People are boycotting Florida… again!?

I gotta give major kudos to Democrat voters out there. It must be so hard to wake up every day with a new list of who to hate, who to support, what to complain about, and how to balance it all while blaming people besides their own political heroes. They are a lesson in fortitude.Continue reading “People are boycotting Florida… again!?”

Can American Idol save Disney?

If you’re even a little bit aware of the current culture surrounding Disney (and Florida, too, I suppose), you know they’ve sort of plopped themselves in hot water with conservatives. It was especially noticeable when they announced they’d pay for any employee who wants an abortion to travel to a state where it’s legal. TalkContinue reading “Can American Idol save Disney?”

New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…

This week I’ve been taking new photos. While driving around Tallahassee, Florida, I got some shots of buildings, birds, and can I just say this: there are so many trees in this city! Most of my favorite photos are organized into galleries which you can access here. Once you’re there, look for galleries like BWContinue reading “New Must-See Photos in My Gallery…”

Smear the Queer

Funny how societal rules go in circles, isn’t it? Case and point: When I was in middle school, a lot of kids boys my age played a game called “Smear the Queer.” If you don’t know what it is, it can be easily explained by saying that there were a group of kids trying toContinue reading “Smear the Queer”

I don’t *think* I have PTSD…

…but every time it storms I have a lot of anxiety. I mostly associate PTSD symptoms with heroes in the military and people that have faced real trauma and come through it. So this storm/falling trees/heavy rain thing is minor compared to what those people have seen! It’s too bad, though, because I used toContinue reading “I don’t *think* I have PTSD…”