Spring Bark 2022 – Dogs on Vacation

Spring Bark 2022, y’all! This won’t be as dramatic as whatever’s going on in Panama City Beach or Cancun, Mexico this week, but I mean look at these cute faces and how could you not want to party with these pups? Thanks for dropping in… -Out of the Wilderness

Turtle power!

I was just minutes away from arriving at the ultimate 2020 spring break destination when an almost unthinkable thing almost happened… almost! Driving on a two-lane road I could see in the distance something in the middle of my lane. I’m sure you’ve seen this before: a turtle slowly crossing the road. After passing him,Continue reading “Turtle power!”

Epic Spring Break in Florida

There was no alcohol, no drugs, no late night parties– actually, I take that back, there were a few late nights but for this spring break, it was all about family! I took my self-quarantining to the gulf shores of Florida where my nieces and nephew were spending their spring break. This timely family reunionContinue reading “Epic Spring Break in Florida”