Downtown Celebration, Florida – in pictures

As the sunset turned bright skies to rich oranges and deep shadows were cast along the roadways, I was there with my bicycle and camera to get whatever photos I could. I’m so glad I rode the 6 miles from the RV park where I was “camping” over to the well-known town of Celebration, Florida.Continue reading “Downtown Celebration, Florida – in pictures”

Amazon’s Napoleon TV Commercial – The Actor, The Joke, and More!

Hello and welcome to Out of the Wilderness. If you’ve been to the blog before, you know topics covered can vary from music to camping to beagles, faith, and a very, very little bit of politics (because who wants to talk about that!?). For more info on popular TV commercials, check out this page: PopularContinue reading “Amazon’s Napoleon TV Commercial – The Actor, The Joke, and More!”

Central Florida mini tour – RV sites, state parks… in pictures

Hello! I’ve been touring around central Florida, camping in RV parks and state parks. Also, with my Harvest Hosts membership, I’ve even parked for a night in a church parking lot in DeLand, Florida. I loved taking a few pictures in downtown DeLand so the first few pictures are from that little session. The restContinue reading “Central Florida mini tour – RV sites, state parks… in pictures”

Is there a State Farm curse in the NFL?

I had this entire post nearly finished as the Buffalo Bills were 13 seconds away from defeating the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. Thirteen seconds!!!! No one can orchestrate an offensive drive to score enough points to win a game IN THIRTEEN SECONDS! Wrong. The Chiefs did. They were able to kick a field goal toContinue reading “Is there a State Farm curse in the NFL?”

iPhone’s Toddler Resistant Commercial – The Music

By now you’ve seen a few of Apple’s iPhone 13 commercials, like this one featuring a kid riding his bicycle all day and recording it. Just like that one, this ad with a toddler running around banging the phone against everything possible (floor, stair railing, kitchen sink, etc) is a lot like what kids doContinue reading “iPhone’s Toddler Resistant Commercial – The Music”