Acura Precision Electric Vehicle – The Commercial Music, Hulk Hogan, and More!

This is the first electric vehicle commercial I’ve seen from Acura, although *technically* they don’t have an EV yet. Looking at the fine print of this commercial shows that the car shown is just a concept, kind of like the Chevy EV commercials where all but one are not even available yet! Here’s the ad,Continue reading “Acura Precision Electric Vehicle – The Commercial Music, Hulk Hogan, and More!”

The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher

This match features The Stallion (me) vs. Pollen the Punisher (yes, pollen is a worthy enemy). It’s a no holds barred event in middle Tennessee that happens twice a year and so far, Pollen the Punisher is… Kicking. My. Butt. Pollen the Punisher is kind of predictable, showing up to the ring at the sameContinue reading “The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher”

That time I was sucker punched in the face

Have you ever been walking down the hall of your college dorm, and someone you barely saw out of the corner of your eye sucker punches you? All this fighting between the alt-left antifa and the alt-right white supremacists got me to thinking about the scuffles I’ve been in over the years. All one ofContinue reading “That time I was sucker punched in the face”

10 Signs He’s Into You

He uses his phone to call you, not just text. Remember the good ol’ days when you sat by the phone and waited, then the excitement when the phone rang? Not only is calling a sign of a confident man who likes you, it’s also classy. He answers the phone when you call. He’s not playing games withContinue reading “10 Signs He’s Into You”