Certain songs at certain times…

I don’t mean to be dark or morbid, but in the last few months a few people I know, or know of, have passed away and I don’t necessarily want to talk about that (I wrote more here which you can read if you want) but it was in this time that a few songsContinue reading “Certain songs at certain times…”

Whoot or Whoomp? Either way, There It Is!

The year was 1993. I’m a young high school student in Miami, Florida, mostly just focused on where I’d sit on the bench for each school basketball game and which girl I would like but never talk to. One thing I loved then (and still love now) is music. This particular year something happened inContinue reading “Whoot or Whoomp? Either way, There It Is!”

Back when I didn’t know who Queen was

I usually like individual songs, not researching the band who performs them or entire albums from where they come. Such was the case when I was just a wee little lad and knew of a song called “We Will Rock You.” Who performed it? I didn’t know. What album it was on? I didn’t thinkContinue reading “Back when I didn’t know who Queen was”

Super Bowl halftime show – pumped for The Weeknd!!! (that’s a joke, I really have no idea who he is)

I am 42 years old, some would call that young but I’m here to say that I can’t name one hit from The Weeknd. He’s performing the halftime show in the Super Bowl game between the Tampa Bay Tombrady’s and the Kansas City Chiefs. Word on the street is he’s going to play a medleyContinue reading “Super Bowl halftime show – pumped for The Weeknd!!! (that’s a joke, I really have no idea who he is)”

My favorite U2 songs – part 1

I’ve been inspired by listening to U2’s SiriusXM station the past few months. In fact, a lot of new songs I save in Spotify have come from listening to what their channel plays. Often times, they’ll have fans play their top 5 favorite U2 songs, so I thought I’d make a list of my favorites.Continue reading “My favorite U2 songs – part 1”