Is Michelle Obama a biological man?

Absurd. The idea that the woman we’ve known for quite some time as the First Lady and now a former First Lady might’ve actually been born a man is ludicrous. It’s kind of like the people who claim birds aren’t real. But there are questions that might never be answered, like… Does Brad Paisley haveContinue reading “Is Michelle Obama a biological man?”

Hershey’s hires spokesMAN for Women’s History Month

Sometimes I can hardly believe my eyes but in 2023 that happens pretty much daily. This time it’s Hershey’s. You know, the chocolate you use for s’mores. But now you can buy their chocolate for more than just campfire snacks. It’s also a show of solidarity for white men appropriating the female gender… and this,Continue reading “Hershey’s hires spokesMAN for Women’s History Month”

Things you shouldn’t say anymore, like “Indian style”

It’s 2021 and with so much so-called progress within our species as humans, our language has developed along the way, as well. I came up with a few words and phrases that were common in the last 20 to 30 years that are not quite acceptable in today’s American society. These are just a fewContinue reading “Things you shouldn’t say anymore, like “Indian style””