Publix “Beautiful You” Ad – The Music and More!

As I was watching this ad for the first time during the Olympics recently, I said to myself, “I betcha this is a Publix ad.” It just has that right-out-of-the-oven-warm-bread feeling going on. It’s great, and I was right! Check it out here… Providing the soundtrack is Haley Bonar with “Beautiful You.” Here is theContinue reading “Publix “Beautiful You” Ad – The Music and More!”

Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!

Ally has a new, and timely, ad out featuring sporty inspiration in these times where we’re watching and celebrating the 2021 2020 Olympics. Take a look… If this ad doesn’t give you chills, you are a terrible person and you need to go sit in the corner. Meanwhile, the rest of us can listen toContinue reading “Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!”

A couple of new (to me) phrases I absolutely love

Every now and then there are phrases, quotes, or lyric that just stick with me. This post lists a few of those. The first is from a favorite song, it’s Passenger “Sword From The Stone.” Any horses running worth getting on? The question is meant to inquire about time and effort. What is it thatContinue reading “A couple of new (to me) phrases I absolutely love”

Uber: Go Get It – New Ad Campaign Delivers A Fail

Uber (along with its service Uber Eats) has launched a new slew of ads featuring a new slogan: Go Get It. Check out one of the ads here… Now, I’m not a rocket scientist but isn’t the whole point of Uber and Uber Eats that you DON’T have to go get it? Delivery drivers literallyContinue reading “Uber: Go Get It – New Ad Campaign Delivers A Fail”

What’s your favorite sandwich?

For a first date, I once took a woman to a sandwich shop. Needless to say, we never had a second date. Sure, our love didn’t grow, but my relationship with sandwiches continues to blossom sooooo….. that’s a win? What is your favorite sandwich to make at home? Mine would 100% be peanut butter andContinue reading “What’s your favorite sandwich?”