The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More

Beep boop boop beep! Satellite linked SOS (for emergencies only) is front and center in a recent Apple commercial for the iPhone 14. Take a look then scroll down for more info about the ad… The Music. Adding to the tension in this commercial is a song called “Found” by Toulouse. Here’s the full track…Continue reading “The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More”

The Coke Christmas Commercial – Goodwill, Ghosts, and Gatherings

Coca-Cola has created a nostalgic niche in the United States. Just the other day I was in a thrift store that even had an entire shelf dedicated to Coke, and only Coke. When’s the last time you saw that for Pepsi, right? So then is it any surprise that Coke has a warm, family-oriented commercialContinue reading “The Coke Christmas Commercial – Goodwill, Ghosts, and Gatherings”

Top Christmas Commercials

Now…. NOW it’s perfectly fine to share Christmas commercials. Thanksgiving has come and gone so it’s time to air those Christmas ads, sell Christmas decor in the stores, turn on Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole! I can’t wait for the lights, the holiday commercials, the holi—– wait, what’s that!? You’ve already seen Christmas stuffContinue reading “Top Christmas Commercials”

Publix Thanksgiving Commercial – Smile, You’re On Camera

Nobody smiles all the time. Even in the movie called “Smile,” no one was always smiling. In fact, smiling is why I don’t like this Dish Network commercial and now it’s on full display in a new Thanksgiving ad from Publix. Take a look… All Smiles. In this Publix ad the mom, daughter, and fatherContinue reading “Publix Thanksgiving Commercial – Smile, You’re On Camera”

The Etsy Christmas Commercial – The Music and More!

I’m just a human. Why is it that these Christmas commercials almost make me shed a tear every time I see them! Usually it’s Publix with the tearjerkers but Etsy has a new commercial that will warm your heart. They call it a “holiday commercial” but we all know it’s Christmas. Take a look… TheContinue reading “The Etsy Christmas Commercial – The Music and More!”