Eagle sightings and a territory battle

There’s a dead tree close by that bald eagles have been perching on the past couple of days. Well, maybe it’s one bald eagle (not multiple eagles) but today there was another eagle that showed up and this clearly gets the attention of the bald eagle. Take a look at the video below and letContinue reading “Eagle sightings and a territory battle”

Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022

I spent time on the coast of north Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday and there were some foggy days! It was kinda crazy that the fog lasted all day, not burning off as the sun rose. This little beach an hour south of Tallahassee is a slice of Heaven (which makes sense because it’s acrossContinue reading “Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022”

Did Ft. Clinch State Park wow me like I thought it would? 

I won’t beat around the bush in this post. I really, really, REALLY wanted to like Ft. Clinch State Park! In the days and weeks leading up to my 4 day camping trip, I had a lot of anticipation. I mean, what is there not to look forward to? Exciting things like being near theContinue reading “Did Ft. Clinch State Park wow me like I thought it would? “

Paddleboarding in the Ocean

I don’t know if I’m crazy or psycho. The truth is, there’s always a secret third option— nuts. That’s me and it definitely applies in this particular instance… paddleboarding. I prefer it over kayaking, although when I camp, I bring a kayak. During a recent family vacation, I asked my dad if I could returnContinue reading “Paddleboarding in the Ocean”

KIA’s All-New Sportage Beach Commercial – The Music, The Actor, and More

KIA is back now with another commercial showing cute little turtles. Take a look then scroll down for more about the ad… and for KIA’s latest ad recap of guy saving a city-dwelling tree, click here. The Music. This piano heavy track hasn’t been easy to identify. I’ve narrowed it down to two, though. DoContinue reading “KIA’s All-New Sportage Beach Commercial – The Music, The Actor, and More”