Wacky Wednesday: When I Was Your Fan (American Idol)

I’m a pretty consistent American Idol watcher, but this is the first season I’m more interested in the judges than the contestants! #NickiMinajHasGrownOnMe  #KeithUrbanIsBloodyCool  #WhenDidMariahCareyGetOld  #RandyJacksonDawg  #CandiceShouldWin  #yawning

My Apologies to an American Idol Star, “I’m Sorry.”

I saw Danny Gokey (of American Idol fame) at the dog park the other day. I told a friend of mine, “Piper is a bit testy but Asia has no enemies!” Immediately after that Asia got into a squabble with a bigger dog. It was Danny Gokey’s. How embarrassing. For more stories about me and myContinue reading “My Apologies to an American Idol Star, “I’m Sorry.””

Miracles, What Are They Anyway?

After barely making the playoffs, your favorite hockey team wins the Stanley Cup. Not a miracle. Speeding down the highway in the pouring rain, just missing the jack-knifed semi-truck trailer. Not a miracle. A man turning water into wine. Miracle. The word miracle is far too often associated with something that is simply not miraculous.Continue reading “Miracles, What Are They Anyway?”

Spring Is Here!

The air is clean, the temperature is cool, the pollen is thick, and Spring is here!