That little booger! A story about allergies.

Have any of y’all ever heard of someone who gets away with something as a “booger”? In my mind it’s usually a grandchild who does something slightly outside the rules and a grandparent says, “You little booger!” That’s the way I hear it in my head, at least. Well, today… the saying means something totallyContinue reading “That little booger! A story about allergies.”

Janice from “Friends” was also on “Seinfeld”? Mind blown!

I’m just now watching the entire Seinfeld series for the first time ever, and in the middle of season 3, who should appear? JANICE!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Maggie Wheeler (Janice) plays a character named Cynthia, who regretfully dates George for as long as one episode. And what’s even more of a riot… George comments onContinue reading “Janice from “Friends” was also on “Seinfeld”? Mind blown!”