What I DON’T like about the Samsung Flip4

Usually my philosophy when it’s time to upgrade my cell phone is to get one that serves 3 purposes, besides the obvious stuff like call, text, data, etc. So basically, if I fulfill that first one by not getting an iPhone, the other two generally happen naturally. My last phone was a Motorola, before thatContinue reading “What I DON’T like about the Samsung Flip4”

The country singer we’re supposed to like

It kind of annoys me that a certain country singer is being forced down our throats. It reminds me a lot of this take on Olivia Rodrigo. But in Olivia’s case, at least she had a hit song first. This country singer is being presented as if she’s popular but the problem is, she doesn’tContinue reading “The country singer we’re supposed to like”

Eagle sightings and a territory battle

There’s a dead tree close by that bald eagles have been perching on the past couple of days. Well, maybe it’s one bald eagle (not multiple eagles) but today there was another eagle that showed up and this clearly gets the attention of the bald eagle. Take a look at the video below and letContinue reading “Eagle sightings and a territory battle”

This Red Cross Christmas Commercial is Flaming Hot

Talk about a unique take on holiday commercials! This new ad from the American Red Cross starts by giving you all the warm, fuzzy feelings as a young girl hopes for snow over the holidays. She gets her wish, walking out into a real-life snow globe (kind of like this Amazon Christmas commercial) but soonContinue reading “This Red Cross Christmas Commercial is Flaming Hot”

Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022

I spent time on the coast of north Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday and there were some foggy days! It was kinda crazy that the fog lasted all day, not burning off as the sun rose. This little beach an hour south of Tallahassee is a slice of Heaven (which makes sense because it’s acrossContinue reading “Nature Photos from the Coast – Holiday 2022”