Life With Dogs

I put this page together to take a look at the funny side of living with dogs. My first dog Piper was an only child until I got Asia, so we became a family of three. It can be crazy, it can be fun, it can be funny, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Check out the early experiences with my pups in the links titled Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. but lately I’ve been posting random stuff my dogs get into. 

Here’s the latest: My astronaut dog when she’s left alone with a carton of treats :/

Volume 1: Sharing A House With A Dog.  — 8/3/2010

Volume 2: Sharing A Car With A Dog.  — 8/5/2010

Volume 3: Sharing A Yard With A Dog.  — 8/24/2010

Volume 4: Sharing Problems with A Dog.

Volume 5: Teaching A Dog To Respond Favorably.

Volume 6: Balancing Doggy Instinct With Class.

Volume 7: My Dog Rolls Around On Dead Animals, and Why I Do, Too.

Volume 8: My Two Best Friends Have Tails.

Volume 9: The Lion King.

Volume 10: We’re Almost On A First Name Basis.

Volume 11: My Apologies to an American Idol Star.

Volume 12: A Day at the Park With My Anti-Social Beagle.

Volume 13: My Dogs Drop Bombs and I Pick ‘Em Up.

Volume 14: Alright… Night, Night.  — 5/7/2013

Volume 15: Off the Beaten Path.

Volume 16: Like Father, Like Dog.

Volume 17: The Land of the Lost.

Volume 18: I  Lost My Keys!

Volume 19: How I Trick My Dogs Almost Every Day.

Volume 20: That Time My Dog Ate My Dinner.

Volume 21: My pitiful dogs at bath time.  — 10/25/2017

Volume 22: She wants to be Mary this Christmas. — 12/11/17

6 thoughts on “Life With Dogs

  1. Am I right in saying you have beagles too? Or are they foxhounds/harriers? Either way they’re cute, the one on the left’s eyes are extraordinary, never seen blue ones on that kind of dog before.


    1. I do! Well, one is full beagle, the other (with the blue eyes) is a mix of beagle/blue heeler/labrador. The beagle is about 25 pounds and the mix is just over 30 pounds, so they’re not big like fox hounds. Do you think beagles in the US look the same as beagles in England? Yours has a different look than mine, but not sure if that’s just a breed difference, or difference in location also. The blue eyed dog, when she was a puppy the lady said her eyes may turn to brown as she grows up, but I’m so glad they didn’t!


      1. Yeah the blue eyes are gorgeous, I only really see them on huskies/weimaraners usually. I think they’re probably similar in the two countries but there are two branches in the beagle breed; show beagles (like yours) which are a bit shorter and more square in their build and head, and working/farm beagles (like mine) which are taller with longer, more hound like features.


      2. I had no idea that there were 2 different kinds. Thanks for the info! When I get home I’ll tell Piper she’s a show beagle, she’ll like hearing that. She’s already so prissy (unless there’s a rabbit nearby), this will make her feel like a real princess!

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