Is rapper Tom MacDonald more patriotic than country singer Brad Paisley?

There are a couple of new songs out now, along with accompanying videos. One is from country superstar Brad Paisley and another from a relatively new rapper, Tom MacDonald. They both have guests appear in their songs but you might be surprised who one guest, country singer John Rich, duets with. The other duet includesContinue reading “Is rapper Tom MacDonald more patriotic than country singer Brad Paisley?”

Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?

Morgan Wallen must’ve just set a Guinness World Record for the amount of songs released on an album (36 songs on “One Thing At A Time”) and he broke Spotify’s streaming record with millions of streams after the album was released. It’s probably safe to assume there’s a song for everyone on this album butContinue reading “Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?”

Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular

On the eve of a big Friday for Morgan Wallen – a new album being released tomorrow AND a recently announced free concert in Nashville, yes it’s free – the country singer probably can’t help but look back at the wild couple of years it’s been since he was in the news for something otherContinue reading “Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular”

Brad Paisley’s “Same Here” …the Dumbest Country Song Ever?

It’s been a tough week for country music. Last weekend a song called “Southern” entered our airspace and we’re all worse because of it. Probably the worst country song ever to make its way into our ear holes since “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” (sorry, Trace) but then Brad Paisley says, “Here, hold my beer…” becauseContinue reading “Brad Paisley’s “Same Here” …the Dumbest Country Song Ever?”

The country singer we’re supposed to like

It kind of annoys me that a certain country singer is being forced down our throats. It reminds me a lot of this take on Olivia Rodrigo. But in Olivia’s case, at least she had a hit song first. This country singer is being presented as if she’s popular but the problem is, she doesn’tContinue reading “The country singer we’re supposed to like”