Unexpected college football game

Part of my Thanksgiving holiday celebration included going to a college football game. It wasn’t part of the original plan but it turned out to be quite fun! The game itself was entertaining but a lot of things happened that were fun, not even including the actual game… like the band, the excitement of theContinue reading “Unexpected college football game”

Top Christmas Commercials

Now…. NOW it’s perfectly fine to share Christmas commercials. Thanksgiving has come and gone so it’s time to air those Christmas ads, sell Christmas decor in the stores, turn on Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole! I can’t wait for the lights, the holiday commercials, the holi—– wait, what’s that!? You’ve already seen Christmas stuffContinue reading “Top Christmas Commercials”

My Beef with Thanksgiving Turkey

Whether you’re with family, friends, or co-workers on this (almost the best) holiday of the year, I hope you have a great day! People have already started with other (the best) holiday festivities – Walmart and many other stores have Christmas decorations up, TV advertisements from major corporations prepping us for Christmas sales, and toContinue reading “My Beef with Thanksgiving Turkey”

Amazon Romeo and Juliet Commercial – The Music, and More!

Amazon hits a nerve with anyone who has in-law issues during the holidays. Their latest ad highlights the drama between the families of Romeo and Juliet. But with the help of Amazon, a family fiasco is finally finished… The Music. There are a couple of songs featured in this commercial. The first one playing inContinue reading “Amazon Romeo and Juliet Commercial – The Music, and More!”

Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!

My favorite thing about this movie was trying to come up with all the words that start with dis- ….like dismayed, disagree, dislike, displeased, and discard. As in, I’m going to discard this movie from my “recently watched” display so I’m not reminded of this dissatisfaction of dis movie! Hello there, I’m Ben. Like you,Continue reading “Disenchanted is a Disney Disappointment!”