New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!

Hello there! I’ve enjoyed so much taking photos in the last 12 months since I got a new Sony camera. One of the first photos with this camera was taken while I sat around a fire on a cold wintery day in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, I’ve taken the camera almost everywhere I go andContinue reading “New photography portfolio is up on SmugMug!”

The Unexpected Deer in Caprock Canyons State Park

These pictures today, as hip women say, “I can’t even!!” They’re definitely topping the collection of favorites from all my travels this year. What makes a photo special to me, well, it’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately even as a hobby photographer: Am I getting a shot no one else has gotten, orContinue reading “The Unexpected Deer in Caprock Canyons State Park”

I still haven’t seen an alligator, an update

A few days ago I wrote about not having seen an alligator since I picked up my things and came down to Florida. Hi, I’m Ben. It’s not like I have a strange obsession with dangerous creatures. I don’t want to cuddle with alligators. I don’t want to put a leash on on a lionContinue reading “I still haven’t seen an alligator, an update”

(Not Very) Wild Horses

I was recently driving on backroads in central Florida and came through a couple of towns that were steeped in the equestrian life. I had not seen so many horse and tack shops in such close proximity to each other in all my life. There were also farms and fences spread out over rolling hillsContinue reading “(Not Very) Wild Horses”

Canada Goose Eggs

A friend of mine lives near a lake and always has Canadian geese squawking nearby. I’ve been over there a few times to check out the wildlife (there are also turtles) and it’s interesting to observe the behavior of the geese. I especially like when, whether they’re floating or walking around on the banks ofContinue reading “Canada Goose Eggs”