A must-see tour featuring two great bands

Last year I went on a camping trip from Florida out to Texas and Oklahoma (check recaps here). Part of my adventures included catching a band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a great show by Judah and the Lion and later this year they’re touring again, this time with one of my all-time favorite bands,Continue reading “A must-see tour featuring two great bands”

Mother’s Day Commercials and Music

We’d be nothing without our mothers. They love, nurture, teach, comfort, discipline, guard. On this Mother’s Day, here’s a celebration of moms as seen in sweet and/or funny TV commercials. Click on the title for more info on each ad. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Publix Red Velvet Mother’s Surprise. A husband sweetly prepares a mealContinue reading “Mother’s Day Commercials and Music”

Zach Bryan “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Actors, Locations, and More!

Zach Bryan recently released the music video for his song, “Oklahoma Smokeshow” and it’s hitting fans hard in the best way. It’s not just the lyrics either, although it should be said that the words are striking chords left and right. The music video is the perfect visual for the song, just take a look…Continue reading “Zach Bryan “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Actors, Locations, and More!”

Chewacla State Park camping – Auburn, Alabama

Most of my camping trips center around exploring nature whether it’s rivers, lakes, ocean, wildlife, or hiking through forests. And before I admit this weekend trip to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama was NOT centered around those things, the park is actually pretty good for that kind of thing, as far as I canContinue reading “Chewacla State Park camping – Auburn, Alabama”

Canada’s GO RVing Commercial – The Music, the Actor, and More!

Before we get into this, it’s important to establish that taking an RV out for camping is a great idea whether you’re in Canada or anywhere else! In fact, I have an entire page dedicated to my camping trips in the United States. But I’m sensing that you need a little more motivation so takeContinue reading “Canada’s GO RVing Commercial – The Music, the Actor, and More!”