2022 Super Bowl – things I can’t forget about everything else besides the game

When did commercials stop being really great? Why was 50 Cent hanging upside down at the start of his portion of the halftime show? I don’t remember rap in the 90s being as boring as it was during the halftime performance. I think movie promos and website commercials are the downfall of the memorable SuperContinue reading “2022 Super Bowl – things I can’t forget about everything else besides the game”

Top 7 Military Movies Not on Most Lists

Hello and welcome to Out of the Wilderness. I love to cover a variety of topics, and today it’s a specific type of film. I was watching Captain Phillips recently and wondered where it lands on my all-time favorite military movies. Of course, this particular film may not be considered a military movie in theContinue reading “Top 7 Military Movies Not on Most Lists”

Sometimes I wish I had Down Syndrome

Sometimes I wish I had Down Syndrome. I don’t say that lightly because I know folks with this diagnosis struggle with things just like anyone else. My oldest sister has Downs so for my entire life I’ve had a front row seat to her amazing attitude towards life. Now, I know generalizing the characteristics ofContinue reading “Sometimes I wish I had Down Syndrome”

My very own epic fails, part 1

I had an epic fail yesterday so as I laughed at the mistake I made, I thought about other times in my life where I’ve had major goof-ups. A few solid ones came to mind, and a few that I was hoping I’d forget about. The first I’ll share with you takes place in aContinue reading “My very own epic fails, part 1”

That time I thought my dad was gonna freak out!

I’ve been nervous around my dad many times. And for all sorts of reasons but as a youngster it was mostly because I had done something wrong and punishment was coming down, sooner or later. Or other times growing up like when he was teaching me and my brother and sisters to water ski orContinue reading “That time I thought my dad was gonna freak out!”