Where and Who is Elliot Page?

I’m not here to bash this actress (Ellen Page who now goes by Elliot Page) who once appeared as a woman in movies like Juno and Inception. There are plenty of people out there taking either side of the story, whether it’s supporting her in “her journey to manhood” (that might be the weirdest phraseContinue reading “Where and Who is Elliot Page?”

I made a meme about dating in 2023

People dating in the 90s and 2000s had it so easy! Sometimes I tell my married friends how thankful they need to be that they aren’t in the dating world anymore. In fact, I made a meme that encapsulates the adult dating scene so well in 2022/23. For any of my readers who aren’t marriedContinue reading “I made a meme about dating in 2023”

Vive La Différence

An attractive man walks across the room and two women standing nearby take notice. One stares longer than socially acceptable and the other exclaims, “Vive la différence!” Neither woman is French, and the man is about as southern as a pair of dusty overalls. But the phrase means what it means. Long live the difference.Continue reading “Vive La Différence”

Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House

Washington, D.C. — Joe Biden and his family have started moving into the White House this week as the outgoing President finishes up removing all personal effects. Staying on course with his message of unity and inclusion, Biden reached out to moving company Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™, a company that strictly hires peopleContinue reading “Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House”