The NBA playoffs started already?

The NBA is already into the playoffs? I had no idea. In fact, I had to check my phone to confirm it. I can’t put a finger on the reason I stopped watching but I should also say I’m a sporty guy. I watch football, I play sports when I have the chance, and I’mContinue reading “The NBA playoffs started already?”

Yay, sports!

There’s football pre-season, season, playoffs, the championships, and there are the months we wait again for pre-season. But I *suppose* watching the men’s version of the NCAA basketball tournament has had some dramatic, nail-biting games and below has been the best I’ve seen in a long time. Take a look at this crazy ending ofContinue reading “Yay, sports!”

Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?

Not too long ago during the NCAA basketball tournaments, Buick sort of went out on a limb (I guess?) with an ad promoting women’s sports. How they went about it was the potential risk and you can read my review of the ad campaign here. In a nutshell, though, the ads were ironic and aContinue reading “Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?”

American Express Jersey Swap Commercial – The Music and Sports Legends…

American Express has a solution for sports ball fans. The problem? Your favorite player gets traded and now the jersey you have with the player’s last name isn’t quite as accurate. The solution? Well, here it is (then scroll down for more info)… The Music. The heartbreak/country song playing in the background is “I’d TradeContinue reading “American Express Jersey Swap Commercial – The Music and Sports Legends…”

A lesson from the bench

Hi there! You might think the title of this post is something related to a judge’s bench. Or a work bench. Wouldn’t that be so clever? Well, no. I’m not a judge and I don’t make things out of wood. This goes all the way back to middle school basketball. Yep, I was one ofContinue reading “A lesson from the bench”