Camping in Big Lagoon State Park, near Pensacola, Florida

Camping in Big Lagoon State Park has been mostly a treat! It’s my first camping trip since visiting Fort Clinch State Park over by Jacksonville, Florida. Want to know how that trip went!? Well, I won’t spoil it by telling you it didn’t live up to my expectations– oh wait, I just spoiled it– well,Continue reading “Camping in Big Lagoon State Park, near Pensacola, Florida”

Me… a botanist?

Weeks before I moved into the house in Nashville, the sellers had made it pretty for potential buyers. The lawn was well-manicured, shrubs were trimmed neatly, and there were flowers. Those flowers lasted all of a few weeks after my move-in day. Why? I only watered them once. Call me heartless but I had justContinue reading “Me… a botanist?”

A few days camping at Rainbow Springs State Park

I wrapped up an almost-month-long tour around Florida by camping at Rainbow Springs State Park. For whatever reason, I didn’t take a lot of pictures and I didn’t want to force myself to, because then it wouldn’t be fun and natural. Speaking of fun and natural… Rainbow Springs! The campsite was great, even having aContinue reading “A few days camping at Rainbow Springs State Park”

Beautiful Stars from Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

A rattlesnake wasn’t the only thing that took my breath away at Kissimmee Prairie State Park. And no, I wasn’t bit, but it was still a scary encounter! I had the best campsite (#20) for views of the prairie during the day and the huge, wide, never-ending sky at night. Here are a few ofContinue reading “Beautiful Stars from Kissimmee Prairie Preserve”

Wildlife and More from Myakka River State Park

Hello! My name is Ben and I’m camping at Myakka River State Park for a few days. I have a travel trailer that’s literally my mobile home. This state park adventure can be summed up in three words: wildlife, windy, worn-out. Wildlife. This park, out of all the state parks I’ve been to (which youContinue reading “Wildlife and More from Myakka River State Park”