Super Bowl halftime show – pumped for The Weeknd!!! (that’s a joke, I really have no idea who he is)

I am 42 years old, some would call that young but I’m here to say that I can’t name one hit from The Weeknd. He’s performing the halftime show in the Super Bowl game between the Tampa Bay Tombrady’s and the Kansas City Chiefs. Word on the street is he’s going to play a medleyContinue reading “Super Bowl halftime show – pumped for The Weeknd!!! (that’s a joke, I really have no idea who he is)”

My favorite U2 songs – part 1

I’ve been inspired by listening to U2’s SiriusXM station the past few months. In fact, a lot of new songs I save in Spotify have come from listening to what their channel plays. Often times, they’ll have fans play their top 5 favorite U2 songs, so I thought I’d make a list of my favorites.Continue reading “My favorite U2 songs – part 1”

Contrary to popular belief, no politician can ever save us

I was working on a different post (my favorite U2 songs) and started writing about “Where the Streets Have No Name.” As I wrote, and then watched U2’s Super Bowl halftime performance I was flooded with thoughts. I’m trying to write them down now but mostly I can’t shake the thought that no politician, noContinue reading “Contrary to popular belief, no politician can ever save us”

41 and dating in 2020

Less than a month ago I turned 41 years old. Some men at my age have grown kids. Some might even be grandparents! But me? It’s not for lack of trying. I had a handful of good dates in 2019. You see, success (meaning: getting any date at all) started quick in 2019. As in… JanuaryContinue reading “41 and dating in 2020”

Music that lasts forever and ever, amen

Quick note: All the links in this post are to other posts I’ve written, take a look! This past weekend I went to an Elvis festival in Nashville. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved his music. Being among all those Elvis fans reminded me of my nieces. The oldest is 16 andContinue reading “Music that lasts forever and ever, amen”