Nominee For Vice President Encourages All Supporters To Buy Identical Converse Sneakers

Oakland, CA — While the Democrat nominee for President has been having small gatherings with cardboard cutouts, the nominee for Vice President made a splash on social media recently, campaigning across the country in a sporty pair of black and white Converse All Stars. Commonly known as Chuck Taylors, or Chucks, the shoes worn by the VP nominee were chosen very much on purpose.

Photo by Aidan Carney on

“These shoes are easy to find at a good price, and I want that for our followers– excuse me, for all Americans,” said the Democrat from California, following up by encouraging Democrats to pick up a pair to wear on election day, November 3rd.

“Matching outfits is important to demonstrate unity,” an official post on Twitter explains. “We are in this together as our party is propelled to victory like a comet shooting through the sky.” The potential Vice President also shared that November 3rd will be the day Democrats evolve to a level above Republicans.

A published list of required supplies for any Democrats hosting a watch party on election day are as follows:

  • low top black and white Converse.
  • applesauce or pudding.
  • beds for everyone to lay on at the same time.

Converse was made aware of the peculiar event and released a statement: “This has nothing to do with Converse.” They are hoping to curb any association with the Democrat plans, citing negative publicity may result in the shoe company having to retire this particular model for decades.

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Joe Biden Hosts Grassroots Event with Room Full of Cardboard Cutouts

Cleveland, OH — After the last debate Joe Biden went right back to campaigning in key battleground states. Among the stops was a “grassroots” fundraiser in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to low turnout, a source confirming not one real person showed up, Biden campaign organizers hurriedly set up cardboard cutouts of likely Democrat voters.

[Nominee For Vice President Encourages All Supporters To Buy Identical Converse Sneakers]

Biden seemed completely unaware as he fielded questions, bumped elbows, and sniffed the hair of cutouts all around the room.

“These people here are exactly why I’m running for President,” Biden said in a statement to one reporter. “I want to be a leader they can trust. Where do I go now?” Biden’s handlers then shuffled him off to brush his teeth and put his pajamas on because it was just after 4 P.M.

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Exercise goals for 2020, nearing the finish line

One of my goals for this year in regards to exercise is to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. There are just over 2 months left and I’ll admit there were days I wasn’t sure I could do it. Today I feel good but with a bit of concern because here in Nashville it’s getting cold. Hey, I’m from Florida… if it’s not sunny and 80, I expect snow.

Me with a slight cool breeze:

So when and where I run or walk will definitely be affected by winter approaching. I’ve been in the habit of walking with my 2 dogs each day, about a mile, but I will be totally transparent– only 1 of us likes the cold weather. So me and my spirited beagle overrule the young adventurer in the family.

Here is a screenshot of my progress so far on the 250/250 goal:

You can see that if I just do about a mile and a half each day (combined) I will reach the goal. Awesome! I’ve been using both the Garmin VivoActive HR and the Forerunner 245. They have been great GPS watches for tracking, as well as entertainment– the Forerunner is the “music” version of the watch so having a playlist right on my wrist has been really nice and convenient.

I am determined to reach this goal, but as the temperature falls I will have to adapt… and probably take some walks and runs in the cold.

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Biden checking out First Lady after debate

After the last debate Biden couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the First Lady, and cameras caught it. In his defense, he might be on death’s doorstep, but he DOES still have a heartbeat and she IS a woman. But it seems like only Joe Biden can tell a woman to “shush,” ask a woman who called him racist to be his VP, then gaze at the First Lady and get away with it. Check out screenshots below, still staring at her even while he kisses his wife through their masks. Can we fault him for any of this? You be the judge 🙂

Also check this out: Joe Biden Hosts Grassroots Event with Room Full of Cardboard Cutouts 🙂

I had to include a pic of her heels. Wow, love ’em!

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Final Presidential Debate Notes – 5 seconds of awkward silence, Biden an innocent baby, Bidencare, and more!

I think we can all agree this debate was much easier to stomach than the first one. It was very interesting how many times the moderator Kristen Welker, who ultimately did a nice job, interrupted Donald Trump (18x) in stark contrast to her Biden interruptions (1x). It is widely known that Trump can be a steamroller in debates, so in Welker’s defense, keeping a tight leash on the debate was a good idea. Even still, she was very loose with letting Biden get his responses in, sometimes even asking him if he’d like to respond.

Personal highlights were as follows:

  • Trump says Biden is trying to be “an innocent baby”
  • Biden says we are “learning to die” with Covid, after Trump says we’re learning to live with it
  • Biden says we are all the United States, then goes on to say red states are having a Covid spike
  • Trump says Biden is selling “pillows and sheets”
  • Random, unexpected introduction to “Bidencare”
  • the “laptop from Hell” comment from Trump
  • 5 seconds of the most awkward silence after Biden is asked to respond to a Trump comment
  • Biden checking out the First Lady as she walked across stage after debate ended

Download my full debate notes below, using CNN’s coverage of the debate as a reference:

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