The Reawakening: Part 10

I’m a few months into being laid off and a lot of people have been asking…

“What are you gonna do? Have you found work yet?”

The truth is, I have been idling. Don’t get me wrong, the engine is running, but it’s kind of like I’m at the starting line waiting to take off. Other people that were laid off or left CMT around the same time I did have found work, and that’s awesome. In the back of my mind, I think to myself, “Should I have jumped right back into the workforce as fast as possible?” But then I remember the plan. The plan was to actually enjoy the time off with a kind severance from CMT because it’s so rare to be in your mid-30s with time and freedom to pursue other interests… and travel.

I went to Missouri to volunteer at a Christian sports camp where I worked when I was a wee little college student. I’ve been to Florida a few times for time at the beach, time with my family, and this.  I also went with my parents and 2 oldest nieces to the Bahamas. That never would have happened if I was still working at CMT.

I’ve been kayaking, hiking, dog-sitting, rewatching A Different World, so many things that have reminded me how much fun life can be. I needed a reminder. I was in a routine, and I love routines so that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I was living the cliche of “going through the motions.” Now it’s impossible to go through those same motions.

So what’s next? I’m excited about the idea of pursuing a couple different opportunities. I know I prefer to stay away from the traditional form of making money: going to a job, clocking in, clocking out, wearing a uniform. In the next few weeks I’ll be brainstorming and writing down a plan to make the rest of this year as good and exciting as the summer has been.

Thanks for following along on the journey!

-Out of the Wilderness

You Heard It, She Said An “I Do”

One of my favorite TV show scenes is from “A Different World” when Whitley is about to marry Byron. The minister goes through a list of commitments the bride and groom are making to each other. He asks Byron if he will follow through, and Byron responds with an “I will.” Whitley is given the same speech and when it’s her turn to confirm, she freezes. Everywhere she turns, she sees Dwayne Wayne’s face. (And if you don’t already know this, Dwayne was her long-time boyfriend, another main character on the show.) So anyway, Whitley’s mother encourages her to say “I will” because the ceremony can’t continue without her verbal confirmation. Just then, Dwayne, who slipped into the wedding without drawing attention to himself, stands up and asks Whitley, “Will you?” It’s a superbly dramatic scene! Dwayne resists the groomsmen who try to wrestle him away from the ceremony, all while asking Whitley to marry him. She says “I do!” Her mom tells the minister to go on with the Byron-groomed ceremony because Whitley said “I do.” The minister sums up the entire scene by asking, “but to whom?!” It’s a fantastic moment. Dwayne and Whitley get married and the crowd cheers. Well, at least her side did.

As I navigate through my 30s, I know I’m closer now to the husband I want to be. The funny part is… I’m still single. But in the things I do, in who I date, I’m aiming towards the “I do.” The big question still remains, though, “but to whom!?”