I don’t *think* I have PTSD…

…but every time it storms I have a lot of anxiety. I mostly associate PTSD symptoms with heroes in the military and people that have faced real trauma and come through it. So this storm/falling trees/heavy rain thing is minor compared to what those people have seen! It’s too bad, though, because I used toContinue reading “I don’t *think* I have PTSD…”

Top 10 Bird Photos

I don’t know if there’s been a more true statement than this meme I came across recently. I must be old then, because when I’m camping or just walking around outside, I am looking up A LOT. I want to see all the birds! Sometimes I’m prepared with my camera strapped around my neck andContinue reading “Top 10 Bird Photos”

Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!

Hope you’re having a great weekend already. I had my fingers crossed that the worst of winter was in the past but this weekend in north Florida it’s a bit chilly. For this reason, it’s nice to head south so that’s exactly what I did recently. I went to two state parks (recap of LakeContinue reading “Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!”

Are there manatees at Lake Manatee State Park? I’m camping and I have answers!

My first camping trip in 2023 is to Lake Manatee State Park, down near Tampa, Florida. I’m turning into a regular snowbird, aren’t I? But you won’t hear an “eh” or a “you betcha” quite yet. Last January I went south to Orlando area where I camped in two recreation areas, Alexander Springs (recap) andContinue reading “Are there manatees at Lake Manatee State Park? I’m camping and I have answers!”

Anywhere At Any Time

As 2023 started, it dawned on me what a great situation I’m in. A couple of dogs, a camper and a truck. It would be a shame to forget that I can go anywhere at any time. In fact, I can go to all the wheres. Here’s a where. There’s a where. Over there, overContinue reading “Anywhere At Any Time”