Treadmill was a bad idea

The other day I made it over to the gym for a leg workout. Those are fun.

What I didn’t know is that working out my legs wouldn’t be the most difficult part of the gym visit. After finishing with weights, I hopped on a treadmill for a mile run. Still, not the hard part of the workout, even though running on a treadmill is one of my least favorite things in the world. My gym has about a thousand treadmills but, of course, the few people using them near me were hot women.

You might be thinking, “So what’s the problem?”

I know, I know… hot women are hot, but I’m trying to limit temptation in my life. Certainly there’s enough of it in many other areas of life (TV, movies, etc), and women at the gym are usually wearing tight clothes so that definitely adds to the attraction, whether they know it or not.

So as I’m running in place, I mention that now would be a good time for God to somehow get me out of this, while I’m staring straight ahead and trying not to glance in any direction towards the hot women.

The moral of this story is this: when you need God to come through, just talk to Him about it. And turn up the speed on your treadmill, metaphorically. I believe prayer works, but it’s also a two way street. While I was waiting for a way out, it was important for me to run faster so I could complete the mile and get out of there. My brother mentioned something to me a long time ago that has stuck with me…

Pray as if it all depends on God. Work as if it all depends on me.

So to sum up: Men, it’s best to find a gym that only has ugly women. You’ll be better off.

-Out of the Wilderness

Scenes you missed in Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License”

If you’ve been to my site before, you probably know I like writing about music videos whether it’s one from Taylor Swift, Luke Combs, Camila Cabello, or any others on my music video page. Today’s post is about a new video from newcomer Olivia Rodrigo. Take a look…

There are two montages including very quick clips flashing by in a blur in this music video. So quick, in fact, each montage is only half a second! If you missed the images in each montage, I got you covered. First up is the set of 16 images appearing at timecode 2:34.

The next montage at timecode 3:21 includes some clips from the first montage, along with the following images:

And for more from the video shoot, here’s a behind the scenes look:

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-Out of the Wilderness

Joe Biden, our new precedent

If there are any take-aways from 2020, it’s that people loved to say it was “unprecedented times,” and if I hear one more person say “pivot” and they’re NOT talking about Ross from Friends, I might throw a couch at their face.

when Ross says it, it’s funny.

Joe Biden has definitely been a trailblazer for future presidential candidates. He’s set a precedent for campaigning from a basement, calling your opponent racist when you can’t think of anything else to say about them, not being eloquent (or even coherent), picking a running mate simply based on their gender and race (which actually sounds sexist and racist, right?), and lastly… cheating. Now, I’m not naive. In every election there is probably some element of cutting corners, or misleading people, or even fraud, but whether Joe knows it or not, his party set a new standard for how low they’ll go to win. So much for “when they go low, we go high,” right Michelle?

For now, we’ll live under our new Commander-in-Cheat. That is, until the first black, Asian, white, Hispanic, woman, man, non-binary, person, non-person Kamala Harris takes over. I give it a few months. Until then, I guess we shall live with the Democrat’s mirage of “unity.”

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-Out of the Wilderness

President Trump: “Have a good life.”

These words from President Trump stood out to me during his farewell before boarding Air Force One this morning. Among other things, he addressed the crowd (and viewers watching on TV) saying, “Have a good life.” It reminds me a few things, in spite of what liberal NBC said afterwards, Savannah Guthrie repeating the encouragement as “Have a nice life,” not nearly the meaning I deducted from what he said. “Nice” and “good” are worlds apart, because you can do good, you be good. That has an element of charity to it, go into the world and do good. “Nice” just means have a pleasant life; more of an inward focus.

Photo by Sharefaith on

When he said this line, it reminded me of a friend of mine that brought her new boyfriend to a party and introduced him to us (her friends). Long story short, the night was fine and at the end when we were saying our goodbyes to each other, I said to her boyfriend, “Have a nice life,” with the meaning being I didn’t know when (or if) I would see him again. It was a farewell in case it was a final farewell. He and I still joke about this to this day because my friend married him.

It also reminded me of the sentiment shared by Mr. Feeny on “Boy Meets World.” When he was saying goodbye to Cory and the gang, he said:

“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.”

Topanga: “Don’t you mean ‘do well’?”

“No, I mean ‘do good’.”

Sidenote: If Mr. Feeny would’ve run for President, he would’ve had my vote 🙂

There are just a few more hours left of the Trump presidency and surely Biden has moved all his stuff into the White House by now. As Donald Trump wrapped up his goodbyes to the nation, he also said something to the affect of returning to the spotlight, so only time will tell what that could mean.

For now, though, goodbye and thank you Mr. President for the good work you did for our country. May the next administration “do good,” too.

-Out of the Wilderness

Update on reaching my walk/run goals in 2020

Hi. My name is Ben and I forgot to post an update from a goal I set for 2020.

*you say* Hi Ben. We forgive you.

Thank you so much! Well, last January I made a goal to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. I had no idea if it would be easy or hard or whether I’d fall way short or go way over. It was all of that; sometimes easy, sometimes hard. The hardest was actually on the final day. I was *this close* to admitting to myself I wouldn’t reach 250 running. I was just over 6 miles away. Running 6 miles in a day might not sound tough to you, but it was cold outside, VERY cold, so I had to do it all on a treadmill.

I know, treadmills are not fun. But somehow I was able to get it all done and walked my sweat-drenched self out from Planet Fitness to my car and drove home.

I was pretty pumped to have reached my goal! Hopefully this year I won’t wait until the very last day to complete it all, because, yes, I’ve committed to the same goal again, PLUS a hundred miles on a bicycle… because I got a bicycle!

Thanks for stopping by…

-Out of the Wilderness