songs with Mom, or some variation, in the title. Enjoy!

1. “Mr. Mom” Lonestar

2. “Dear Mama” 2Pac

3. “Stacey’s Mom” Bowling For Soup

4. “Mama Said Knock You Out” LL Cool J

5. “Mother’s Daughter” Miley Cyrus

* not putting a link to this one 🙂 *

6. “A Song For Mama” Boyz II Men

7. “Mama Mia” from the movie…

8. “Mama’s Broken Heart” Miranda Lamber

9. “Mama Tried” Merle Haggard

10. “Mother” Kacey Musgraves

Chime in below with a comment including songs you know that fit the theme… thanks for stopping by! 

-Out of the Wilderness

Internet update – AT&T Fiber vs. Xfinity

Well, I went 4 or 5 days with AT&T Fiber and the conclusion is this: It was one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my adult life! Here’s more about that

Well, as of today, I’m back on Xfinity and never expected to feel this much relief! I can now confidently say with certainty that I’m one of those poeple that can’t function very long at home without stable internet. This discovered truth makes me wonder how I’d do in a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps, not well if I’m being totally honest! haha

AT&T… thanks for trying! But you came up way short. And now I’ve got this annoying white box attached to one of my house walls as a reminder of the mistake I made.


What’s the opposite of an altar? Remember in the Old Testament of the Bible someone would build an altar to remember something great that happened in that spot, right? Well, this little white box is like that, except the opposite. Kind of like a scar. An accidental pregnancy. A dent in your car. A tattoo of your ex’s name. 

But I guess it’s water under the bridge now. I’m just glad I can have reliable internet again! 

-Out of the Wilderness



My water bill is about to go WAY up

Gladness has washed over me (or should I say rinsed?) since the very first hour after I installed a new bidet in the main bathroom. Any visitors might be flowing with excitement (or should say gently sprayed?) if I get one for the guest bathroom, too.

If you’re on the fence about dipping your toe in the waters of bidet ownership, I recommend jumping in with both feet (or should I say both cheeks?)…

I’ll leave you with a smile (much the way my bidet leaves me) by including a link to the very same bidet from Brondell. Check it out and comment below with any bidang good stories you want to share 🙂

Click here to be swished over to the bidet from Brondell

-Out of the Wilderness