Fumbled iPhone ad’s music, location, and more!

This iPhone ad caught my attention within a few seconds of hearing the song. Check it out… The song is called “The Conference” by a guy named Nitin Sawhney. The full track is below. Nitin is a composer, producer, and musician. Click here for more bio details. All of Apple’s commercials are produced by TBWA\MediaContinue reading “Fumbled iPhone ad’s music, location, and more!”

The song in Apple’s ad for iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini

Apple has been promoting their new phones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini and has a new TV ad out featuring both. Take a look below… (also check out the new Apple ad for their HomePod Mini featuring music from…) The song is called “Hello Hello Hello” (Polo & Pan Remix) byContinue reading “The song in Apple’s ad for iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini”

5 things that might blow your mind

  I love a good list about, well, anything. So here’s one for you today… it’s a list of things that might surprise you. I know they throw me for a loop if I think too long about them. Do you have anything to add? Comment below! 5 things that might blow your mind… OnlyContinue reading “5 things that might blow your mind”

Droid is the New Apple

It used to be that if you had an Apple product, you were in a select group on the outskirts of mainstream. With a firy passion, you bucked the idea of following the leader. You colored outside the lines. An Excel spreadsheet was for your dad and his friends. It’s no doubt that Apple’s introduced revolutionaryContinue reading “Droid is the New Apple”