Dixie To Go: Boo Boo Ninja commercial

I recently wrote about the Walgreens commercial featuring Bebe Rexha and the celebration of 2020 graduates (click here for that) so I’m back with another ad I really like! Research shows this one actually came out in 2016 to promote the Dixie cup brand.

I loooooove this commercial! It’s really fun and cute, and the editing style is perfect for a quick ad: strong, decisive cuts, but with content full of drama, heroism, and great sound effects… all successfully displayed in under 15 seconds. That’s not easy to do! Check it out and then scroll down for only one thing I’d mention if I was being nit-picky. 

The final shot of the young boy watching in awe was a great touch, too. To speak about one possible revision… I’m compelled to think it’s an ad for band-aids. The voice-over is crucial because to watch it without sound, my guess is you’d DEFINITELY think it’s about band-aids, or skin ointment for scratches and cuts. Or even worse, we might not have any idea what it’s about. 

What do you think? Did you like it? Does it leave you with good feelings about Dixie brand cups? 

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-Out of the Wilderness

His bow

I was driving towards a rain storm the other day and as soon as I turned on to the highway ramp my eyes beheld the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen. You know what they say, pictures don’t do it justice… but here are a few anyway.


It reminded me of the covenant between God and the earth, and mankind, talked about in the Bible (Genesis 9). This moment driving on the highway became worship as I admired the rainbow and the Creator of this art…. while listening to this song:

It was a moment, to say the least!

-Out of the Wilderness

We’re STILL walking around Bear Island

What started as a kayak adventure turned into a half day of kayaking AND hiking when we beached our kayaks on Bear Island (yes, it’s shaped like a bear).

bear island
image from Google maps

We had already checked out Luau Island (more on that here) so when we arrived at Bear Island, we explored nearby. Then we started walking along the rocky shoreline.


Said hi to a few folks who were fishing.


Said hi to campers.



Are we going around the entire island?


How big IS this island, anyway?


Should we turn around now? No, our kayaks are just around the corner!

Walking. Walking. Walking. Walking. Busted flip-flop.

Walking barefoot.


Seriously, just around THIS corner!

Four corners later…

…still walking!

Over 2 hours later, and a lot of spider webs to the face, we finally found our kayaks. We refueled with food and water and rested… thinking about how far we had just walked. It was quite the adventure! If you go to Bear Island and want to hang out for a bit, bring bug spray, sandals (not flip-flops), and food and water, of course.

Here are a few photos I took along the way.


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-Out of the Wilderness

In a crowd of hundreds, no one was wearing a mask

I was working in downtown Nashville last night. On a typical Friday night there’s a span of about 5 blocks that would be swarming with people. It’s on Broadway from 1st Ave up to 5th Ave. Now, I know since the coronavirus, downtown has changed quite a bit, even if temporarily. In fact, here’s a video showing how eery it was when no one was around… 

So as I said, I was downtown Friday night. The crowds are back. Not quite as full as it will be, or as it used to be, but still crowded with tourists, locals, people enjoying a pleasant evening with music, food, and shopping. 

The days of zipping around downtown doing UberEats deliveries is a thing of the past. We’re back to struggling to find parking, watching out for scooters, and traffic. 😦 I know it’s good for the city, though, so it’s fine! Except for the scooters. I still can’t believe there haven’t been major accidents with those things. 

The crowds didn’t surprise me. The scooters didn’t surprise me. The smiles and laughter didn’t surp—- wait, smiles??? Yes, smiles! I actually saw people’s faces! I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that in the span of those 4 or 5 blocks as I was driving up Broadway, I didn’t see even one person wearing a mask (excluding bar staff, and security). Not even one in a crowd that I’d conservatively estimate numbered in the hundreds. 

In fact, as eery as it was to NOT see the crowds a few weeks ago, it actually felt eery to now see crowds but none wearing masks. It was eery, but also kind of awesome. 

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-Out of the Wilderness

Kayaking 5.5 miles east of downtown Nashville, TN

I realized today that after I came back from Florida 2 months ago I haven’t done even one thing by any body of water (except one bath last week, if that counts??). I can’t blame it completely on COVID-19, to be honest. But the time came to break this bad trend in my life. Water fun came in the form of kayaking on Percy Priest Lake. Check out the path of the paddling below… in total it was around 8,800 meters (roughly 5.5 miles).


Being on the water was so fun, especially knowing there were no alligators or sharks. We did see a snake in the water, though. Other “more safe” creatures we saw were birds, turtles, minnows, frogs, lizards, and caterpillars.

I was craving something like this trip and it turned out to be exactly what I needed! We also did a bit of hiking on Bear Island (the island seen in the middle picture above), which deserves its own post so be on the lookout for that one in the coming days. This year has been pretty weird, right? But I’m hoping I can kayak (and hike) with some regularity! This kayak adventure was a good start to a better trend 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher

This match features The Stallion (me) vs. Pollen the Punisher (yes, pollen is a worthy enemy). It’s a no holds barred event in middle Tennessee that happens twice a year and so far, Pollen the Punisher is…




Pollen the Punisher is kind of predictable, showing up to the ring at the same time every year (I’ve even written about this enemy before) but of course 2020 had to be different: A surprise attack a couple of weeks before our scheduled fight which totally caught me off guard. I’ve been a step behind ever since! Then halfway through the fight our guest referee, Cory the Virus, said I must wear a mask in certain public situations, like that’s going to help me… I already have an itchy nose because of Pollen and now I have to wear a mask that lightly brushes against my nose and makes me feel like sneezing at any moment?! Just great.

To be continued…..

-Out of the Wilderness