Why Baseball Caps After Any Championship?

I watched the Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup the other day. Congratulations to them, and what a fun series to watch as they and the Lightning sparred for 6 games. A game 7 would have been pretty amazing to watch, I’m sure. But now that all the interesting sports are over (and yes, I’mContinue reading “Why Baseball Caps After Any Championship?”

Gatorade Fit Commercial – The Fitness Celebs and the Music!

Gatorade, a sports drink I secretly consumed in college (which was an unwritten no-no at Florida State), has a new beverage line without artificial stuff in it. Check out the new ad then scroll down for more details… The Celebrities. In order of appearance… Cody Rigsby is a “fitness guru” and a Peloton Cycling Director.Continue reading “Gatorade Fit Commercial – The Fitness Celebs and the Music!”

When you’re a boss Quarterback

The other day I was watching the Tampa Bay Bucs, quarterbacked by Tom Brady. He’s known as the GOAT because of his many Super Bowl rings and his overall domination as a QB. Side note, it’s also really cool that he seems to be such a family man. After the game in his post gameContinue reading “When you’re a boss Quarterback”

Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!

Ally has a new, and timely, ad out featuring sporty inspiration in these times where we’re watching and celebrating the 2021 2020 Olympics. Take a look… If this ad doesn’t give you chills, you are a terrible person and you need to go sit in the corner. Meanwhile, the rest of us can listen toContinue reading “Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!”

It’s hot in Nashville, Tennessee – a general update

I made a promise to myself this past winter that when it got hot again, I wouldn’t complain. This commitment came because of how long winter seem to go on (and on and on and on…) so I was really trying to will the warmer days to get here. I guess it worked? Well, itContinue reading “It’s hot in Nashville, Tennessee – a general update”