When the Lead Singer Leaves a Band… A Pet Peeve

This has been a pet peeve of mine for many years. Why is it that when a lead singer leaves a band and a new one steps in to become the voice of the group, the band keeps the same name? I guess it might be a little weird that this bothers me so much.Continue reading “When the Lead Singer Leaves a Band… A Pet Peeve”

“Band Name Mashup” including Eminem, Shania Twain, Roxette, NF, Elton John, and many more!

Singer/songwriter Dave Barnes recently asked fans on Twitter to reply with mashups of band names. This is right up my alley because I love corny but clever stuff like this… so of course I made a list! Below are two bands or artists with their names combined. Some are a bit of a stretch, butContinue reading ““Band Name Mashup” including Eminem, Shania Twain, Roxette, NF, Elton John, and many more!”

Music in TV and commercials

Driving around Nashville yesterday with “You Are My Sunshine” performed by Johnny Cash on repeat. If that’s the first time you’ve heard that performance, I hope you like it as much as I did, and do! I heard it first, and this might be hard to believe, but in a commercial for a washer/dryer, IContinue reading “Music in TV and commercials”

Our fascination with guys named Birdman

A birdman was recently in the news for some crime, and I started thinking to myself, “Zoiks! How many birdmen are there???” Well, there’s this one. And there’s another one. Then there’s the box office Birdman. And moving to the small screen, there’s this Birdman…pronounced Bid-men. Why there’s a trend of Birdmen in sports, music,Continue reading “Our fascination with guys named Birdman”

Martin Luther King, Jr. On the Edge

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. I don’t have work today because of Mr. King. Also, I’m white. Can a white person truly grasp what he did for the civil rights movement in the United States? Probably not fully. But I sure as heck do appreciate it. He left a legacy that’s inspiring, dramatic,Continue reading “Martin Luther King, Jr. On the Edge”