American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?

Season 21 has wrapped up with two of my top three battling for the title of this season’s American Idol, and the winner shouldn’t surprise you. This contestant was an early favorite and his popularity never tapered off. It’s Iam Tongi! (as if you didn’t already know 🙃) Megan Danielle ended up getting second place.Continue reading “American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?”

Can American Idol save Disney?

If you’re even a little bit aware of the current culture surrounding Disney (and Florida, too, I suppose), you know they’ve sort of plopped themselves in hot water with conservatives. It was especially noticeable when they announced they’d pay for any employee who wants an abortion to travel to a state where it’s legal. TalkContinue reading “Can American Idol save Disney?”

American Idol – Luke Calls Colin Cute and the Top 5

I’ve strayed from my normal note-taking during American Idol episodes because the top 8 singers would be getting 10s in all categories. At the end of the latest episode, 8 shrunk shrunk down to 5 when Oliver, Haven, and Warren were eliminated. Here are my thoughts from the episode in the form of a list,Continue reading “American Idol – Luke Calls Colin Cute and the Top 5”

American Idol – Tea with Royals and a Perfect Twist of Irony

Isn’t it ironic? American Idol judges Katy and Lionel are over in England for a royal to-do and England’s own Ed Sheeran is here in the U.S. to be a guest judge on Idol. I wonder if he’ll say anything about the coronation of King Charles III and is it as awkward as it seemsContinue reading “American Idol – Tea with Royals and a Perfect Twist of Irony”

The drugs of American Idol, a breakdown

I was watching a recent episode of American Idol, or maybe we should spell it AmaricinIdyl so it matches the weird medicine taking up ad space during the commercials. Did you catch all the medicine commercials, drugs with an ‘x’ or a ‘z’ or a ‘q’ in the name? Here’s a list of the onesContinue reading “The drugs of American Idol, a breakdown”