A lesson from the bench

Hi there! You might think the title of this post is something related to a judge’s bench. Or a work bench. Wouldn’t that be so clever? Well, no. I’m not a judge and I don’t make things out of wood. This goes all the way back to middle school basketball. Yep, I was one ofContinue reading “A lesson from the bench”

OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together” Basketball Ad – the music, the foul, and more!

Oreo has a new ad out featuring two young men playing basketball. The smaller baller delivers an elbow to the face of his opponent, and, well, see what happens next in the ad… I will include a higher quality video of the commercial once Oreo uploads. For now, here is some fun info… The Music.Continue reading “OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together” Basketball Ad – the music, the foul, and more!”

March Justiceness

Have we taken the SJW mindset too far? Even in college basketball’s March Madness, there are multiple teams with “Equality” sewn onto the backs of the players’ jerseys. A basketball team has 5 players on the court per the rules of the game. How long till someone is offended that there are 3 of oneContinue reading “March Justiceness”

In-game slam dunks I may not ever forget

The top dunk for me will always be Michael Jordan breaking in after a Scottie Pippen free throw. Out of nowhere Jordan pops in the picture and leaps up to slam dunk the missed foul shot. It was amazing. I almost can’t even finish this post because just… wow. But I won’t leave you hangingContinue reading “In-game slam dunks I may not ever forget”

Every song I hear reminds me of Kobe Bryant

A few hours ago I got a text from my brother asking if I’d heard the news about Kobe Bryant. I said, “what news??” I was in church like a good little boy so I didn’t hear anything. For the record, my brother is a pastor so he was in church, too. He’s just moreContinue reading “Every song I hear reminds me of Kobe Bryant”