Have you figured out yet what it is you want?

So much in my life is unknown right now. In fact, I don’t even have a home and for a few hours yesterday, I didn’t have a car either! It doesn’t worry me, but I have my family to thank for that. I still haven’t really officially written about my move from Tennessee to FloridaContinue reading “Have you figured out yet what it is you want?”

Fitting into the #VanLife – Showering

When I started life with my Thor Tellaro, I knew there would be some adjusting. And really those would be huge, going from a house to a van. I was determined to get a van that included a shower because I would be active outdoors and whatnot. Well, I haven’t showered in 3 days. I’mContinue reading “Fitting into the #VanLife – Showering”

The Reawakening: Part 10

I’m a few months into being laid off and a lot of people have been asking… “What are you gonna do? Have you found work yet?” The truth is, I have been idling. Don’t get me wrong, the engine is running, but it’s kind of like I’m at the starting line waiting to take off.Continue reading “The Reawakening: Part 10”

Hummingbirds, Dancing, and Game Shows

This summer has blown by faster than a hummingbird’s eyelid. Actually, that kind of sounds like the name of a race horse… “…coming around the outside and moving into 1st place ahead of ‘My Other Mustang Is A Car,’ it’s ‘Hummingbird’s Eyelid.’ I tell you what, folks, ‘Hummingbird’s Eyelid’ is as fast as a TennesseeContinue reading “Hummingbirds, Dancing, and Game Shows”