Yes, I voted for Trump

…and I’d do it again. Wait… wait… I will do it again! 2020 is right around the corner and as the political scene comes more into focus with a nominee for the Democrat party, I’m reminded of how weird it is to be a conservative in the U.S. nowadays.

In fact, I’ll throw this out there: it’s more acceptable to come out as gay than it is to come out as conservative. If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you heard of anyone who’s gay getting harassed or roasted or slammed in the media? Now think about the last time a conservative was harassed or roasted or slammed? Let’s see, how about last night on every single late night talk show?

It’s crazy that there are times in conversations I’ve had where I hesitated to say something about being conservative, voting for Trump, or supporting anything like right to life, guns, the border wall, etc.

Crazy times!

But while I would be considered a conservative by public opinion, I like to think of myself as a preservative. I want to preserve the country the way it was meant to be. Every single person has the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I see one side of the aisle trying to stick to this, and the other side trying to change it.

Maybe one day it won’t be such a social risk to admit we care about “conservative values,” but for now our most vocal citizens are pushing for the advancement of “progressive values”… which is a glaringly obvious oxymoron, anyway.

-Out of the Wilderness


The guys in Camila Cabello’s “Liar” music video… and Lionel Richie, too!

Here are a few fun facts from Camila Cabello’s entertaining “Liar” music video!

Fiesta, forever
First off, if you think “Liar” has a couple of familiar melodies, you’re right! The song samples 2 hits, one from the 80s and one from the 90s– “All Night Long (All Night)” by Lionel Richie and “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base. Gosh, I love Lionel Richie!! And Ace of Base, too.

What’s really crazy is both of those songs were released (1983 and 1992) before Camila was even born (March 1997)… yeah, she’s that young! Lionel Richie is credited as a songwriter on “Liar” by Camila, along with the members of Ace of Base: Ulf Ekberg, Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren.

The beaux
Her fiancé Reese Kensington is played by actor Zak Steiner. According to IMDB, he’s been on quite a few shows including Law & Order and Jessica Jones.

The bus beaux
The bus boy / waiter is actor Keiynan Lonsdale is known for his roles on The Flash and Dance Academy.

Good directions
The music video was directed by Dave Meyers who has also directed music videos for Normani, Ed Sheeran, Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift among others.

Who’s hungry?
On one of the windows of the restaurant where the couple is eating lunch, you’ll read “les tartines gourmandes” which is French for “gourmet sandwiches.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.20.57 AM

Love letters
The note given to her says “All I do, the whole play through is dream of you.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.07.45 AM

During the newscast, the dates are December 6th and 7th, with the time on both days, 9:06. I can’t find any significance at this moment.

Camila Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello

Zak Steiner Twitter: @zaksteiner
IG: @zaksteiner

Keiynan Lonsdale Twitter: @KeiynanLonsdale
IG: @keiynanlonsdale

Dave Meyers website:

-Out of the Wilderness

Getting speed humps in my neighborhood


It’s been such a long process, one that started even before I moved into my house nearly 10 years ago. The street I live on is a “cut through” street connecting a highway with another major roadway in south Nashville. That’s all fine and good, but a few have ruined it for the rest.

By “the few” I mean drivers that go 45/50mph daily through the neighborhood. For the ones that have been obeying the law of a 30mph speed limit, “the rest,” things are about to change thanks to the those wannabe NASCAR drivers.

According to neighbors who’ve been here longer than me, the problem has been growing and growing as Nashville has seen traffic become a nuisance all over town, almost all hours of the morning and late afternoon. To avoid the traffic, commuters divert through my neighborhood and totally disregard safety and laws. Why would they care? They have somewhere to be, pronto!

But that’s about to change for good. Metro Public Works selected this neighborhood as one that needs traffic calming. Hooray! Through the process of meeting with Public Works, drawing up plans, going house to house for an official petition, we’re so close to having speed humps installed, along with a roundabout at 2 particular intersections on a couple of streets. It’s going to be awesome.

If you’re interested in how to go about this in your neighborhood, comment below and I’ll share my experience and any advice I can help you with.

Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses!

-Out of the Wilderness

My dogs like to cuddle, and I’m OK with that

When it comes to weather, winter is my least favorite time of year. My feet are always cold, I usually get sick at least once, everything shocks me, and there’s just not much to do outside when it’s 15 degrees! But there is a silver lining.

My dogs are so warm!

Check out a few clips in this montage of one of my dogs under the covers.

Our sleeping arrangement here at the house goes like this… there are 2 bedrooms; one is mine and the other belongs to the dogs. In these bedrooms there are mattresses. Mine is a queen and the dogs share a king. I know that might sound weird but one day I was at Bargain Hunt here in Nashville and happened to catch a sale on these gigantic mattresses. So basically for the price of 2 dog beds at PetSmart, I could get a mattress that is twice the size of the two doggy beds put together.

So with all that said, most nights I sleep with the dogs on their enormous bed. Hey, it has sheets and pillows so why not? 🙂

One of my dogs, Piper, loves to burrow under the sheets entirely, so she typically ends up by my feet, leaning against my legs. Asia, on the other hand, prefers to curl up against my chest, half under sheets and half out. But like Piper, she’s got to be touching me in some form or fashion. Sometimes it’s leaning against me, other times it’s my arm draped over her.


What I’ve found with a little research is that most dogs still have the instinct of holing up in dens like their ancestors. Packs of dogs would huddle up together for warmth and protection. So there’s a little of that going on with my dogs too, and yours also if they’re the type that love being under sheets or they’re super cuddly.

It’s awesome being part of the pack!

-Out of the Wilderness

Would you rather date through Facebook, or go on The Bachelor?

Ever since the dawn of man, men have been trying to get it right with the ladies. Heck, Adam was the very first Bachelor contestant, right?

But there is nothing easy about deciding to be on The Bachelor, I’m sure. A lot of your dating history will be exposed to millions of people who will either cheer for you (which would be awesome, I guess), or cringe (which is most likely). Then there are the tears.

So. Much. Crying.

If you watch the show, or any of it’s spinoffs like The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise you know exactly what I mean when I say these people are… what’s the word… interesting. Most of them think being on the show is their one last shot at finding true love. Most of them are also under the age of 25.

Bless their hearts. Then, if one of these young’ns don’t get a rose, they bawl their eyes out because they thought they had found “the one.” After 3 days of being part of the cast. Barely knowing the person’s last name.

Well, getting dumped on national TV is no longer their last chance of getting rejected!!! Facebook has entered the game.  Facebook wants to be for single people what Alex “Hitch” Hitchens was to Albert Brennaman. 

So romantic. Really, it is. But does Facebook have any hope of being a successful matchmaker? I’ll say this… using an established social network to romantically connect people together makes a lot of sense. There are millions of people who have millions of friends in common, so perhaps this could be a way for friends to meet friends of friends… people they wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I just have my doubts as someone who’s tried a handful of dating platforms.

You see, what I’ve heard from my female friends is this: guys on dating sites are mostly one of 3 types. The creepy guy. The runner. The player.

[creepy guy]

Creepy guys are hard to explain because they can appear in a few different ways. But mostly, and this is just based on what I’ve heard from female friends, they’re clingy, or as soon as a woman doesn’t respond right away or asks a question about the guy’s authenticity the dude gets defensive and hurtful.

The runner is the guy that has a lot of potential in the beginning but as time wears on the other shoe drops. Meaning this… he’s got something in his DNA that won’t let him get to the place where a relationship can last. So he either ghosts, or just goes away, blaming himself.

The player. This one is easy to define. Sex. His first message is something like, “Hey baby” or “Ur fine” or something super genuine like that. 😉

They want one thing and one thing only.

Here’s another truth for you… when women join a dating site, they are flooded with messages, matches, winks, whatever. While that could be flattering, it’s actually really overwhelming. And from a friend who checked out the Facebook dating “portal,” it hasn’t been any different. She said the influx of matches caused her to delete her dating profile.

Sucks for the ladies who are on “here for the right reasons,” and for the dudes who are genuinely “looking for their person.”

So why would Facebook be any different from dating apps that exist currently? I can’t think of a solid reason except for the friends of friends thing. In that regard, it does open up more options than The Bachelor ever will, because nowadays, they’re all just dating each other. Yes, we’re looking at you Blake from Stagecoach.

He. Sounds. Hideous.

Have you tried the Facebook dating thing? Have you auditioned for the Bachelor? Chime in below and let’s get a conversation going!

-Out of the Wilderness

The challenge of being too competitive

I was pitching for my softball team earlier this week and everything was fine until the 2nd of a double header. In the first game, the opposing team’s pitcher was a bit flustered that a few of our hits were right back up the middle. You see, in those scenarios, it’s proper etiquette to make known to the pitcher a sense of penitence for the ball hit back towards him in a way that could cause injury. Basically, hitting it directly towards the pitcher is a no-no, a sports faux pas, an unwritten rule, one that seasoned players recognize and usually adhere to, or follow it up with an apology.

The second game starts and I’m pitching the ball to one of their batters, who happened to be their pitcher… the flustered guy. He lines one to me, shin-level, and I had to flail my body out of the way. No apology. No nothin! In that moment I felt the adrenaline rushing, not just for the hit, but for what it meant. He did it on purpose and no matter what level of competition, that’s not cool.

Did I let it go? Of course not.

So this is my problem: even at 40-years-old, I can’t stand poor sportsmanship and I take most things personally when there’s an attack on me or someone on the team for which I’m playing. Sometimes that’s just not a good idea! Relatedly, I also can’t stand laziness. This pitcher had the trifecta of things I hate: being a poor sport, lazy (he was smoking a cig as he pitched), and arrogance.

After his hit that nearly banged up my legs, I approached him on first base and asked him a simple question. “You’re not going to apologize?” His response: “Apologize for what?”

Sassy britches.

Maybe the title of this post doesn’t exactly reflect where the story went. It’s not necessarily that I’m too competitive, it’s that I expect everyone to be good. To behave. To treat others kindly. And it soooooooooooooo ticks me off when that doesn’t happen on the softball field, football or soccer field, basketball court, or ultimately anywhere a competition is happening.

The solution that I’ve come up with is just to do my best to harness my emotions, still defending myself or my teammates, but not let an opposing player, whomever he or she may be and whatever they’ve done, take me to that dark place where the rage monster lives. Because at the end of the day, we all go back to our homes and feed our dogs, or play with our kids, or turn on Netflix. Nothing gets recorded in American history and, in fact, usually no one besides those on the field or court that night will ever know what happened anyway.

But that pitcher was a turd nugget.

-Out of the Wilderness


Detroit Youth Choir vs. Ndlovu Youth Choir – America’s Got Talent

I may just be a crotchety old man but something about Ndlovu Youth Choir irritates me. It’s actually not about the performances per se, or even the talent. They’re incredible and entertaining. I think it’s in the content and presentation. They’re all about Africa. That’s all fine and good but this is not Africa’s Got Talent! Know what I mean?

I think it’s important to play to your audience, and they don’t seem to do that. Sure, they performed Higher Love, but it was smothered in Africa this, Africa that.

Imagine your favorite college band going into their rivals football stadium and playing their own school fight song. Bold, sure. But then hoping or expecting the rival fans in the stands to give you a standing ovation and love you so, so much… well, that’s just disrespectful, right?

Or you show up to an art show featuring paintings by your best friend. Another pedestrian is also walking around in the venue and all they talk about is this other artist who’s got work in a studio down the street.

Or an even more accurate comparison… a choir from America auditions on Africa’s Got Talent and they are super pro-America all the time. It just doesn’t suit the environment.

Ya dig it?

Then you have the Detroit Youth Choir. I have no weird feelings with them. The strongest feeling I do have is this… They’re the home team who is simply super grateful to be where they are. Sure Detroit is in their choir name, but I don’t get the outsider, oblivious visiting team, our city is better than yours, vibe I get from the Ndlovu choir.

Is any of this making sense? Bottom line: they’re both good choirs, even great, and I only bring in the Detroit Youth Choir as a comparison to the Ndlovu Youth Choir. One is part of the fabric of America, while the othr seems to just want us to fall in love with Africa.

-Out of the Wilderness