Vive La Différence

An attractive man walks across the room and two women standing nearby take notice. One stares longer than socially acceptable and the other exclaims, “Vive la différence!” Neither woman is French, and the man is about as southern as a pair of dusty overalls. But the phrase means what it means. Long live the difference.Continue reading “Vive La Différence”

Colleges that will change their mascots in the next 5 to 10 years… probably

I recently put together a list of professional sports teams that might soon be pressured into changing their mascots (click here for that). Not to be outdone, here’s a list of colleges that might suffer the same fate as those professional teams. Colleges that might change their mascots to be more politically correct: Florida StateContinue reading “Colleges that will change their mascots in the next 5 to 10 years… probably”

I had a college professor who never used the word ‘the’

It was a strange semester to say the least way back in the 1998. One of my roommates was in the class with me and it didn’t take long for he and I to pick up on this teacher’s quirky mannerism. Surely it was just a random day where he wasn’t using the word, orContinue reading “I had a college professor who never used the word ‘the’”

My very own epic fails, part 1

I had an epic fail yesterday so as I laughed at the mistake I made, I thought about other times in my life where I’ve had major goof-ups. A few solid ones came to mind, and a few that I was hoping I’d forget about. The first I’ll share with you takes place in aContinue reading “My very own epic fails, part 1”

When I dreamed of being an artist…

When I was a young’un, I drew pictures all the time. I even dreamed of one day being an artist. I wasn’t thinking like an adult at all. Because an adult would think: OK, I want to be an artist. Can I make a living with this? What kind of artist? Who’s the audience? Still imagesContinue reading “When I dreamed of being an artist…”