Cars that look like stars

I saw an El Camino recently and for a split second thought it was Kid Rock. Then I had a revelation… there are quite a few celebrities that look like cars. Adam Levine / Corvette Hunter Hayes / Toyota Rav4   Lil Wayne / this car Paris Hilton / Mazda RX-7 Vince Vaughn / VolkswagenContinue reading “Cars that look like stars”

The woman in Omi’s “Cheerleader” music video…and other fun facts about the video

[click here for more about Keith Urban’s new video “We Were”, the post will open in a new window] Omi undoubtedly has the hit of summer 2015, right? But who’s this woman below? Scroll down to find out! She’s cute, she can dance, and this is not the first music video she’s appeared in. ButContinue reading “The woman in Omi’s “Cheerleader” music video…and other fun facts about the video”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #2

So I had a dream recently, and in it I was making a dance compilation video for “Call Me Maybe.” Hey, everyone’s doing it, so the dream wasn’t far from reality. The only thing I remember, though, is being in a room, behind the camera, recording the dance moves of Lil Wayne. Not totally embarrassingContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #2”