Popular TV ads

Check out research from a handful of TV/online ads featuring great music, cute pets, and various products…

Zillow Splashy Swimming Pool Ad – The Music

Google Chrome Commercial – The Actress and the Music

1-800-FLOWERS Has “Yo Mama” Jokes

Liberty Mutual Emu Wedding Ad

American Express Jersey Swap Commercial

Betty Buzz Commercial – The Bubbles

Fitbit Is For Self-Identified Quirky Folks

Ladder Life Insurance with a crocodile in bed!

KIA’s New Sportage Beach Commercial

Cracker Jack Goes Full Feminist in New Ad

Kohl’s Spring Styles Commercial 2022

OREO cookies goes gay in new commercial

State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Subtitle Mistake

GMC Hummer Crab Walk Commercial – Should We Care?

CNN+ Commercial – The Music in the Ad

Invesco QQQ – Too Many Commercials, or Not Enough?

AirBnB Hosts – Music from Rita Lee

iPhone 13 Pro – The Music and the “Wild” Color

iPad Air Election Commercial – The Music and More

Invisalign Popcorn Ad – The Women and the Original Video

Uber Eats Starbuck Ad – The Music and More

Buick’s “See Her Greatness” Ironic Ad

Amazon’s Bridal Party Wedding Day Commercial

Samsung’s Epic Trio of Commercials

Liberty Bibberty Bad Actor Ad

Allstate’s wedding cake commercial

Kia’s Robo-pup commercial

Walmart’s Clever “Company” Commercial

Chevrolet’s Snowy Cat Commercial

All the birds in Liberty Mutual’s “Bird Call” ad

Amazon’s Napoleon TV commercial

Kid records himself all day in the new iPhone 13 ad… the music

IKEA’s buff bear commercial

State Farm releases game console “into the wild”

One A Day – New Medicine, Old Music

Amazon Prime’s Medusa Commercial – The Monster, Music, and More!

Microsoft Surface Pro 8, the music in the ad

NordicTrack “Go Somewhere” Commercial

AirBnB Beautiful Stranger

Grey Goose Vodka – Le Musica!

Tesco Christmas Commercial

Apple and Bruno Mars

Publix pulls heart strings in new Christmas ad

Home Depot’s Jolly Christmas Commercial

L.L. Bean’s Holiday Ad – The Dog, the Music, and More!

Dick’s Sporting Goods Christmas commercials

Apple’s Snowman Ad featuring music by Valerie June

CarMax makes a fatal error in their Usain Bolt ad

DoorDash Dash Pass is a howling hit!

Chevy’s funny cat commercial – The Music, Walter the Cat, and More!

Publix “Beautiful You” Ad – The Music and More…

Ally Bank “Allies” ad during the Olympics

Uber: Go Get It – New Ad Campaign Delivers A Fail

What’s that song in the Indeed commercial? Answers here!

Dude, what’s that song in the Dell commercial? Answers here!

Apple iPhone “Haystack” commercial…

Allstate’s “parking garage” down commercial…

Toyota’s SUV commercial music

Lipton Iced Tea “Stop Chuggin” Ad

Three Things I Appreciate In Amazon’s Prime Day Ad, and Two Things I Don’t

New Balance’s misleading “Impatience” Ad

Only Daisy Cottage Cheese Ad – The Music and More…

Eli Lilly and Company’s subtle messages you need to know about in their latest TV ad

Apple iPhone “Tracked” featuring Felix!

Nike “Play New” featuring below average athletes

Walmart’s new summer TV commercial

Jersey Mike’s Callous Ad About Turkey Dreams

GEICO and Lisa Loeb “Cracked Windshield” Ad

OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together”

Sam Adams Beer – Your Cousin From Boston Gets the Vaccine

iPhone Mmmmm, Purple – The Candyman Commercial

Facebook DeafHoops Ad

Zillow’s new “Susans” commercial with the many sides of Molly Lloyd

SKYRIZI goes country in new ad

Powerade and Liberty Mutual, both swing and miss in TV ads

GEICO motorcycle ad

Acura MDX music and more

Kohl’s “Spring into Action” hopscotch ad

Allstate’s new ad “Duets”… the car, music, and the hood ornament!

Liberty Mutual’s Interrupting Seagulls

Doritos 3D featuring Flat Matthew McConaughey

My 3 Favorite Ads Currently Airing, and My 3 Least Favorite

GEICO featuring Billy Blanks and Fitness Assistants

Truly Hard Seltzer ad featuring “Happy Day”

Song in the Holiday Mercedes-Benz Commercial

Auld Lang Syne with American Express

Toyota’s Holiday Ad Featuring Military Man Returning Home

Allstate Island Commercial – The Islands, the SUV, and the Hound!

Music from Microsoft Holiday Ad – Dogs in Airplanes

Apple HomePod Mini Commercial – Winter 2020

The clothes and music of the Gap TV commercial

What’s the song in the Dell computer commercial?

Publix Thanksgiving 2020 with Original Song “I Remember This”

Amazon Prime with Chuck Berry

Meow Mix Commercial with Country Music Cats

iPhone 12 Max and Mini with music by Remi Wolf

All State actors, location, and the music of Edith Piaf!

Holiday Kohl’s commercial with Willie Nelson and things you can buy in the ad

Subaru’s “Underdog” ad totally got me

Toyota Venza featuring “Love Lost” and a cute terrier dog

Microsoft Teams featuring “New New” by Club Yoko

The famous voices behind a few TV ads

Bud Light Zamboni delivery ad with music by Eric Starczan

Xfinity says to “Go Your Own Way”

Gap closes the gap with music by Kristina Train

Truist Financial featuring Cruiser the dog and a well-known song

Publix ad featuring “Home” by Ro Malone

Tyson Chicken featuring “Family” by Drew Holcomb

A new Walmart ad, “Yo Voy Ganao” by Systema Solar

Walgreens Graduation commercial with Bebe Rexa’s “Here’s to 2020”

GEICO’s killer horror ad

GEICO and Jerome Bettis fumble in this ad

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