Sony projector clock is amazing!

At first, I thought a projector clock would be a good idea and that I would like it. Now that I’ve had one for about 2 months, I feel very confident in saying that I do not like it…



You can project the time in red numbers anywhere in a room, but so far my favorite spot is the ceiling. Maybe this is weird but every time I’m getting ready for bed and think about the clock, my heart flutters.

Hey!! Instead of judging me, try one out for yourself! It will change your life. I’m using the Sony ICF-C1PJ so if you want this one, click here for the Amazon listing. Please note, although I’m not paid to endorse this project, if you purchase it through the Amazon link I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Time projected on ceiling, near the fan pictured below



There are some drawbacks, I suppose. The most common one you’ll see on any reviews is that the project automatically turns off after being on for 16 hours. This doesn’t bother me because I’d probably shut it off each morning when I wake up anyway. Another drawback I’ve notices is the buttons are a little confusing. There are about 10 different buttons on top and back and to activate certain functions, you have to press and hold, or press twice, or keep pressing continuously. It’s something to consult the manual for, which is rather annoying when you just want a clock that tells time, has an alarm, and projects. But overall, I do indeed love it!

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-Out of the Wilderness

Sony SRS-XB41 review

I picked up this bluetooth speaker a few years ago, and I’ve loved every minute of it. For it’s size, it’s loud and heavy. I use it for music and also as an external speaker when I’m watching Hulu or YouTube on my Sony Xperia tablet. I also brought it with me to the Bahamas earlier this year and while it was flagged by TSA, it still made it through OK.


If you’re looking for a nice, hefty, loud speaker, this one will suit you just fine! There are times I wish it was louder, but for the size, it’s still really good. I can’t think of any con’s except for those moments I wish it was a giant speaker, and the “live” mode is something you’ll probably never use. I turn it on every once in a while to test the sound, and it’s just weird sounding.

Sony also claims the speaker is waterproof but I have yet to be bold enough to test that. It does get sand on it somewhat regularly and so far that hasn’t affected it at all. But submersing it under water hasn’t happened yet.

For more info, you can check it out on Amazon here*

*as an Amazon affiliate, I get a small commission for any purchases through the link above, at no extra cost to you*

-Out of the Wilderness

My very own epic fails, part 2

Sometimes I can really crack myself up. Especially when it comes to making dumb mistakes, like these:

Walking on, walking on broken glass.

I was working at a summer camp as a videographer. A task I had one day was bringing an expensive projector (in a large protective case) to another location, and using a pick-up truck to do so. No problem. Should be easy enough. We put the projector in the bed of the truck, shifted into gear, and began moving forward. THUMP! Well, it’s smart to actually close the tailgate, especially when you’re going up hill. The projector slid out the back of the truck, landing on the pavement. Even though I thought the case was good enough to protect it’s contents, I was wrong. The fragile lens of the projector shattered on impact.

Like a small boat on the ocean, sending big waves into motion.

There was a boat. There was an ocean. And the problem was when a Sony video camera I had fell off one and landed in the other. Who knew setting the camera on the back of the boat was a bad idea? Not me!

’cause your lips are movin’.

I had wrapped up a beautiful day of recording a wedding, a reception, and the special moments that lead up to the once-in-a-lifetime event. The couple were friends of mine so I was happy and honored to be hired as the videographer. For obvious reasons, this day was special, but even more so because some family members had flown in from overseas to witness the wedding ceremony. They hadn’t seen the groom in years and may not see him again after the wedding for very long time. Part of my wedding routine was to hook up a microphone to my camera and have guests offer up messages to the bride and groom; little tidbits, thoughts, nuggets of wisdom the couple would watch later and appreciate from their loved ones and friends. Now, because there were these special guests from another country, I knew recording their messages was a must. At the end of the day, I was very happy with my work. But then… my world came crashing down!

You know how some pieces of equipment have a start/stop button? The microphone I used had one of these, and I even had headphones I was using. But for whatever reason I didn’t use the headphones for the interviews with the overseas family, and of course when I went to listen to their messages that night… NO AUDIO!! I forgot to switch the microphone on before they started talking.

I can be a real piece of work sometimes!

-Out of the Wilderness