Canada’s GO RVing Commercial – The Music, the Actor, and More!

Before we get into this, it’s important to establish that taking an RV out for camping is a great idea whether you’re in Canada or anywhere else! In fact, I have an entire page dedicated to my camping trips in the United States. But I’m sensing that you need a little more motivation so takeContinue reading “Canada’s GO RVing Commercial – The Music, the Actor, and More!”

Cocaine Bear… I watched all of it.

If you haven’t heard yet, Cocaine Bear is the name of a real movie about a real story from the 1980s. The trailer easily caught my attention so I knew sooner or later I’d be watching the movie. One week I watched Jesus Revolution (review here) and the following week I went to see theContinue reading “Cocaine Bear… I watched all of it.”

New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…

This week I’ve been taking new photos. While driving around Tallahassee, Florida, I got some shots of buildings, birds, and can I just say this: there are so many trees in this city! Most of my favorite photos are organized into galleries which you can access here. Once you’re there, look for galleries like BWContinue reading “New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…”

Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!

Hope you’re having a great weekend already. I had my fingers crossed that the worst of winter was in the past but this weekend in north Florida it’s a bit chilly. For this reason, it’s nice to head south so that’s exactly what I did recently. I went to two state parks (recap of LakeContinue reading “Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!”

Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022

I spent time on the coast of north Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday and there were some foggy days! It was kinda crazy that the fog lasted all day, not burning off as the sun rose. This little beach an hour south of Tallahassee is a slice of Heaven (which makes sense because it’s acrossContinue reading “Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022”