Bravery for the right reasons

There’s a song that’s always makes me laugh, not because of the song itself, though. When it came out, it was celebrated as an anthem for all of us. But the truth is, especially in politics or religion, people don’t want to see you be brave unless it’s for “for the right cause.” Half theContinue reading “Bravery for the right reasons”

A must-see tour featuring two great bands

Last year I went on a camping trip from Florida out to Texas and Oklahoma (check recaps here). Part of my adventures included catching a band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a great show by Judah and the Lion and later this year they’re touring again, this time with one of my all-time favorite bands,Continue reading “A must-see tour featuring two great bands”

Another sprint triathlon, am I crazy?

After a disastrous swim during my first ever sprint triathlon, I thought I’d never embarrass myself that way again. Y’all, my swimming was so bad I can’t even accurately describe it with words. Here’s how I thought I’d do and how I really did… There were bystanders (friends, family of athletes) watching from the lakeshoreContinue reading “Another sprint triathlon, am I crazy?”

Summer Birds and Nature Pictures

Summer is in full swing and it’s never more apparent than when I spend time on the near water. Whether it’s oceans, lakes, or rivers, aquatic life and birds are out and about in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from wet areas in the southeast… -Out ofContinue reading “Summer Birds and Nature Pictures”

Am I an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert?

This is the kind of question that might simply not have an answer. But if I had to make an educated guess, I’d conclude from the 44 years I’ve been on this earth that I’m an extroverted introvert. There are always moments I need to get away and be alone. Call it recharging, decompressing, centering,Continue reading “Am I an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert?”