Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe

The first time I saw this commercial was during an episode of American Idol, which I was watching with one of my nieces. My top 5 Idol updates and reactions here We were behind so, like everyone else, we were skipping ahead during the commercial breaks. But wait, what’s this? It’s an ad that IContinue reading “Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe”

American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5

WARNING: This post might spoil who got eliminated from the top 7 so read on, if you dare. Last night’s episode was full of good performances. At this point–with 7 great singers– there isn’t a single contestant that would be an obvious elimination. Here are the songs that were performed by each singer: Leah MarleneContinue reading “American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5”

American Idol – top 10 revealed and I’m rethinking my taste in music

I must not have good taste in music because the America is keeping the contestants I would send home and they’re sending home singers I’d definitely keep *ahem* Ava Maybee. After the recent round of eliminations, the group was reduced from 11 to 9, but the judges decided to keep one of the two axedContinue reading “American Idol – top 10 revealed and I’m rethinking my taste in music”

American Idol update – top 11 did America get it wrong?

The singer I thought would win it all is out! I can’t believe Ava Maybee didn’t make it to the top 11. Others that were eliminated didn’t surprise me as much as her ousting from the show. I think it’s a little unfair that the first performer gets more voting time vs. the last performer,Continue reading “American Idol update – top 11 did America get it wrong?”

American Idol: My Top 3 for 2022

It’s a little late in the game to be picking my top 3 but for someone who hasn’t watched American Idol in years, this is progress. Give me some grace here, people! I still wonder how the show is still on air and while I can’t speak for the previous handful of seasons, the castContinue reading “American Idol: My Top 3 for 2022”