Colleges that will change their mascots in the next 5 to 10 years… probably

I recently put together a list of professional sports teams that might soon be pressured into changing their mascots (click here for that). Not to be outdone, here’s a list of colleges that might suffer the same fate as those professional teams.

Colleges that might change their mascots to be more politically correct:

Florida State Seminoles

North Carolina Tar Heels

Alcorn State Braves

Utah Utes

Central Michigan Chippewas

Mississippi College Choctaws

*Also on this list is any school or team that uses as a mascot, Warriors

There you have it. Do you know of another school that might change their name? Comment with your additions below and as always, thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness


I had a college professor who never used the word ‘the’

It was a strange semester to say the least way back in the 1998. One of my roommates was in the class with me and it didn’t take long for he and I to pick up on this teacher’s quirky mannerism.

Surely it was just a random day where he wasn’t using the word, or he just misspoke a few times, right? Nope. All semester long this guy would skip over the word as he taught us the higher knowledge.

That was over 20 years ago, so why am I sharing this with you now? Well, I guess it just seemed like a story that needed to be told. Because who does that? The use of ‘the’ dates back to almost 1100 years ago so needless to say it’s an important word in the English language. I mean, can you imagine trying to form serious sentences without this word?

I dare you to try going an hour without using the word. As best you can, edit the word out of your normal comments and conversations and see how weird it sounds.

Now imagine you’re trying to get a good grade so you can graduate from college! You see how hard it can be for an innocent little college student trying to navigate world around him and teacher starts doing stuff like this? My roommate and I should’ve gotten A’s for all shenanigans we had to deal with 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness


My very own epic fails, part 1

I had an epic fail yesterday so as I laughed at the mistake I made, I thought about other times in my life where I’ve had major goof-ups. A few solid ones came to mind, and a few that I was hoping I’d forget about. The first I’ll share with you takes place in a Coast Guard Day softball game. My dad was in the Coast Guard and on this particular day, he let my brother and I play in the softball game. I was probably 12 or 13 at the time. I had seen this on TV so at one point when I hit a ball to the infield, I decided to slide into first base… head first. Let’s just say I ended up back in the dugout because the mud I slid in wasn’t as slippery as I thought it would be. Dove towards first, slid a little, stopped sliding before I even reached first base! Embarrassing. Then to top it all off, I cried. What a sissy.

There’s another embarrassing softball story, but this was in college. And again, I was sliding. I rounded second base and sprinted towards third. The throw came in and the third baseman tagged me, I was out. But we were arranged in such a way that when he pulled out of the tagging position, he had to toss my legs to the side. I took that as an arrogant assault so I became visibly angry. Realizing I took this the wrong way, he offered his hand to help me up, to which I rejected and popped up on my own. Unfortunately I got up too fast for my own good and ended up falling backwards. It was the most embarrassing moment of my college career, and that includes the few times I crashed my bike riding down a hill.

Another epic fail while I was in college involves my brother, yet again. This time it was his college graduation. Me, being the techy video fanatic, brought along my video camera to record the once-in-a-lifetime event. It was a great day! The battery was charged, I had a tape in the camera and things were looking up. I recorded clips throughout the ceremony and when it was his turn to walk across the stage, I was ready. Or so I thought. Checking the video afterwards, I made a giant mistake. You know how sometimes you can be recording when you don’t think you are, then not recording when you do think you are? So I recorded him walking up the ramp to the stage, then nothing, then him walking back to his seat. I completely missed him receiving his accolades as he shook hands with faculty crossing the stage. I’m such an idiot!

I owe an apology to my brother-in-law for the next epic fail. It was a beautiful day in the Gulf of Mexico. The guys in my family went out for a fishing trip in hopes of catching grouper, snapper, rock bass, whatever we could. My bro-in-law hooked something big. It took him a good while to reel it in, and whatever it was put up such a fight that we all took turns reeling. Towards the end he took the pole back and I assigned myself video duty. It was a huge nurse shark from about 90 feet down! It was amazing. I’d show you the video here but much like the disaster that was my brother’s graduation, I hit record to capture the event, only to realize when I hit the button to start recording, it was actually stopping the recording. I got about a 1-second view of that big fish. Dang it, Ben!

And to circle back around to my most recent epic fail… it was yesterday. I set out to capture the total solar eclipse in video fashion so I planned and prepped. Practiced and packed. On eclipse day I was ready. I arrived a couple hours ahead of time to get a good spot. I wanted to record 2 separate videos… 1. A 360-degree view of the park where I watched the eclipse and 2. a timelapse of the Parthenon there at the park. The 360-video went off without a hitch, but when I went to start recording the images for the time-lapse on my GoPro, the information window said “no SD card.” My attempt at a cool time-lapse was eclipsed by my own silly forgetfulness. As it turns out, I was practicing time-lapse shots in my back yard and after transferring footage from the SD card to my computer, I forgot to return the SD card to the GoPro. Soooooooo instead of a cool shot of the Parthenon, enjoy my practice time-lapse of mushrooms in my back yard. You’re welcome, America!

-Out of the Wilderness



When I dreamed of being an artist…

When I was a young’un, I drew pictures all the time. I even dreamed of one day being an artist. I wasn’t thinking like an adult at all. Because an adult would think: OK, I want to be an artist. Can I make a living with this? What kind of artist? Who’s the audience? Still images or animation? Photography or free hand? Pencils or a mouse? Of course, back then, the computers were not equipped to do artwork. We had an Apple IIc and about all I remember doing on that was playing Dig Dug. I can hear the music from that game in my head!

All I knew is that I loved drawing. Here are a few drawings from late high school/early college:

I drew all through middle school, high school, and a few drawings here and there in college. But in college is when my creative side found a new path. It was shooting and editing videos. I would sit in one of the school’s production rooms with 2 VHS tapes and put together mediocre videos, having so much fun doing it. Actually, I’m particularly proud of this one:

Around my junior year I bought my first video camera. That summer, I decided to record something every single day. Good times! I captured some pretty random clips, mostly involving my roommates, friends, and a miniature R2D2 figurine. Of course, R2D2, right? I’d post a clip but the tapes aren’t even… well, they’re actual videotapes so that should explain it.

As the years went by since that summer, I developed a real liking for this creative outlet. Like drawing as a child, it was a way for me to make something that I liked to look at or watch. It made me happy, and I really loved when it made other people happy, too.

As a grown adult it’s become ingrained in my life, and that doesn’t surprise me, actually. I should’ve known when I got my first video camera in 4th grade (a Fisher Price video camera) that something deep down was being stirred.

To this day I still shoot video, although I feel most effective when I’m editing. Another outlet for my creativity nowadays is this… writing! I love getting thoughts out of my head and onto the computer screen. Not just for people to read, but it’s a way to organize different thoughts I’ve been having, express things I believe, and practice the art of writing.

Pretend the words are a dancer, and you’re writing a dance.


My creativity is expressed differently now than it was 30 years ago, or even 20 or 10 years ago. But I’ve loved every stage of it. Every once in a while I’ll go back to that first love of mine, getting out the colored pencils to draw. It might be a butterfly. It might be a maze. (I’ve had a weird obsession with drawing mazes for a long time. Here’s one I never finished from a long time ago)
img_20170403_151420208.jpgNo matter what it is, it does my heart good to sit down with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.

-Out of the Wilderness