Amazon’s Wedding Commercial part 2 – More About the Cast and Crew

I recently posted about the actresses and music of this Amazon ad, so for part 1, click here. There’s more to discover about this ad but before that, check out the commercial… The Director. Directing the shoot for this ad is a man with quite the resume. His credits include Portlandia, Saturday Night Live, Baskets,Continue reading “Amazon’s Wedding Commercial part 2 – More About the Cast and Crew”

Our fascination with guys named Birdman

A birdman was recently in the news for some crime, and I started thinking to myself, “Zoiks! How many birdmen are there???” Well, there’s this one. And there’s another one. Then there’s the box office Birdman. And moving to the small screen, there’s this Birdman…pronounced Bid-men. Why there’s a trend of Birdmen in sports, music,Continue reading “Our fascination with guys named Birdman”