Is Michelle Obama a biological man?

Absurd. The idea that the woman we’ve known for quite some time as the First Lady and now a former First Lady might’ve actually been born a man is ludicrous. It’s kind of like the people who claim birds aren’t real. But there are questions that might never be answered, like… Does Brad Paisley haveContinue reading “Is Michelle Obama a biological man?”

The Masked Singer, a Ken Jeong fail?

Everyone and their mother are writing about Ken Jeong walking off set after Rudy Giuliani was revealed as the singer in the Jack-in-the-Box costume on the most recent episode of a show I don’t watch. We didn’t see Robin Thicke walking off set (although he did). We also didn’t see the female judges walking offContinue reading “The Masked Singer, a Ken Jeong fail?”

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden: Facts Over Fiction

This phrase is something I’ve heard a number of times within the Biden camp. Today I heard it again, this time from the one and only Hillary Clinton. Facts over fiction. There are a few things I find disturbing and/or ironic in this endorsement of Joe Biden for the Democratic nominee for President of theContinue reading “Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden: Facts Over Fiction”

Bloomberg out, Biden back in?

I think it’s very appropriate to call the Democratic run for presidency a roller coaster so far. Just looking at my posts from the past few months is a good example. Not even a month ago I posted Biden out, Bloomberg in? because Joe Biden’s campaign appeared to be on its last leg after heContinue reading “Bloomberg out, Biden back in?”

So is Hillary running for Prez or not?

There’s a local radio host here in Nashville who has prophetically projected that Hillary Clinton will jump into the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Obviously, at this time she hasn’t and since a few of the states’ deadlines for submitting your official entry has passed, she’ll have an interestingContinue reading “So is Hillary running for Prez or not?”