Treat People With Kindness

I was chatting with a few teammates on my adult league softball team recently about how players sometimes get so mad on the field. Whether their anger is aimed at an opponent or an umpire, it happens all the time and all over the country (and the world?), and I couldn’t help but acknowledge thatContinue reading “Treat People With Kindness”

Do football players poop at halftime?

Has anyone ever wondered this, or is it just me? More importantly, does anyone know the answer? I never played organized football so I can’t speak from personal experience. Usually halftime breaks last anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes. That’s plenty of time to remove any uniform or padding that’s in the way, right? IContinue reading “Do football players poop at halftime?”

My three favorite words

Sitting on the bleachers, wiping sweat off my forehead. Resting for a few minutes before someone calls out, “Run it back?” These are words I love to hear. You thought the three words were going to be “I love you,” didn’t you? Gosh, you were way off. “Run it back” is a phrase often heardContinue reading “My three favorite words”

Feel good sports music playlist

I’m on version 4 of my softball Spotify playlist and I really think #4 hit a bullseye! It’s been really fun to listen to while playing softball and I think it would work for other sports as well. Note that I’m mostly referring to adult league sports. These songs wouldn’t necessarily work for any typeContinue reading “Feel good sports music playlist”

Little League dads tussle over pop fly hit to shallow outfield

Hoover, AL — This past weekend Little League athletes took the field for a cross county rivalry showcasing the talents of Allen’s Furniture Ferrets vs. Sew What Badgers. The Ferrets came into the game with 3 wins on the season, and only 1 loss. The Badgers haven’t faired as well, boasting only a single win,Continue reading “Little League dads tussle over pop fly hit to shallow outfield”