The beagle and the dishwasher

Just recently my little Piper did something that she’s been doing her whole entire beagle life. It doesn’t matter which state (evidently) or which dishwasher (evidently)… if there are dirty dishes to be licked, she’s the dog who’s up for the challenge! I remember when she was really young, under a year old if IContinue reading “The beagle and the dishwasher”

Leave a dog alone with treats and this happens…

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. So I’m about to include 3,000 words that I can’t really explain anyway, even if I tried! My goodness gracious if you have a beagle, hound, or any type of food-driven dog, this might be you next. No, she wasn’t trying to be the firstContinue reading “Leave a dog alone with treats and this happens…”

New Puppy Alert!

My sister and her family welcomed a new puppy to their household recently. I believe they’re fostering him for now. His name is either Finn, Finley, Dexter, Kevin, Sawyer, Huck, Liam, Barky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Bowden, or Obie. Until that’s settled, here are a few pictures of the little gentleman. Thanks for droppingContinue reading “New Puppy Alert!”