Putting the RIP in RipStik

So this happened the other day. Right out of a scene from a horror film, right? It reminds me of Scream, or is it from I Know What You Did Last Summer? Either way, this poor RipStik never saw it coming. I take that back. He definitely saw it coming, but with wheels up, thereContinue reading “Putting the RIP in RipStik”

Publix’s Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!

At this point, can we all just admit Publix knows how to make commercials that pull every single heart string? They do it time and time again, like this one, that might be the cutest ad I’ve ever seen. Then they created original music for this Thanksgiving ad, it’s a beautiful song called “I RememberContinue reading “Publix’s Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!”

I always hurt you

I had a very vivid dream about an ex-girlfriend recently. This is the first dream I pinched myself, during the dream, specifically just to make sure it was real. It’s just so crazy to me how real dreams can be. She and I were standing in a parking garage and I thought to myself, “ThisContinue reading “I always hurt you”

Home Depot’s Christmas commercial 2021 is quite jolly

If you come to my blog often, you know how much I enjoy writing about commercials. Typically what interests me is the music used as the soundtrack for the ads – like this one from L.L. Bean or this one from Chipotle. I haven’t written about Home Depot before. That is, until now. Check outContinue reading “Home Depot’s Christmas commercial 2021 is quite jolly”

All the single lady(bugs)

A few days ago I wrote about ladybugs swarming around my travel trailer home. It was crazy! Here’s the backstory. Dying to get into my house, they were! I mean that metaphorically, of course! No ladybugs were harmed in the writing on that last post, even with me vacuuming them up. You see, after theyContinue reading “All the single lady(bugs)”