Pensacola Beach – in Pictures

I was recently in Pensacola for one of my nieces soccer tournaments. I’ve already posted about it once here. But I just downloaded the photos from that week and, surprisingly, there aren’t any soccer photos… I’m a terrible uncle. I’ll be getting coal in my stocking this year but besides that, here are a handfulContinue reading “Pensacola Beach – in Pictures”

Birds Aren’t Real

As much as I love birds, I was shocked and downright disappointed to find out they aren’t real. From the beautiful cardinals, to pelicans, and eagles, they are just intricately designed drones. The government has harnessed the power, versatility, and coverage of birds to spy on people. Take a look at a diagram that showsContinue reading “Birds Aren’t Real”

Bird book. A book of birds. From 1983.

It’s so weird that when you become interested in something, you see that thing everywhere you go. Know what I mean? Like, when you like a certain kind of car, you see that exact car all over town. It’s strange. It happened to me recently with birds, of all things. When I was in FloridaContinue reading “Bird book. A book of birds. From 1983.”