More about Lainey Wilson “Heart Like a Truck” Music Video

I came across this song in a roundabout way as I was looking for a tune to use in the background of a Facebook story video. On Spotify it’s listed on the “hot country” playlist. I’m not exactly in tune with country music anymore so I have only inklings of an idea about who orContinue reading “More about Lainey Wilson “Heart Like a Truck” Music Video”

Who’s doing the British voiceovers for Amazon commercials? Answers here!

There’s a smooth, playful, confident voice narrating the latest campaign of Amazon ads, like Little Red Riding Hood and Medusa. Discovering who the woman is behind the voice took time and some research, but finally the answers are here! The Voice. The accented voice belongs to comedian and actress Morgana Robinson. She was referenced inContinue reading “Who’s doing the British voiceovers for Amazon commercials? Answers here!”

Beautiful Horses in Photos

Horses are definitely in my top 3 favorite animals (besides dogs, the other 2 are dolphins and eagles). There’s something special about them, which is probably why you’ll find therapists recommending time with a horse as a way to cope with, or rehabilitate from, mental setbacks. I know they’ve been part of the healing processContinue reading “Beautiful Horses in Photos”

Will I ever capture this creature on camera?

I’ve been camping off and on since January, amazing trips that have brought me as far south as the Florida Keys and soon I’ll be going west to Texas. These adventures include my favorite pups, Piper and Asia… …and a Sony A6600 that I use for photographing everything from horses to a hole-in-one. I almostContinue reading “Will I ever capture this creature on camera?”

(Not Very) Wild Horses

I was recently driving on backroads in central Florida and came through a couple of towns that were steeped in the equestrian life. I had not seen so many horse and tack shops in such close proximity to each other in all my life. There were also farms and fences spread out over rolling hillsContinue reading “(Not Very) Wild Horses”