Cocaine Bear… seriously!?

I happened to catch a commercial for Cocaine Bear and thought, “Is this real!?” Kind of like what people had to have asked when that song “Friday” swept over the country a few years back. Well, “Friday” is very real and so is Cocaine Bear! Here’s the trailer… Everybody looks forward to the weekend, right?Continue reading “Cocaine Bear… seriously!?”

The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More

Beep boop boop beep! Satellite linked SOS (for emergencies only) is front and center in a recent Apple commercial for the iPhone 14. Take a look then scroll down for more info about the ad… The Music. Adding to the tension in this commercial is a song called “Found” by Toulouse. Here’s the full track…Continue reading “The iPhone Emergecy SOS Commercial – The Music and More”

Where and Who is Elliot Page?

I’m not here to bash this actress (Ellen Page who now goes by Elliot Page) who once appeared as a woman in movies like Juno and Inception. There are plenty of people out there taking either side of the story, whether it’s supporting her in “her journey to manhood” (that might be the weirdest phraseContinue reading “Where and Who is Elliot Page?”

Where is the kid from the Cam Newton commercial now?

I was thinking about a commercial from 2012 featuring star quarterback Cam Newton and a kid named Nate. In the commercial, Nate basically challenges Cam Newton for the starting position as the QB for the Carolina Panthers. It’s a great ad, take a look! All Grown Up. A few days ago I wondered, “Where isContinue reading “Where is the kid from the Cam Newton commercial now?”

Ten songs that should be cancelled immediately

In the spirit of Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” being offered up to the cancel culture (or was it satire?) because the idea of a man making a woman feel like a woman is somehow excluding or hating on the LGBTQ+ community and women in general, I’ve put together aContinue reading “Ten songs that should be cancelled immediately”