Original satire

I’ve been really interested in writing satire lately. So below are the ones I’ve posted so far. Read every one of them and let me know your favorite. That’s your homework for this week.

Green Day Song Identifies As Grammy Award Winner

Biden Draws Chalk Circle Around Trump, Issues Travel Ban Outside Of Circle

Escape Game To Debut New AOC-Inspired Room Safely 2 Bocks Away From Any Danger

Tom Hanks to Play Gay Republican Stuck at White House in ‘Terminal 2’

Joe Biden Replaces White House Physician With Dr. Seuss

Kamala Harris Secretly Slides Transfer of Power Slip Into Executive Orders Joe Biden is Signing

In His First 100 Days, Joe Biden Calls for 100 Million Americans to Sign-Up for YouTube TV

Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House

Ellen Page Goes Back To Being A Woman After Learning White Men Aren’t Allowed To Have An Opinion On Anything

Grown Son of President-Elect Seeks Adoption By Italian Restaurant

Scrabble to Release New “Joe Biden Words” Edition

To Appease Progressive Liberals, NBC Drops “Tonight Show”

CDC Recommends Face Mask Masks to Help Slow the Spread of Happiness

Biden To Grow Leg Hair Out for “No Shave November”

Joe Biden Exercises With “Basement to 5k” Plan

Nominee For Vice President Encourages All Supporters To Buy Identical Converse Sneakers

Joe Biden Hosts Grassroots Event with Room Full of Cardboard Cutouts

Geek Squad to Offer Discrete Service on Computers with Incriminating Emails on Them

Hindsight distancing itself from 2020

USA Softball Association Calls Biden Town Hall’s Use of “Softball Questions” Sexist, Misogynistic, and Inaccurate

Man Forgoes Standard Home Security for “Coronavirus” Method

Married Man Loses Touch with Single Guy Friends

Little League dads tussle over pop fly hit to shallow outfield

World Series umpire reviews new Kanye West gospel album

Football coach flips the script on offensive creativity

Adult remembers the first time he lifted his hands in worship

Activist student drops bombshell on university faculty

Study shows fish discouraged by evolutionary process

CNN Hosts Debate on Phrases That Have a Lot of Vowels

Man Known For Being Only Christian Who Hasn’t Listened To Kanye West Album Speaks Out

Vegan protesters support police who use organic pepper spray

Chuck Norris Deployed to Southeast as Storms Approach U.S.

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