That time I saw a snake

A few days ago I did an internet search for a snake as I was researching this Jeep commercial. Now, I don’t know if the internets are this advanced but not more than a day later I was walking at the dog park and saw this: I’ve heard stories of Alexa and other smart techContinue reading “That time I saw a snake”

That time I won a Sony camera

I’m trying to figure out where to start this story because I could go all the way back to the day I was born, or many years later on the day I signed up for a Sony credit card, perhaps the day my dad graduated from the Coast Guard Academy? There are so many elementsContinue reading “That time I won a Sony camera”

Fun details from “The Man Who Loves You The Most” video by Zac Brown Band

This new Zac Brown Band video opens up with a relevant topic: Lockdowns due to COVID-19, setting up the rest of the video– a daughter watching old video clips of her and her father. The daughter (as an adult) is played by actress Reilly Baker. The father (of grown daughter) is actor Corey Landis. ReillyContinue reading “Fun details from “The Man Who Loves You The Most” video by Zac Brown Band”

“Sony: the One and Only” from the 1970s!

I’ve discovered this about myself over the last decade or so: I love the 70s era in regards to furniture and home furnishings. I also love estate sales because of the wild array of things I can find, things I need, or things I never even knew existed. So naturally, when I came across an adContinue reading ““Sony: the One and Only” from the 1970s!”

Sony projector clock is amazing!

At first, I thought a projector clock would be a good idea and that I would like it. Now that I’ve had one for about 2 months, I feel very confident in saying that I do not like it… I LOVE IT. You can project the time in red numbers anywhere in a room, butContinue reading “Sony projector clock is amazing!”