Barack Obama is not the first black president

I know this post is basically 9 years too late, but still, every time I hear it said that Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States, I perk up a little. I think it’s just a matter of language, really. Because he was our first African-American president, sure, since his dad was from Africa and his mom was from the U.S., but he is not black, in the literal sense of the term. So if someone is going to say he was our first black president, someone else could easily counter by saying he was our 44th white president.

I also thought he might be the first biracial president, but that may not even be true either. There are lists out there that show a handful of other presidents who are considered to have been “mixed race.” Just think about the early years of the United States… wouldn’t the chance of a white person and a Native American falling in love and making babies be pretty high?

I agree with the first part of what Morgan Freeman said here in 2012: “America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president, he’s America’s first mixed-race president.”

Let me be clear here, my issue is not with Obama at all. He achieved one of the most sacred and honorable positions in the U.S., so kudos to him for that. But I am excited for the day we have our first actually black president (as long as he or she is elected because he or she seems to be the most fit person to lead the country, of course). That person can be Native American, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, doesn’t matter to me. My issue is with how we’re defining Mr. Obama’s race and/or legacy. Even if it’s just in a social way (meaning history books and documents will get it right, but conversationally we’ll always get it wrong), I think he’ll be remembered as being the first black president.

Do you often here Barack Obama referred to as the first black president? What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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6 Best “Can’t Feel My Face” Parodies or Performances

By now you’ve heard the hit song by The Weeknd(not a misspelling), it’s Can’t Feel My Face. But have you seen these clever renditions of the song?

My favorite is this one, featuring President Barack Obama:

Then there are a couple from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, first one features Tom Cruise:

and the next features Black Simon & Garfunkle:

Then, getting to actual parodies, there’s the one from the dentist’s office:

The next is a mom celebrating her son returning to school:

And then a literal take on the song:

And if you haven’t seen the real video, check it out here:

Which is your favorite? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

-Out of the Wilderness

Alligators, Bieber, and an Apple IIc

AlligatorWhen I was young, our family lived in a house that backed up to a lake. There were a few reasons to live in fear. The most popular among my siblings was because we lived in Florida. Which meant alligators in any body of freshwater bigger than a roadside puddle. Actually, in the last few years, we’ve seen them in the ocean, too, but that’s another story. Back then, I couldn’t think of anything more scary than alligators. Of course, that was way before Justin Dweeber, reality TV, and Obama which are all more bieberscary that alligators if you ask me! So the most immediate threat was not on the radio, TV, or in Washington, it was in our very own back yard. I remember at night there were 2 red lights that reflected off the sliding glass window. One was probably from the power button on the Apple IIc or something. But I always imagined they were the eyes of  an evil alligator waiting to bust through the door and bite us. Every day we played in the grass and swam in the lake and I wondered where the alligators were. My dad would even swim across the lake a few times per week.

I’ve lived in Tennessee for a few years now and one of my favorite things is there are no alligators! You can swim in the area lakes with total freedom from being dragged under by a prehistoric dinasour-looking death machine. If you’ve never grown up with a daily fear of being preyed upon, you can’t truly appreciate this feeling of freedom I feel every day. But night time is another story. Alligators show up in Tennessee when I close my eyes to go to sleep.

They’re the kind of dreams that make you very thankful when you wake up that it was not real. One recent dream took place at my family’s beach cottage in Florida. There was a small alligator (oddly, it was about the size of a snake) near the shore. I started running because it was chasing me! Before I could get away, it latched onto my hand. To remove it, I held my hand above a fire that was nearby (how convenient!) and it burned up so all I could see was the skeleton. When I returned outside to show my dad, the alligator somehow got to me again! You know things are not going your way when a dead alligator bites you. Not good. Then later when it wasn’t paying attention I smashed it’s head with a MagLite flashlight. That’s what I’m talking about! However, if it was real life, I would’ve ran away like a scaredy cat, zig-zagging of course.

Any interpreters out there?

-Out of the Wilderness


Hitting the 200k Mark

199,999 views ago Barack Obama was still President of the United States. Gas was only $3.50 a gallon. Casey Anthony was just a girl with two first (guy) names and Pwned wasn’t anything. My, my, my how times have changed! Ok, not really. But anyway, reaching the 200,000 views mark means a lot to me, so thanks for reading! Here are a few highlights from “Out of the Wilderness.” Enjoy!

Some readers found my site by searching for “sweet cross tattoos” or “bret michaels” or “mixing instant breakfast with milk lumps” or my favorite, “michael bolton’s ex wife.” Others were searching for an answer for why their dog rolls on dead animals or what it means when a guy asks a girl to dinner. I’m so proud that my site is diverse enough to cover all those topics… and more! Here are a few links to posts from the past:

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Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday

It’s 2012 and you know what that means, we elect a president for the next 4 years! For most, the decision on who to vote for is easy because you either like this guy:

or this guy: 

But for those who are still undecided, perhaps these easy choices will help you have enough confidence to pick a President, also.

Decision #1: Wearing a pair of brown shoes. Obviously, choosing a pair should be easy… unless you’re me. I realized during a Sunday church sermon that I wore 1 shoe from 2 different pairs. Was God laughing? Probably.

Decision #2: This is an easy one. Of course you want to wash all your clothes at the Jumbo Washette! But, isn’t a jumbo washette just a normal-sized wash? You can’t have a large miniature pincher. It’s simply a doberman pincher then.

Decision #3: Stay one more year, kid.

My college or career goal is…

Decision #4: When it’s hailing outside, do you: A. drive in it, or B. not drive in it…?

Now go out there and vote, you can do it!