Car graveyard in north Florida

There’s this random little place between Tallahassee and the gulf coast of Florida where you can pull off the two-lane road to see relics from the 20th century. It’s one thing to pass by and say, “Hmm that’s interesting,” and a whole other thing to stop and look at these vehicles from a bygone era.Continue reading “Car graveyard in north Florida”

Writing a blog every day of 2020 – how it’s going – an update – part 2 – again

Some of you know that for 2020 I’ve been posting a blog every single day, sometimes twice a day for Out of the Wilderness. We are now late in November, only weeks to go and it’s been really fun to have this goal, AND be so close to finishing it! Along the way, I’ve writtenContinue reading “Writing a blog every day of 2020 – how it’s going – an update – part 2 – again”

So what if I let my nails grow sometimes

The other day I realized there are only two reasons why I let my fingernails grow out. Softball. The truth is that once they get to a certain length, they become annoying. But there’s a window of time where they are the perfect length for throwing the perfect knuckle ball pitch. Another truth, in slowContinue reading “So what if I let my nails grow sometimes”

would you rather buy new or used?

I put up an informal poll on Facebook to see what my friends like to buy new vs. used. The reason I did this is because one night when I should have been sleeping, I wondered how many things most people buy used. I would guess cars are the most common used thing people buy,Continue reading “would you rather buy new or used?”

Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” and 13 country songs about things you wear

Taylor Swift surprised everyone with a new album (Folklore) during quarantine and the first video to come from it accompanies the song “Cardigan”… Inspired by the the comfy cardigan she finds by the piano at the end of the video, here’s a list of songs about clothes you can wear. Update: This is a listContinue reading “Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” and 13 country songs about things you wear”