The scariest dog park in Florida

I visited a dog park in the Tallahassee area this morning and since it’s Florida I went in with some knowledge of the dangerous wildlife. First, I Google mapped it. I thought a little pond would be fun for the pups. The only thing is, this was a giant pond…and there were 2 ponds, anyway.Continue reading “The scariest dog park in Florida”

Photos of An Abandoned Church Building

I have passed this church a handful of times on the way to visit family in Florida. It’s located near the Florida / Alabama border and recently I took the time to stop and snap a few photos. Check out this Google streetview for the spooky area where this church is located. (ps. find aContinue reading “Photos of An Abandoned Church Building”

Pickleball – a new activity I hate to lose

Over a recent weekend with family a few of us took part in pickle ball games. If you’ve never played, it’s kind of in between tennis and ping pong, with a few rules unique to itself. Anyone who knows me knows I’m competitive in just about anything, so while pickle ball is really fun, ultimatelyContinue reading “Pickleball – a new activity I hate to lose”

We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico

I didn’t expect to catch something so big– wait, this is fishing– I didn’t expect to catch anything! But there we were rocking back and forth 40 miles from the closest safe place. Yes, in my world, land is safe and ocean is scary. It’s where where people get their limbs bit off by sharksContinue reading “We needed a bigger boat – catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico”

A lesson from the bench

Hi there! You might think the title of this post is something related to a judge’s bench. Or a work bench. Wouldn’t that be so clever? Well, no. I’m not a judge and I don’t make things out of wood. This goes all the way back to middle school basketball. Yep, I was one ofContinue reading “A lesson from the bench”