Is the TODAY Show Rom-Com Bracket Showdown Rigged?


The TODAY Show recently introduced viewers to their Rom-Com Bracket Showdown featuring matches between beloved romantic comedies including When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, and more. It’s anyone’s guess why The Notebook isn’t in the competition as it is hands-down the best rom-com ever, but even still, the hosts (Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin) might have accidentally committed an embarrassing mistake regarding this challenge. Check out the clip in this tweet and pay close attention around the 1:00 mark, then scroll down for the transcript of this section.

Al Roker: Who’s winning? Who do you have in the finals?

Hoda Kotb: Well, should we give it away?

Savannah Guthrie: I don’t know, should we tell?

Sheinelle Jones: I mean, it’s America who’s voting.

Savannah Guthrie: Oh, OK.

Based on this short dialogue between the hosts, it appears as if they were about to reveal which movies made it to the final round. In that case, any “voting” by viewers would not matter because the final two would already be chosen. This isn’t too far-fetched knowing that movie studios and distribution deals may limit which of these might have some sort of conflict with NBC or having their DVD cover shown on television without proper clearances, etc.

We’re about to go down a rabbit hole, but bear with me: The TODAY Show airs on NBC. NBC is owned by NBCUniversal/Comcast. NBCUniversal is also produces movies. This Rom-Com Bracket Showdown includes 3 NBCUniversal movies. Now watch the TODAY show clip again and listen to which movies get extra attention when the list of contenders is read. They gave more love to Love, Actually, Notting Hill, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (although less attention to this one).

THOSE 3 MOVIES ARE THE ONES PRODUCED BY NBCUNIVERSAL!!! Here is the potential bracket breakdown including how it might play out in this conspiracy.

Is this just a coincidence or did the hosts really drop the ball here? If they DID accidentally give it away, it it will most likely get brushed under the rug with show staff and anyone involved moving right along as if the showdown isn’t rigged. Did anyone else notice this and if so, should the hosts be asked about it? If either of the 3 NBCUniversal movies win, something would be awfully fishy.

Comment below and let’s get to the bottom of it TODAY.

-Out of the Wilderness

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7 thoughts on “Is the TODAY Show Rom-Com Bracket Showdown Rigged?

    1. It had lots of funny moments! It’s definitely more of a romance/drama but if they’re including movies like Crazy Rich Asians, they should include The Notebook.


  1. Maybe it is rigged. That would explain why you can’t actually find where to go to vote. They don’t mention it in the clip and when you google it, you just get the video clip from this morning’s show.


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