There are more than 2 genders

In college, taking a public speaking class was required and believe you me, I dreaded it. I haven’t really ever felt comfortable with the attention that goes along with speaking in public to a large crowd or any crowd. This class was not one I enjoyed especially towards the end of the semester. Our lastContinue reading “There are more than 2 genders”

Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!

Nissan began making the Kicks back in 2018, replacing the Juke. Right off the bat I loved the way this SUV looked on the outside. Something about it is fun, sporty, and stylishly original. Take a look at a new ad from Nissan showing off the “Limitless Possibilities” of the 2021 Kicks. The music… featuredContinue reading “Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!”

Airbnb “Forever Young” TV Ad

Airbnb has released a series of ads showing off their “Hosts” offering for overnight stays. They’ve had one using the great Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” and another with “Landslide”. Below is Airbnb’s ad featuring a song you may recognize, check it out… The background… Airbnb shares the story of the folks featuredContinue reading “Airbnb “Forever Young” TV Ad”

Picking up other people’s litter and giving it back to them

I’ll be the first to admit I can be annoying. The other day it was on display as I did this… (and yes, I have a dash cam, I love it!) There are probably multiple reasons I did this, but for sure one is because I can’t stand when people are lazy especially when itContinue reading “Picking up other people’s litter and giving it back to them”