That little booger! A story about allergies.

Have any of y’all ever heard of someone who gets away with something as a “booger”? In my mind it’s usually a grandchild who does something slightly outside the rules and a grandparent says, “You little booger!”

That’s the way I hear it in my head, at least.

Well, today… the saying means something totally different. A LOT more literal. The backstory is that I’ve been feeling symptoms of allergies for weeks and weeks. Itchy eyes, sneezing, eyes watering, and yes, a runny nose. Constant sniffling but today feels like a breakthrough. Could it be that the seasonal allergies are drawing to an end?

All the evidence I have to go on so far is that 1. I feel good today and 2. I had a real booger earlier. Yes, my nose isn’t as runny as usual! A genuine booger formed in my nose and when I picked it, you would’ve thought I struck gold.

If that’s TMI, please accept my apology but I do really hope you’re celebrating right alongside me and my solid nose substances…

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-Out of the Wilderness

Snail, soap, and NOT social distancing

Before I went out for a jog I noticed this tiny snail and wanted to take a picture of it. It was tiny in two ways… 1. snails are generally small but also 2. it was a young one. Here is a set of close-up photos (sorry, I was not socially distancing myself from this creature) featuring the little fella plus one pic from when I washed the dishes… totally unrelated to the snail but I thought the cloud of soapy bubbles looked interesting. For more close-up photos I took recently, click here. Thanks for stopping by!


-Out of the Wilderness

The Stallion vs. Pollen the Punisher

This match features The Stallion (me) vs. Pollen the Punisher (yes, pollen is a worthy enemy). It’s a no holds barred event in middle Tennessee that happens twice a year and so far, Pollen the Punisher is…




Pollen the Punisher is kind of predictable, showing up to the ring at the same time every year (I’ve even written about this enemy before) but of course 2020 had to be different: A surprise attack a couple of weeks before our scheduled fight which totally caught me off guard. I’ve been a step behind ever since! Then halfway through the fight our guest referee, Cory the Virus, said I must wear a mask in certain public situations, like that’s going to help me… I already have an itchy nose because of Pollen and now I have to wear a mask that lightly brushes against my nose and makes me feel like sneezing at any moment?! Just great.

To be continued…..

-Out of the Wilderness

That graduation TV commercial you have been seeing on Hulu

I saw this advertisement yesterday for the 100th time and finally found out more about it. The background of it is documented well here but in a nutshell, the artist is Bebe Rexha and the title of the song is “Here’s to 2020″… a 30-second tribute to this year’s graduating class, of which my amazing soon-to-be-a-graduate niece said: wp-15903460750533866151656076792765.jpg


At first I thought it was Ann-Marie, an artist who has a track about 2002, among other hit songs. However, my knowledge of blonde pop singers is admittedly lacking.

Walgreens tags the ad with “add some pomp to your circumstance” which is a clever play on the title of the 1901 orchestra song we all know from graduations, “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar.

I like this modernization of the song from Bebe Rexha. It’s clearly for the TikTok crowd as it accompanies #GradJump on the social/music app.

I’m also a fan of the graduation song included below from way back when I was a recent grad… this one is by Vitamin C and it’s called “Graduation (Friends Forever).” This song is based on Pachelbel’s Canon in D, another of my favorites. OK, I could go on and on about music but for now I’ll just say… ummmmm cool.

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-Out of the Wilderness

As the saying goes…

Some people see the glass as half full, while others see the glass as half empty. You see, they’re both right but that’s not the point. The age-old saying is used as a representation of a person’s personality, their perspective on circumstances. Let’s say it’s raining cats and dogs outside. The half full person would say, “It’s a great day to stay indoors and do the laundry.” The half empty perspective is this: “Nothing good happens when it rains. Just look at all the puddles in the driveway.”

Now it’s about to get real. Check out my TV.


Would you say my TV is half working and I should enjoy it for all it has to offer? Or would you say it’s half broken and how am I supposed to watch episodes of White Collar like this?

It’s all a matter of perspective, friends. To sum up, I think both the glass half full person and the half empty person would agree it’s time for me to start looking for new a TV.

-Out of the Wilderness

What the Bible says about the coronavirus, sort of not really

Who knew something in the Bible would still be applicable thousands of years later 🙂 But please note, these verses have been taken way out of context. For the full meaning, open up your Bible and check them out. Or just go to


Wash your hands, you sinners (James 4: 8)

Cover your face (Ezekiel 12:6)

I have done this with a clear conscience and clean hands (Genesis 20:5)


His sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him (Exodus 2:4)

They stayed at a distance (Exodus 20:18)

The people remained at a distance (Exodus 20:21)

You are to worship at a distance (Exodus 24:1)

my hand will not touch you (1 Sam 24:12)

do not touch anyone (Ezekiel 9:6)

spread out (Isaiah 54:3)


my body burns with fever (Job 30:30)

The boy sneezed seven times (2 Kings 4:35)


isolate the affected person for seven days (Leviticus 13:4)

isolate them for another seven days (Leviticus 13:5)


governors placed a heavy burden on the people (Nehemiah 5:15)


disaster or disease may come (1 Kings 8:37)

That last one… uhhhhh yep! 2021 can’t get here soon enough! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment below with any additions.

-Out of the Wilderness

Do any other dog owners do this?

I’m sure I’ve been doing this for my dogs’ entire lives, but lately I’ve noticed that when they’re sleeping nearby, I’ll mute the TV just to listen to them breathe. Or lay 3 inches from their face just to watch their eyes twitch. Today I laid my head on the rib cage of one of the pups and loved hearing all the stuff going on inside her belly. She also had her nose squished against the side of the dog bed and she couldn’t have cared less.


I hold their ears right after they come inside to check how cold it is outside. Or stand really still till they bark. In conversations with humans (if the dogs are around), I can’t ever say “let’s eat” because they’ll think it’s meal time.

But yeah, I stare at my dogs when they’re sleeping. I listen intently to their snoring. It’s music to my ears.

-Out of the Wilderness