Radnor Lake Photography August 2021

I went to Radnor Lake the other day with a friend and my goal was to take at least 10 keeper photos. I figured I needed to take a lot more to get 10 keepers, so there were hopes of deer and eagles and snakes and turtled and… well, the elusive white deer I’ve neverContinue reading “Radnor Lake Photography August 2021”

In a fast moving world, there is still… still photography

Something I’ve learned about myself is that I enjoy variety, especially when it comes to work/career. In fact, I remember shuttering when I was working a full time job and a coworker said something about that job being my career. Yuck! While I can’t explain what it is that makes me think this way, IContinue reading “In a fast moving world, there is still… still photography”

My brand new photography on FineArtAmerica!

After a week of vacation where I wasn’t posting images on my FineArtAmerica page, I’ve added multiple images. Some are actually from that vacation and then some pictures in and around Nashville. Here are a few of my favorites from the new batch. Click on the description of each to be taken directly to theirContinue reading “My brand new photography on FineArtAmerica!”

Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…

I really LOVE how this project looks. What started out as an attempt to photograph coy in a pond transformed into an abstract, colorful, mashup of shapes and designs. Before revealing the final products, though, here is the original. I’ll admit it’s kind of boring to look at but I really like the way theContinue reading “Photo of a pond reflection turned into this…”

What I did with a photo of a fire hydrant

Yesterday I drove past city workers who had a fire hydrant open, water gushing into the ditch parallel with the neighborhood road. I couldn’t stop then but thought, “If I pass this way again I’ll stop to get some photos.” How often do you see a fire hydrant with water coming out, you know? Well,Continue reading “What I did with a photo of a fire hydrant”