State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Ad – The Subtitle Mistake?

Welcome to my site where I write about all kinds of things for two reasons… 1. I like to and 2. I write every day (posting at 1pm central). Thanks for stopping in! I’ve discovered in the two years of daily posts that I really enjoy researching and writing about commercials. Today’s post covers aContinue reading “State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Ad – The Subtitle Mistake?”

I still cringe when I hear this word

There’s a song by Elvis Presley called “Once Is Enough” and that’s exactly how I feel about a word that gained popularity because of the pandemic. The word had already been used perfectly in a scene from Friends. Ross, Rachel, and Chandler were bringing a couch up a narrow stairwell when Ross barked out instructions…Continue reading “I still cringe when I hear this word”

A Florida Camping Mini Tour – Pit Stop in Gainesville

Welcome to my blog. If you’re new to the site, I write about all kinds of things from dating to dogs (not dating dogs, let me be clear) to music and TV and many other things. This particular post is the first one in a series of posts about a mini-tour camping around central Florida.Continue reading “A Florida Camping Mini Tour – Pit Stop in Gainesville”

Purple in the fall of 2021

The color purple keeps popping up at random times in my life. I know what you’re saying, though. “Ben, there are only a handful of colors. Of course purple is going to show up now and then!” To that, I say… bah humbug. I like purple and it seems to be appearing more than otherContinue reading “Purple in the fall of 2021”

Janice from “Friends” was also on “Seinfeld”? Mind blown!

I’m just now watching the entire Seinfeld series for the first time ever, and in the middle of season 3, who should appear? JANICE!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Maggie Wheeler (Janice) plays a character named Cynthia, who regretfully dates George for as long as one episode. And what’s even more of a riot… George comments onContinue reading “Janice from “Friends” was also on “Seinfeld”? Mind blown!”