Every song I hear reminds me of Kobe Bryant

A few hours ago I got a text from my brother asking if I’d heard the news about Kobe Bryant. I said, “what news??” I was in church like a good little boy so I didn’t hear anything. For the record, my brother is a pastor so he was in church, too. He’s just moreContinue reading “Every song I hear reminds me of Kobe Bryant”

Top Ten Signs You’re Single This Christmas

10. When you get to your company Christmas party, you hear someone announce, “The fruitcake has arrived!” but you brought cookies. 9. Your most recent Facebook status: “my chesnuts havent roasted on an open fire in months. lol” 8. You haven’t shaved your legs since October because, “Hey, it’s winter, I’ll just wear jeans.” 7.Continue reading “Top Ten Signs You’re Single This Christmas”