Is Yeti Cooler Commercial Actually Uncool?

For the longest time I was trying to find an ad I had seen on TV so I could write about it. All I had to go on on was “Wear Your Cooler.” While this phrase doesn’t make much sense on its own, I thought at least I’d have enough to find out the productContinue reading “Is Yeti Cooler Commercial Actually Uncool?”

Jon Pardi “Last Night Lonely” – The Car, The Police, and More in the Music Video

Pardi Animals, as fans of Jon Pardi are called, were treated to a new music video from the country singer. It’s for a song from an upcoming album, the track called “Last Night Lonely.” Take a look at the video shot in Las Vegas then scroll down for more info! The Ride. With an all-blackContinue reading “Jon Pardi “Last Night Lonely” – The Car, The Police, and More in the Music Video”

Google Pixel 6 Commercial – The Music, and the First Non-Racist Phone?

Hello and thanks for checking out my post today. If you’re interested in other popular TV commercials, click on my Popular TV Ads page to find out more about a lot of them. Today’s post is about Google, which put together a minute-long ad showing how their Pixel 6 phone isn’t racist has a niceContinue reading “Google Pixel 6 Commercial – The Music, and the First Non-Racist Phone?”

I used to bake in the sun

I’m a Floridian through and through. I know some people can claim Florida as their home state, but I was born as far into Florida as one can get– Key West. I’ve always loved being associated with the Sunshine State (even when I lived in Tennessee for 16 years). I recently left the Volunteer StateContinue reading “I used to bake in the sun”

Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe

The first time I saw this commercial was during an episode of American Idol, which I was watching with one of my nieces. My top 5 Idol updates and reactions here We were behind so, like everyone else, we were skipping ahead during the commercial breaks. But wait, what’s this? It’s an ad that IContinue reading “Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe”