Osprey bird photos

I should’ve taken photos of the muddy ocean water I had to sludge through — well, I was about to brag but I didn’t *have* to walk through the slimy mushy ocean bottom but I’m just stubborn enough to not say no. Gosh, that sounds like a humble brag, doesn’t it? Let’s just say IContinue reading “Osprey bird photos”

Big Sky Episode 4 Music

We’re on episode 4 of season and the music was not quite as prominent as previous episodes (episode 1 music, episode 2 music, episode 3 music) but nonetheless, here are the songs from the show! “Coming With the Hellfire” Extreme Music – Dark Country 5 “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go” Trentemoller Thanks for stopping by…Continue reading “Big Sky Episode 4 Music”

Manatee Seas

There’s a little beach off the coast of north Florida I’ve been going to since I was a wee little sea cow, and during a recent visit there were some wee BIG sea cows – manatees! It’s rare for manatees to be in the ocean but with creeks, rivers, and springs near this beach, manateesContinue reading “Manatee Seas”

Fitting into the #VanLife – Showering

When I started life with my Thor Tellaro, I knew there would be some adjusting. And really those would be huge, going from a house to a van. I was determined to get a van that included a shower because I would be active outdoors and whatnot. Well, I haven’t showered in 3 days. I’mContinue reading “Fitting into the #VanLife – Showering”

Eye Eye, Captain! A story about a dangerous close call with a near-eye injury.

Have you ever had an experience where something was about to go dramatically wrong, but you didn’t know till it happened? This was my experience recently in a garage as I put an attic ladder back into place. It is the old springy kind. The attic door wasn’t retracting back up to the ceiling becauseContinue reading “Eye Eye, Captain! A story about a dangerous close call with a near-eye injury.”