Escape Game to Debut New AOC-Inspired Room Safely 2 Blocks Away From Any Danger

Philadelphia, PA — Fans of escape rooms will have a new challenge when they sign up for the immersive adventure inspired by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s harrowing experience during the insurrection at the Capitol earlier this year. Among popular game room themes like, “Corporate Office,” “Annual Family Vacation,” and “Seal Team: Operation Blue Heron,” the debut of “AOC’s Riot Rush” will feature a room decorated like the Senate chambers.

Guests have 60 minutes to escape before rioters take over. In order to do this, and save democracy, you and your “squad” will solve puzzles and riddles supplied to you as the game progresses. Examples from the official website include this riddle:

To solve this riddle, use clues around the room to discover a 182-page booklet proposing a $15 minimum wage which then reveals the next challenge.

Another example taps into the danger AOC faced during the historic breach of the Capitol building.

Players are expected to find a picture of Ted Cruz for their next clue.

“One unique part of this new room,” teases Rick Treadwell, manager of a Philadelphia escape game location, “…once all the riddles are solved game-players will exit the room to find out they are 2 blocks away from any of the fictional danger they were frightened by, much like the real AOC.”

Wrapping up the escape room experience, customers will be treated to a narration explaining how the “insurrectionists” were hunted down over the course of 37 months and sentenced to jail time for social terrorism. While in jail, they are forced to listen to AOC explain the green new deal to her boyfriend.”

-OTW News

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