The iPhone Kids Racing Commercial – The Music and a Fatal Error?

Apple is telling GoPro to GET OUT MY WAY! Well, I kind of made that part up but Apple is advertising their “steady cam” capabilities in their new ad. A boy is running and his mom tracks his every step with the steadiest of video shots. Take a look then scroll down for the music and what might be a critical mistake.

The Music. A great song choice for this commercial, it’s Tadashii “Get Out My Way” featuring Lecrae. Here’s the full track, then scroll down for a scandalous take on the making of this commercial!

But he’s fast, right? This commercial shows us that the one main kid featured is the fastest in the group. He starts out slow but by the end he crosses the finish line in first place. Atta boy! But then at the same time, we’re expected to believe his mom, running sideways and halfway concentrating on recording her son running, is keeping up with him? One of two things must be true: the boy is actually very slow, or his mom is (or was) an Olympic runner. I wouldn’t call this a fatal error in the commercial but it certainly leaves a lot of room for questions.

One thing is on full display, though, in spite of the logical error explained above. If these clips come out steady and crisp, the iPhone 14 is no longer a phone with a camera. It’s a camera with a phone!

Till tommorow, y’all…

-Out of the Wilderness


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9 thoughts on “The iPhone Kids Racing Commercial – The Music and a Fatal Error?

  1. Great commercial! It definitely was nothing negative about it at all — the negativity is actually stupid comments which is a reflection of the person!! The color of the person is not the issue at all! The commercial was a creation for an I-phone and the options the phone has for the consumer!


  2. I’d stand my ground and watch her fat ass crumple to the ground while her fragile phone shatters on the pavement but that’s just me.


  3. I just see a fat, arrogant, entitled black woman who thinks it’s perfectly fine to shove everybody out of her way because SHE is more important than anyone else. Daring anyone to say anything to her.


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