The Three-Colored Caper Strikes Again!

If you have a mischievous beagle you know exactly what the title of this post means. My little Piper? She’s gone to the bark side. My little Bark Vader is 13 years old and getting more fragile but when she wants you to know something, you’re gonna know it! The other day she was notContinue reading “The Three-Colored Caper Strikes Again!”

Is Today Show Rom-Com Showdown Rigged? [PART 2, final four update]

Earlier this week NBC’s TODAY Show kicked off their Rom-Com Bracket Showdown featuring 16 romantic comedies. Fans all over the country offered many other movies that could have (or should have) made this list, but that is a post for another day. One day The Notebook, one day. Before the voting officially started, did hostsContinue reading “Is Today Show Rom-Com Showdown Rigged? [PART 2, final four update]”

Is the TODAY Show Rom-Com Bracket Showdown Rigged?

[RIGGED SHOWDOWN BRACKET UPDATE: PART 2, THE FINAL FOUR] The TODAY Show recently introduced viewers to their Rom-Com Bracket Showdown featuring matches between beloved romantic comedies including When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, and more. It’s anyone’s guess why The Notebook isn’t in the competition as it is hands-down the best rom-comContinue reading “Is the TODAY Show Rom-Com Bracket Showdown Rigged?”

8 movies and songs with “mask” in title

With this coronavirus scare taking over the world and sales of face masks increasing, I thought I’d make a list of movies and songs with “mask” in the title, or if they’re about wearing a mask, etc. I’ve also made a list of 10 movies, songs, and books about pandemic viruses, check it out here.Continue reading “8 movies and songs with “mask” in title”

Leap Year in music and movies

In honor of Leap Day (Year), here’s a list of a few movies and a few songs that are about (or mention) Leap Day or Leap Year…. or any kind of leaping 🙂 Movies… Leap Year (2010)  Pirates of Penzance (1983)  February 29 (Korean, 2006) Music… “Circle of Life” (Elton John) …it’s the leap ofContinue reading “Leap Year in music and movies”